Sushant Singh Rajput's friend Yuvraj S Singh alleges one has to go through drugs & casting couch to be a star

Sushant Singh Rajput's friend Yuvraj S Singh has recently made some shocking allegations during one of his interviews. Read on for further details.
Sushant Singh Rajput's friend Yuvraj S Singh opens up on drug nexus & casting couch Sushant Singh Rajput's friend Yuvraj S Singh alleges one has to go through drugs & casting couch to be a star
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Sushant Singh Rajput’s case has become baffling with every passing day. What started with the nepotism debate has now resulted in the probe into an alleged drug nexus in Bollywood. The late actor’s friend Yuvraj S Singh has now opened up on the entire matter in an interview with Republic TV. He begins by stating that he knows KWAN’s CEO, Dhruv Chitgopekar. Post that, the actor alleged that the later opted for dishonest ways to do business with clients.

He also points towards the possibility of a casting couch in working in connection with the agency that is likely to get busted soon. What he speaks next is sure to blow the minds of the readers. Singh alleges that individuals are forced to consume drugs at parties and then interact with lead actors. He further states that if one does not take charas or ganja then that person won’t get work in the industry. Talking about Sushant, the actor says it's possible that he had to take drugs.

Singh also gives Kangana Ranaut’s example while speaking about the same. He further says that it was also offered to him. He says that everyone has to take drugs failing which they won’t be offered a big film or become a big star. According to him, if one wants to become a star, then that person has to go through drugs and the casting couch. Talking about the drug nexus, Singh claims that many names will surface in the coming times. But he does add that 15-20 A-listers including Deepika Padukone’s ‘special man’ are involved in the same.

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Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Where was this joker for so many years? Never even heard about him...just saw him hogging the limelight on Arnab Goswami's show and boasting about his irrelevant achievements when Kunika Sadanand didn't acknowledge his existence

Anonymous 3 weeks ago

SSR was a male in his late 30s not a child who was forced to do drugs or could not pick up a phone to call his family. He chose to get in to drugs and it was his decision to keep his family away for reasons best known to hjm

Anonymous 4 weeks ago

Your comments are rigged and it is very obvious you are pro druggie bollywood. shame on you pinkvilla

Anonymous 4 weeks ago

Truth be told . no one forces any one . all come in fully coached in the ways of show biz with eyes wide open. they all have the option of leaving if they don't like it here .

Anonymous 4 weeks ago

The problem they all want to be star, not an actor...and for that they are ready to do anything

Anonymous 4 weeks ago

Another loser milking SSR's death. Where was he till now? Jhootha saala

Anonymous 4 weeks ago

Consuming drugs is not good irrespective of any field .... we must not reach to conclusions let investigating agency do its work but if found guilty then its a serious issue . And pple who are saying it’s consumed everywhere why to target Bollywood I want to ask those pple yes you are correct but when you appreciate film Nd pple who work in it they get rewards etc which is well deserved recognition Nd they are happy they get fame etc etc then why not crimes be brought in light it’s an offence to consume drugs as simple as that ... you know youth are trapped in it think abt their families their parents ... kids who are talented but belong to midddle class when they want to enter the industry to showcase their talent they have to go through this ... Nd unfortunately some of them start consuming it Bec they are young under pressure esp middle class ... this needs to stop Nd cleansing of our society in imp from every field . It’s starting from Bollywood Bec these are the pple pple look upto ... when they get fame etc they don’t complaint Then why now in case they are guilty .. i m repeating again in case they are guilty ... i m also not feeling good abt Deepika’s parents as I always found her parents to be very simple ... Wait for NCB to come to a conclusion

Anonymous 4 weeks ago

So many lives lost in hollywood to drugs. Let us kill menace in bollywood before it gets to that point. Though i dont think deepika does drugs.

Anonymous 4 weeks ago

Were any of his friends good people? So far it seems like every friend Sushant had was a phony attention seeker.

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