Sushant Singh Rajput's brother in law states his hypotheticals weren't wrong post emergence of new drug angle

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Sushant Singh Rajput's brother in law states his hypotheticals weren't wrong post emergence of new drug angle

Sushant Singh Rajput’s case couldn’t have gotten murkier than yesterday when a possibly new angle has come up in the entire scenario. We all know that the Enforcement Directorate (ED) has been looking into the money laundering angle in the case. The agency not only interrogated the late actor’s girlfriend, Rhea Chakraborty but also seized some of her electronic devices. It has now shared some of her suspicious WhatsApp chats with the CBI and Narcotics Control Bureau for further probe.

These conversations point towards a ‘drug’ angle in the case that also raises the possibility of Rhea giving drugs to Sushant. The late actor’s brother-in-law Vishal Kirti has spoken about it in a tweet. He writes, “Now that we know that Rhea and her co-conspirators were surreptitiously administering drugs to SSR in coffee, looks like my hypotheticals in this post (based on the FIR) were not off the mark. Read the section where I question Rhea’s role.”

Check out his tweet below:

Kirti had earlier questioned Rhea Chakraborty’s role in the entire matter in one of his blogs. Here’s what he wrote, “The FIR claims that Sushant was perhaps given psychotropic drugs by Rhea (maybe even without his knowledge). Covert/Surreptitious medication is also perhaps illegal in the 21st century. There could be many explanations of this sudden onset of mental health issues in October/November of 2019. This could be a result of covert medication and withdrawal of psychotropic drugs (perhaps the covert medication stopped during their Europe trip in October 2019 [perhaps because of eating out mostly so no opportunity to covertly medicate him with food? or perhaps intentionally not medicating?], which led to withdrawal symptoms). And then, he was perhaps taken to the psychotherapist under the pretext of care.”

He further wrote, “The more important mental health discussion here could be that of Narcissistic Personality Discorder and/or sociopathy/psychopathy for Rhea. Sushant seemed to have suffered gaslighting at the hands of Rhea, based on the information in the public domain.” Meanwhile, Rhea’s lawyer Satish Maneshinde has stated that she has never consumed drugs and that she is ready to take the blood test. 

