Sushant Singh Rajput’s friend Siddharth Pithani gets arrested by NCB ahead of actor’s 1st death anniversary

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Siddharth Pithani gets arrested in drugs case by NCB

It is just a couple of weeks left for Sushant Singh Rajput’s death anniversary and it is undoubtedly one of the most difficult moments not just for the late actor’s family but for his entire fan following. And while they continue to miss the MS Dhoni: The Untold Story actor’s presence while hoping to get justice for him, his death case is once again back in the headlines and this time because of the late actor’s friend Siddharth Pithani. According to media reports, Siddharth has been arrested by the Narcotics Control Bureau in the alleged drugs case today nearly a year after Sushant’s demise.

It is reported that Siddharth’s name was highlighted in the alleged drugs case while the NCB was investigating the matter post Sushant’s unfortunate demise on June 14, 2020. And as the probe continued, Siddharth was arrested by the agency in Hyderabad under Sections 28, 29 and 27 A for an alleged conspiracy and was later brought to Mumbai for further investigation. To recall, Pithani, who had shared the flat with SSR, was, reportedly, among the first ones to know about the actor's demise on June 14 following which he was questioned multiple times by the Mumbai Police regarding the case.

Speaking about the alleged drugs case, several theories and conspiracies have come to light ever since the NCB has begun investigating the matter. In fact, Sushant’s girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty and her brother Showik Chakraborty were also charged in the alleged case which went on to form an important part of Sushant’s death case investigation.

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Anonymous : Good job, NCB. Do not give Siddharth bail and torture him until he doesn’t spill out the entire truth. He, along with that stupid Rhea, used and tortured our beloved Sushant who was so kind hearted. CBI , WE WANT JUSTICE FOR OUR BELOVED SUSHANT.
REPLY 3 1 month ago
Anonymous : I am so sure his death was not at all a simple suicide, there are many in this game, god knows if he will ever get justice or not..
REPLY 10 1 month ago
Anonymous : He was by no means Sushant's friend, Sushant hired him to work for him , it was another matter n SSR's kindness that he treated his staff fairly but I think that was his biggest mistake, in this evil world where people walk over nice people and can do anything for money. I wish these culprits gets punished for betrayal.
REPLY 34 1 month ago
Anonymous : Arrest the whole dirty gang of conspiring ass holes including their dirty Ho ring leader and her no good druggie family!!!
REPLY 31 1 month ago
Anonymous : Kaneene gold digger like all the suspects in the case
REPLY 19 1 month ago
Anonymous : What about that buck teeth manipulating girl friend Rhea ? Arrest her and don't let her out !
REPLY 38 1 month ago
Anonymous : I always thought his housemates had something to do with his death.
REPLY 41 1 month ago
Anonymous : next arrest tai n her thug brother
REPLY 33 1 month ago
Anonymous : Stupid investigation that expired a year ago. All this side drama, that will lead nowhere in a COVID Pandemic.
REPLY 12 1 month ago
Anonymous : So says bullywood mafia
REPLY 25 1 month ago
Anonymous : Silly old narrative ... Everybody needed to be picked up and thoroughly questioned a year ago.
REPLY 27 1 month ago
Anonymous : New CBI head is from Maharashtra, the case is going to be declared suicide.
REPLY 5 1 month ago
Anonymous : Everyone wants to know when will CBI give an update on the case, what is taking them so long to tell everyone the truth?
REPLY 23 1 month ago
Anonymous : what is CBI doing!!!!!!
REPLY 23 1 month ago
Anonymous : Hope he doesn’t get Bail and come out.
REPLY 24 1 month ago
Anonymous : What do you mean by Sushant’s friend? Huh trying your beat to defame Sushant here too?!! He was no friend to Sushant, he had no place to stay and Sushant being the man with a heart of gold, let him stay with him
REPLY 31 1 month ago
Anonymous : Siddharth Pitani worked for Sushant. He was not his “friend” Please report properly.
REPLY 33 1 month ago
Anonymous : SSR and Disha were murdered, it's not a suicide!!
REPLY 51 1 month ago
Anonymous : Isn’t he like a CS or a CA? I hope the guy really had something to do with SSR’s murder or you are just torturing someone’s child.
REPLY 15 1 month ago
Anonymous : Let the courts decide whether arranging for drugs to be provided to someone who had a preexisting mental health condition is criminal.
REPLY 15 1 month ago
Anonymous : One by one all those who are culprits will face consequences.
REPLY 35 1 month ago
Anonymous : Amen to that
REPLY 17 1 month ago