Swara Bhasker bashes a person on Twitter who slammed Kareena Kapoor Khan for marrying a Muslim

Kareena Kapoor Khan was one of those celebrities who held a placard which said, "I AM HINDUSTAN. I AM ASHAMED. #JUSTICEFOROURCHILD 8 YEARS OLD. GANGRAPED. MURDERED. IN 'DEVI'- STHAAN TEMPLE. #KATHUA"
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Many Bollywood celebrities shared a photo holding a placard which asked justice for the eight-year-old-girl who was raped in a temple earlier this year. 
The placard says, "I AM HINDUSTAN.
One of the celebrities who posed for a photo holding this was Kareena Kapoor Khan. Bebo's Veere Di Wedding co-star Swara Bhasker shared the photo on her Twitter page and said, "#KareenaKapoorKhan #IndiaAgainstRape #JusticeForOurChild #JusticeforAsifa #JusticeForUnnao"
But, a Twitter user in no time slammed Kareena for marrying a Muslim and having a child with him. He said, "She should be ashamed of the fact that despite being a Hindu is married to a Muslim. Has a child with him and named him Taimur, after a brutal Islamic barbarian."
Swara bashed that person instantly by replying, "You should be ashamed you exist. That God gave you a brain which you chose to fill with hate and a mouth you chose to spew filth from. You are a shame on India and Hindus. That shits like you feel emboldened to talk this crap publicly is this govt.’s legacy"
Well said, Swara!
Check out the tweets and tell us about it in the comments below.

The horrific details of the Kathua rape and murder case have left the entire nation in shock and disbelief. An 8-year-old was kidnapped, sedated, brutally raped for days and then finally murdered. The police have arrested eight persons in the case but the Bar Association has opposed the action alleging "targeting of minority Dogras".

Earlier Priyanka Chopra expressed her anger by tweeting, "How many more children like baby Asifa will be sacrificed at the intersect of religion & politics? How many more children will have to suffer unimaginable crimes before we wake up? I’m disgusted. It’s time for swift action. We owe it to Asifa and to humanity.  #justiceforAsifa."


Meanwhile ash is still busy talking about how much she adores aaradhya

Who Kareena or anyone of us choose to love/ marry is no ones damn business.

Never thought that Indians are so filthy and so inhuman.
This happens when all your politicians are ready for retirement home!

Meanwhile ‘outspoken feminist’ Kangana looks silently on after buttering up Modi jee as nauseam

I was fine with Swara's response until I read the last line and her desperate attempt to make this political!
Disgusting how she spews her venom on people and uses such divisive tactics to spread more hate among people.
The manner in which she responds to any topic is to use sensationalism to garner attention..does nothing to promote a constructive discussion on hand. Sad.

You think the person who commented on Kareena's picture was looking for a constructive discussion?? lol

just because one idiot gave a destructive opinion doesn't mean that the other should also talk like an idiot

So these rapists and murderers still not in jail? Where is Modi, no tweet or condemnation from him? Whether you are Hindu or Muslim, if you commit these crimes, you need to go to jail!! I read on Instagram, where people were cricizing how Kareena didnt speak up for Assam Hindu girls getting raped by Muslims, OMG, we need to speak up for everyone regardless of religion or race!! Why are people so divided about this crap? If God is one then why so much hate!! These crimes are heinous, you can't defend anyone whether Muslim or Hindu!!! So many stupid people!!! Your character matters more than your religion, your deeds speak volume, and what about the young girl who was raped on the bus, she was Hindu and raped by Hindus!! Only way these crimes can be prevented now, if these people are burned alive or anyone commits such heinous crime, that's it, they do not deserve to lIve!!


In the meanwhile, Modiji is travelling the world. Looking for his and only his AcchheDin.

Why use word Hindustan. Not correct at all.

Kudos to Swara

Oh really kareena you don't even care about your own child and you care about this one LOL

Did she tell u that she dont care about her child? Just because she has a nanny??

Not a big fan of Swara or Kareena but on this matter they are right

Kareena took the right stand on the issue

Mira is so much better person than Kareena!

