Sushant Singh Rajput's niece Katyayni pens an emotional note for her 'Gulshan Mama' on his birth anniversary

Sushant Singh Rajput left for his heavenly abode on June 14, 2021. His birth anniversary was on January 21, 2021.
Sushant Singh Rajput's niece Katyayni pens an emotional note for her 'Gulshan Mama' on his birth anniversary
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Sushant Singh Rajput's birth anniversary was on January 21, 2021, and the entire world remembered him with teary eyes. The late actor's fans, loved ones, and many other celebs from the film industry paid tributes to him on social media. His sister Shweta Singh Kirti also set up a memorial fund in the late star's name to support astrophysics students. Sushant's other sister Priyanka also remembered him through an emotional note on social media. 

Now, the late actor's niece Katyayni Aarya Rajput has also written an emotional note while remembering him on his 35th birth anniversary. Here's what she writes,"Gulshan Mama, I could spend my entire life writing about you and yet it still wouldn't be enough to describe the magic you were. I will not lie to you, things have been rough without you. I don't feel very good but it's nothing that I can't deal with. It's interesting how we begin to remember the littlest things of people once they are gone. We get ready to trade the entire world to witness those little things once again, why? Because then we realize just how precious those little things were."

She further talks about Sushant's mischievous glances, light-hearted comments, his underlying understanding and praises the same. She also praises the late star by stating that he was a source of energy for her and that his entire presence was precious. She also went on to call him a complex, deep-rooted but light-hearted human being. On the same note, she regrets the fact that she could not share certain things with the late actor. Katyayni writes at the end, "My gift to you today is acceptance." She also adds a caption along with the post that reads, "Happy Birthday Gulshan Mama. Shine till eternity." 

Check out her Instagram post below: 

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