Sushant Singh Rajput probe: CBI team not allowed inside hospital; Doctors who conducted autopsy on leave

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Sushant Singh Rajput probe: CBI team not allowed inside hospital; Doctors who conducted autopsy on leave

Sushant Singh Rajput’s case has taken a drastic turn after the CBI took it over sometime back. The investigating agency has already begun its probe in connection with the case. They have already interrogated numerous people who were close to the late actor. As per the latest reports, the CBI team also visited Cooper Hospital on Monday where Sushant’s autopsy was conducted. However, as per a report by Republic World, they were not allowed inside the hospital for not having an appointment.

As revealed by the security guard of the hospital, they have got the appointment now and will visit on 26th and 27th August. However, he has also made a shocking revelation that is sure to raise eyebrows. The doctors who conducted Sushant Singh Rajput’s autopsy have been sent on leave. He further said that they are not allowed to speak in front of the media and that they are following the orders of the superiors.

The guard also added that he will be suspended if he speaks in front of anyone. According to various media reports, numerous discrepancies have been found in the late actor’s post-mortem report. There have been allegations about a delay in handing over his corpse to the forensic experts. Meanwhile, as has been mentioned above, CBI has already interrogated the late actor’s flatmate Siddharth Pithani, CA Samuel Shridhar, housekeeping staff, Rhea Chakraborty’s brother Showik, and others in connection with the case. They have also reportedly summoned the actress and Sandip Ssingh for interrogation.

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Anonymous : After 3 days of death, the tarot reader from Phillipines read her cards online in view of public and predicted that it was murder, not suicide. Police, staff, docs, nurses are involved including one mastermind from abroad and one female who was there during death. She predicted they will go on leave or get themselves transferred. People were abusing at that time saying why stigmatise mental health. Then that death video got leaked.
REPLY 0 11 months ago
Anonymous : Rhea is allowed but CBI is not?? Better arrest all of them and shut down this shady hospital.
REPLY 0 11 months ago
Anonymous : CBI team not allowed in the hospital..why???? BUT Rhea was allowed to enter hospital Mortuary..Why???
REPLY 7 11 months ago
Anonymous : Wow how can they not allow CBI? This itself shows there is a foul play in the case, it is a murder, why no arrests yet? What are they waiting for? People to fly out of the country?
REPLY 4 11 months ago
Anonymous : the Way things are going I know that it will not lead to anywhere. Bollywood and peripherals are run by powerful criminal elements. They got Salman and Sanjay acquitted of serious crimes. People are crazy about these criminals because their pr machines paint a glamorous picture. People must get smarter
REPLY 6 11 months ago
Anonymous : Bollywood is nothing but a money laundry for mafia criminals. All the talk about art etc is nothing but just a build up. To make people believe that it is a legit business
REPLY 5 11 months ago
Anonymous : shame on every single person.. who knows the truth but is quiet. shame on every Person in the film for not raising the voice.. Don´t these people know that you cannot take your wealth with you..Sushant left us ( killed!!!!) what did he take with him?? I pray from my bottom of my heart .. Every single person with information being quiet.. the waste dead..someone close to your family experience what sushant did..
REPLY 4 11 months ago
Anonymous : Did they even do the postmortem?
REPLY 7 11 months ago
Anonymous : Remember SSR said "Industry will collapse" its happening. SSR i wish u were with us to see this
REPLY 16 11 months ago
Anonymous : Hopefully a CBI arrest warrant can bring them back from their leave.
REPLY 15 11 months ago
Anonymous : Cooper hospital and the doctors are sold to thakrey. This thakreys son raped disha n when she told this to sushant, he killed disha n later on sushant. This sandip, shovik and pithani were also with him in the same party where disha was raped. Her family has been threatened to be silent.
REPLY 24 11 months ago
Anonymous : Shiv sena murdabad .Us udhav gadhe thakrey ko pakdo aur maaro saale ko
REPLY 19 11 months ago
Anonymous : How convenient.
REPLY 11 11 months ago
Anonymous : pretty sure brisk organ trade going on.
REPLY 21 11 months ago
Anonymous : Can you believe people still believe he killed himself?
REPLY 25 11 months ago
Anonymous : Cooper hospital Morgue should be checked u never know if cbi find something from there also.
REPLY 23 11 months ago
Anonymous : We all are with you sushant
REPLY 23 11 months ago
Anonymous : Please god help him... Justice for Sushant Singh rajput case
REPLY 31 11 months ago
Anonymous : Pray for Sushant Singh rajput.
REPLY 24 11 months ago
Anonymous : Justice for Sushant.. If mysterious death can happen to sushant (big Bollywood star) then who will be safe in future... No one will allow their kids to go to Bollywood... Pray for Sushant..
REPLY 24 11 months ago
Anonymous : Insane.. if copper hospital has a power can turn away CBI, then they could do anything.
REPLY 30 11 months ago
Anonymous : I thought CBI was a powerful entity, how could they be turned down or get interrupted for investigation ? that too for such a high profile case?!
REPLY 32 11 months ago
Anonymous : wonder prime investigation agency needs appointments from these institutions anyway twice CBI were turned away - from that health resort and from this hospital. CBI shd have known better. These shady ppl have now been forewarned n will be prepared
REPLY 28 11 months ago
Anonymous : Only God can help now! Praying for justice for Sushant.
REPLY 19 11 months ago
Anonymous : Major cover up. Hope CBI could do justice to Sushant.
REPLY 20 11 months ago
Anonymous : Fleeing and hiding.. if this is not a sign of guilt, I don't know what is
REPLY 36 11 months ago
Anonymous : They are culprits so they have fled
REPLY 33 11 months ago
Anonymous : Getting murkier everyday
REPLY 34 11 months ago