Bacchan's should hold that card too

Yes she's a much better person. She called the babies of working mothers puppies. She left her baby alone on her first birthday to party at a wedding in Hong Kong lol such a nice person

Mira should have spoken on this issue as she's also has baby girl

I am proud of Hindustan and India. I am against rape and against all rapists irrespective of their caste and religion and region. Bollywood should stick to the issue instead of bringing religions and politics into the topic. Why was bollywood okay with Salman, Pancholis and Ahuja guy. Why are they not talking about the rapes happening in North East by the muslims who are Bangladeshis

yes that's so true. though i am happy they are standing by the Kathua case. Nevertheless, there is so much going on inside the industry with these guys mentioned and no one is saying a peep OR the north east case.

I am Bollywood and I am ashamed for publicly supporting Eve Teasing, Rape, Adultery, Drink driving, Objectifying a woman's body in my films

Aish should hold the placard too Caz she has a daughter and protest,speakup against the incident

I am bollywood. I am ashamed. #JusticeForPeopleOnFootpath. #JusticeForTalentedNonNepoKids. #JusticeForCastingCouchMembers

Totally right

Not a fan of Kareena but major respect to her for taking a stand. Shecould've stayed quiet and not face the wrath of right winger and no one would've said a word because she's not on social media. But still she stood up for what is right. Well done

karrenas charity work is private that doesent mean she doesent do anything

Why are Deepika, Ranveer and Shahid quiet? Everyone supported them when fringe group attacked their movie? If someone like Kareena who always get hate for marrying a man of a particular faith and naming her son Taimur can take a stand despite not being on social media. Why can't they?

Kareena and swara's bhaskar movie is going to be released soon and this is just a part of their promotion tactics. These bollywood celebs will do anything for promotion

You do know that it will harm their movie and not actually promote it. At least she has guts unlike your favorites

I seriously hope you don't truly believe that.
This is a little girls life we're talking about here - not a chess move in Bollywood.
God bless all of them that stand up and stand OUT for this injustice! It's easy to tweet some generic balm just to get your name noticed or even easier to be silent all together. KUDOS to all the 'big names' who will go above and stand up publicly!

yes i believe that. The whole country is supporting this and hence they also support. If they had tweeted in favour of BJP then i would say they are being brave because that would get a severe backlash now. Plus they could have easily added the other hindu girls name who was also raped in UP. They just follow the trend.

Why do Deepika, Ranveer, Shahid or for that matter anyone else hold placards to satisfy trolls like you. They do their bit of charity and stand by causes in the real sense. They don't need publicity like fake Kareena, Sonam and Swara. Almost the whole country is against the rapists and just because everyone doesn't say it on social media it doesn't mean they are not against it. And anyway, how does it help the real issue by just holding a placard and posting a picture on social media

Then why did these fake people were crying for support when their movie was attacked? Celebrities speaking against injustice inspire their millions of followers in a country like India where people are obsessed with Bollywood. These fake people didn't even have the guts to stand up for their own film(barring Deepika) why would they stand up for anything else

Get your facts right, they never cried for support but handled their issue by themselves. The Khans, Swara, Sonam, Kareena none of them supported them while the issue was going on but only spoke about it much later when the media asked them questions

Kareena signed petition organized by Shabana Azmi for Deepika Padukone which was to be sent to Narendra Modi. Kareena has never shied away from showing solidarity to her colleagues

How does that equal to Kareena helping or supporting anyone. She signed the petition when Shabhana asked but she herself didn't stand up and say anything. And all this was much after the team faced issues for months

It's kareena mom babitaji 7th birthday today hope to see Lil timmy. Missing him soo much it's been 4 days he's been out clicked by paps.

It's 4th day now no taimur sighting. Missing the munchkin.

Hats off to Kareena for supporting what is right despite facing extreme hate from right wingers

Once more Kareena and her cheap group of nepo colleagues Swara and Sonam are trying to gain publicity for their upcoming boring flop film

Why are you getting so riled up? What have you done in your life besides making anonymous comments on celebrities? First try to do 1% of philanthropic work that Kareena has done instead of being a jobless troll.

What has kareena done in her life after JWM no good films only item songs n minor candy roles in khan movies etc and now all she does is party pout vacation gym and using Taimur for publicity

I work hard and support my family, I am educated, married and do my house chores and office work. I do my bit of teaching the apartment security guard's kids over the weekends. I am not a paid PR like you whom Kareena pays to keep herself relevant in news daily. You are as anonymous as me on pinkvilla and more jobless than others to be taking sides with uneducated once more cheap women Kareena

Yes you work so hard and still have time to vent out your frustration for a celebrity LOL

I can see how busy you are, that you are here too commenting and praising fake celebrities. How much do you get paid by Kareena

Kareena has adopted villages to provide them with free electricity in Madhya Pradesh, Donated extensive amount to help flood victims in Kashmir, works with UNICEF to promote girls education and female hygiene etc. Now what do you do, Anon, besides making comments on celebrities who don't even know you?