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Anonymous : So what prevented Mitu from calling police bro in law to death scene? He WAS a police officer IN Mumbai at that time. Are you connecting the dots?
REPLY 3 11 months ago
Anonymous : If Sushant had four sisters they could have taken more care of their brother. Instead of sending a message on WhatsApp to the Mumbai police, I would have come down personally and saved Sushant from that dian Rhea. Rest In Peace Sushant
REPLY 3 11 months ago
Anonymous : Wasnt Sushanths own brother in law police in Mumbai at the time of his death? I read he got transferred to Bihar somewhere around end June.
REPLY 2 11 months ago
Anonymous : The only thing CBI should do is arrest everyone who are suspicious and use interrogation methods to let the truth come out .
REPLY 4 11 months ago
Anonymous : What a shameless husband and wife ! Such a low life sister .. where were was she when bhai needed help? Family knew something not good from last 8-9 months .. father is old age .. but these loosseerss should have shown some effort.
REPLY 4 11 months ago
Anonymous : His family tried , send 2 distress calls to Mumbai police , they were blocked from coming to his home.Little did they know Mumbai police is also involved n its such big racket. Spare them , they are already hurting with painful information that they have to process.
REPLY 1 11 months ago
Anonymous : Sushant was stuck with Rhea for reason best known to them. People blaming family for not taking him out, he was with family in January but witch Rhea kept on blackmailing him and he came back. Now taking him out of India to USA, first he was 34 yrs old so family can't force him to get out. Remember Sushant comes from family of Supreme Court lawyer and Police and politicians. It was he who didn't/couldn't come out and family was helpless. Rhea is the one who got him killed because he knew everything about her. She had drugged him and used his money to buy/aquire drugs and selling it to others. Who knows may be she was blackmailing him saying that she will tell the world that he was torturing her and was involved in drugs. People who have family are scared of such tactics. May SSR's culprits rot in jail!!
REPLY 0 11 months ago
Anonymous : This couple is trying to gain mileage over sushanta s death.
REPLY 7 11 months ago
Anonymous : He told you guys to get him out of Mumbai!! What were you all doing?? And then you left him alone!
REPLY 17 11 months ago
Anonymous : Hypotheticals. Well, people are making hypotheticals and its closer to your home.
REPLY 12 11 months ago
Anonymous : Yet another day of the same brother in law who didnt speak to sushant past one year when frankly he was hostage and needed help. His wife and this guy are making money of dead money. Calling fans of sushant who can see thru this couple pr of rhea is laughable. I am fan of sushant and hope rhea is arrested but this guy is making money from dead man he had no relationship with.
REPLY 18 11 months ago
Anonymous : Rhea's PR stop wasting you time here accusing family. What is the reason that they want limelight. You lo*** , their brother died?? Have you seen them hogging limelight in last 13 years when they easily could have. Try something else.
REPLY 28 11 months ago
Anonymous : I’m afraid that this particular brother in law and sister have exploited this tragedy for limelight . Suddenly accounts are public , blogs written ! Like i am sorry, I know they are grieving but just the vibe is superficial to me and I may be wrong! After all this case has made us lose faith in everyone !
REPLY 18 11 months ago
REPLY 6 11 months ago
Anonymous : I don't mean this in a funny way but I think the next thing we need in Mumbai are rangers to clean this filth out!! it's too deeply entrenched
REPLY 12 11 months ago
Anonymous : there is a lot more clarity coming out--child abuse confirmed, dead body found in arabian sea of a young minor girl, Sushant died a martyr and we will get justice for him..
REPLY 15 11 months ago
Anonymous : SSSR wanted to leave Rhea once he found out the truth about her and realized his mistake. So she drugged him and kept in a resort keeping him away from his family. All the while when SSR was drugged she spent, and lavished on his money with her family and friends. When SSR wanted to come out and tell the media of her true self, she got him killed along with drug mafia, Bollywood and nethas support. Justice for SSR!!!!’
REPLY 18 11 months ago
Anonymous : she drugged him for what? wasnt she trying to marry him? find out what the drops did. maybe they calmed him?
REPLY 12 11 months ago
Anonymous : Rhea What's app are retrived that she drugged him!! It's 's all over the news!!
REPLY 24 11 months ago
Anonymous : If it is true Rhea fathers is army doctor then he pretty much knows how to cover his tracks. Hope our CBI has better officers than the mumbai cops. It's time to restore faith .
REPLY 26 11 months ago
Anonymous : Lawyer is scrambling. If she gave the md to SSR in coffee, why would be test her for drugs this many weeks on? Of course she is clear now. Even coke washes out of the system is a few weeks. Pv post this.
REPLY 25 11 months ago
Anonymous : This brother in law stated to all his friends that he was not in touch with Susanta.Now he is claiming something in the social media on the basis of assumption.Now it appears that it not his brother in law but susanta did not maintain relation with him.Because susanta was of logical mind and this guy lead life on the basis of assumption and not by justified document.
REPLY 12 11 months ago
Anonymous : Ummm her lawyer is stupid. Many drugs are cleared and show up negative 3 days later in bloodwork. Saying she’s ready to take a blood test means nothing.
REPLY 38 11 months ago
Anonymous : Once this is proven of rhea I hope the overtly smart Bollywood PPL who thought they knew she was a victim n supported her are taken to task too...
REPLY 25 11 months ago
Anonymous : It is very important for the CBI to be given a chance to do their job
REPLY 21 11 months ago
Anonymous : those with NPD must be nuked so as to not inflict their horrific abuse on vulnerable, kind, unsuspecting souls
REPLY 19 11 months ago