Sushant Singh Rajput’s father tells SC: My attempt to talk to him from Patna was foiled by Rhea & all accused

The Supreme Court had asked all parties to file their replies before them in Rhea Chakraborty’s transfer plea in Sushant Singh Rajput’s case. Now, Sushant’s father KK Singh has told the Supreme Court in his reply that it was Rhea and others accused who did not let him talk to his son when he was alive.
News,Sushant Singh Rajput,Rhea ChakrabortySushant Singh Rajput’s father tells SC: My attempt to talk to him from Patna was foiled by Rhea & all accused
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Actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death has left the nation shocked. While Sushant’s father Mr KK Singh filed an FIR against Rhea Chakraborty and 5 others in Patna, the case was recommended by the Bihar Government to Centre for CBI probe. Rhea, at the same time, filed a petition in the Supreme Court seeking a transfer of the case from Bihar to Mumbai. Now, in the same, the Supreme Court has got a reply from Sushant’s father after the previous hearing on August 11. 

In his reply to the Supreme Court, as reported by ANI, the Sushant’s father alleged that his attempts to talk to his son when he was alive failed due to the accused persons including Rhea, Showik and others. A few days back, Whatsapp messages that Sushant’s father sent to Rhea and his former business manager Shruti Modi went viral where he had asked them to call him and share the actor’s health condition details with him. The messages dated November 2019, that were shared reportedly did not get a reply from Rhea and Shruti. 

Alleging the same, Sushant’s father told the Supreme Court, “During Sushant Singh Rajput's lifetime, the father's attempt to talk to him on telephone from Patna was thwarted by accused persons.  It could have saved his son's life.” On the other hand, Sushant’s lawyer Vikas Singh put some serious allegations against Rhea. He further questioned Mumbai Police’s investigation in the case. He said, “Since Supreme Court has listened to lengthy arguments in the matter I want that it should comment that the case has rightly gone to CBI. The Court should give directions that Mumbai Police should help CBI in the investigation. I have always said that the Mumbai Police is a very professional Force. But for some reason, in this case, Mumbai Police have completely gone in a wrong direction. So the family had to approach Patna Police.”

Take a look at what Sushant’s father and his lawyer said:

Meanwhile, Rhea also filed her written reply before the Supreme Court. Bihar Government too explained in their reply before the Supreme Court that they hold jurisdiction over Sushant’s death case. They further alleged that Mumbai Police kept SP Vinay Tiwari detailed in the name of quarantine. While the nation has been waiting for the Supreme Court’s verdict, several stars like Ankita Lokhande, Kangana Ranaut have demanded justice for Sushant Singh Rajput. 

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Anonymous 1 month ago

What about Sushant..why was he not in touch with his father and his father had to reach a third person... let his soul rest in peace but sorry to say SSR was no saint either

Anonymous 1 month ago

Praying to God that even if Rhea C gets free from the clutches of law because justice and fairness doesn't exist in India, let her suffer for all her bad Karma and misdeeds and may we be fortunate enough to see her suffering miserably! This woman is so vile and despicable on all possible levels! Hats off to her great parents of giving such kind of parenting skill and begetting this devil in disguise to earth!!!

Anonymous 1 month ago

Only one year in a relationship with Sushant and Rhea created a havoc with Sushant and his family, considering that Sushant father is ill. Sushant was the only son and brother. How soon Rhea moved in with Sushant after getting friendly with him. Rhea destroyed Sushant and snatched Sushant away from his family.

Anonymous 1 month ago

It's so sad that an old father had to burry his son.... #JUSTICE FOR SUSHANT RHEA SHOULD BE FED TO THE CROCODILES

Anonymous 1 month ago

Why you didnt come and meet personally? Your son is avoiding you,ppl are not allowing you to talk and you are sitting at home? What kind of father you are? You shld have come to Mumbai. How you didnt?

Anonymous 1 month ago

I don’t know how ppl question now to his father and sisters like why they did not interfere . We all know once kids grow to an adult , there is only little that we can do . They like privacy . So without SSR wish even if they want to they cannot keep interfering in his personal professional life . And they all have family and kids which also tops priority.That is truth of life. Poor father is old , can you imagine or want your aged parents to travel out of their comfort zone and suffer .

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