Swara Bhaskar, Neeraj Ghaywan laud Akhil Katyal’s powerful poem for Shah Rukh Khan amid Aryan Khan case

Updated on Oct 12, 2021 12:40 PM IST  |  66.4K
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Swara Bhaskar, Neeraj Ghaywan laud Akhil Katyal’s powerful poem for Shah Rukh Khan amid Aryan Khan case

In an unfortunate turn of events, Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan was booked by the NCB in connection with an alleged drug case. Now, poet Akhil Katyal backed the actor by sharing a few thoughtful lines for him. Bollywood personalities Swara Bhaskar, Neeraj Ghaywan and others also chimed in to extend support.

In the poem shared by Akhil, the writer lauded Shah Rukh Khan’s unconventional roles, thereby taking a sly dig at those who are targeting the actor amid Aryan Khan’s ongoing case. The English translation of the poem reads, “Sometimes he is Rahul, sometimes Raj. Sometimes Charlie and sometimes Max. He is Surinder, he is Harry too. He is Devdas, he is also Veer. He's Ram, he's Mohan, he's Kabir. He is Amar, he is Samar. Rizwan, Raees and Jehangir. Perhaps this is why it bothers some folks that all of Hindustan resides in Shah Rukh Khan.”

As soon as the lines were shared on the micro-blogging site, many Bollywood personalities chimed in to appreciate Katyal’s work. While Swara Bhaskar tweeted a heart emoticon tagging Shah Rukh Khan. On the other hand, Kanika Dhillon said, “Yassss …how beautifully n aptly put… ek Shahrukh mein poora Hindustan basta hai!”.

Take a look at it here:

Previously, Pooja Bhatt, Suniel Shetty, Hansal Mehta, Sussanne Khan also openly took a stand for Shah Rukh Khan amid the controversy. Moreover, Salman Khan was also seen rushing to Mannat upon receiving the news. Speaking of the case, no relief has come for Shah Rukh Khan's son Aryan Khan as his bail hearing has been moved to October 13, Wednesday.  The star-kid was sent to 14-day judicial custody, after which the Court rejected his bail plea. 

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Anonymous : Nonsensical poem. As if he is affected by the case. Attention seeking stupid person.
REPLY 3 4 days ago
Anonymous : News is what somebody somewhere wants to suppress; all the rest is advertising." Do not believe #fakenews Shahrukh’s son is innocent.It is the Indian politics that needs to change.
REPLY 1 4 days ago
Anonymous : Lol this is real low level of asslicking! I am sorry srk is just a film actor, us mein na kabhi hindustan basa tha na kabji basega! Delusional fans.
REPLY 7 4 days ago
Anonymous : Wrong.Shahrukh is a part of creating traditions via movies and giving life to the roles in the scripts.You are wrong.
REPLY 1 4 days ago
Anonymous : Aryan Khan is framed in this case to defame Shahrukh Khan.
REPLY 1 4 days ago
Anonymous : Whatever it is Swara as well as Kangana should stay quiet on this. They both are really crack head persons.
REPLY 1 4 days ago
Anonymous : rubbish. if suvar bhaskar supports someone, KNOW that person is guilty.
REPLY 5 4 days ago
Anonymous : As usual . Wealth and power talks. These clowns refuse to acknowledge the facts of drug problem in India . Bollywood is leading the way.
REPLY 9 4 days ago
Anonymous : Love shahrukh khan.
REPLY 1 5 days ago
Anonymous : Aa Gayi Suwar..Isko hindustani nahin Pakistan bhej do
REPLY 5 5 days ago
Anonymous : I am a Hindustani who believes all are equal before law,whether a khan or a Rajput.Where were you all when SSR was termed a druggie?
REPLY 8 5 days ago
Anonymous : Yeh aaagye SSR ke jobless ronewale
REPLY 1 4 days ago
Anonymous : What about Sushant ? Why no poems for the young man ? Why was he bullied to death ? So stop this useless worship of Bollywood
REPLY 9 5 days ago
Anonymous : Nothing has been proved as of yet so stop the blame game. Let the system investigate ssr death case. Don't put allegations.
REPLY 0 4 days ago
Anonymous : WTF is wrong with these guys? SRK's son is caught with drugs and that's why he is in custody and not SRK. And what about other 8, just because their parents are not Bollywood actor, they don't deserve any sympathy. This is the reason why India is behind. These fake sympathizers are with a drug users family but not a single word for the agency who is working for it. In fact they are the ones who have to prove they legitimacy.
REPLY 8 5 days ago
Anonymous : WTF is wrong with guys like you???? Do u only read on the internet what u wish to read???!!! SRKs son was *NOT* caught with drugs!!!! You fool, read up. This is literally confessed by NCB too.
REPLY 4 4 days ago