Stop posting salon pictures Mira and take a stand for once

Hello Kareena, Mira is better than you who gets your PR to post daily gym photos, son's playschool and pool side photos everyday to stay in news. You should be the last person telling anyone not to post pictures. We all know that your PR is working everyday to keep your flop husband and you in news

I wouldn't be surprised if the comment there was by Sonam and her brother Harsh. Kareena, Swara and Sonam have a film to release and their film is not creating any buzz so they are the ones creating these news items to generate noise for their film. These nepo kids can get down to any level for cheap publicity and to sell their film and make money. No talent, no hard work but just desperation to be in news. They all supported criminal Salman recently and how can we believe that they care for other humans or animals. They can't take a stand differently for outsiders and differently for film family crimes. Twinkle is happy with a philanderer husband and a mother who is the other woman in someone elses marriage. Sonam is okay to get film offers only because of family connections without any talent, same goes to her sister and brother. Swara is looking to piggy back on any topic for two minutes air time. Kareena is obsessed with her PR releasing daily stories on her gym son's playschool and pool side photos. How are these nepo ladies to be trusted when they are uneducated, talentless and use the media and social space only to their advantage to be in news

Yawn! If anything the right wing will attack their film and not give it publicity

The troll's comment is extremely ill considered . Kareena did not convert to Islam like that TV actress ,Dipika did only for marriage. Saif has his faults ,but he is not one of those men with extreme religious views . For that matter , he doesn't really come across as a religious person at all. Swara & Kareena both commented on a heinous crime which should shame any Indian - there's no need to drag other things into the big picture . The way it was going , it looked like the poor child's heartless killers were getting away with rape & murder . People follow & imitate celebrities , it's good to have a social conscience. Now the authorities can't afford to let that happen because of the attention the case has rightly received.

If Saif doesn't have extreme views and is not controlling, how is it possible that all his kids have muslim names while both the wives the kids belong to are not muslims. It means he does control them and they have no choice but to agree to him because he has the money

A conservative , orthodox husband will never allow his wife to continue her glamorous actress profession - certainly never after just having a baby . Attending Amrita's naughty themed b'day party is not the act of a conservative Muslim husband ! Saif has not forced Kareena to change her belief system . Amrita Singh's mother is Muslim , Babita has a Christian mother , Saif has a Hindu mother . Names have nothing to do with the mindset .

If names have nothing to do with religion then why not allow the kids to have names that belong to the mother's side of the religion or even better neutral names like SRK, Hrithik and Aamir gave their kids

Has the mother asked for Hindu names ?

I'm sure Kareena didn't think of the name Taimur, she hardly is educated to know that he was a barbaric traitor who killed lakhs of Indians, raped and tortured women and children

Yes they have nothing to do with religion he just named what he thought were beautiful names. Why would anyone name their kid just to please dumb people like you?

Are you telling me there are no beautiful names out of Saif's religion. Stop supporting fake and flop Saif

To be honest , it's not my problem (and certainly not yours ) what Saif calls his baby or even whether he has a baby at all. Failure happens to all of us at some point of time in life . The man talks like a total idiot at times ,but one thing he is not is religious . These are royal families with tradition going back to the medieval ages . Meghan Markle is converting to the Anglican Church to marry Harry in what is considered to be a very forward thinking society , Saif has not made Kareena do this (like his mother underwent for his dad) . U can harp on it all you want ,but clearly it's a sign of slow change in attitude & is a step in the right direction .

Meghan is marrying into a family which has real royals and queen. In India there is no concept of royals, queens and princes, so stop comparing Kareena and Meghan. Meghan worked hard to be where she is and does a lot for the society where as Saif, Kareena and the likes are uneducated nepo kids who cannot make a living outside bollywood. All this fake couple does is use their family life and little child to stay in news

Do read the interview about Meghan where everybody she's worked with has said how she shuns people once she gets what she wants out of them . Everything is deliberately cultivated as a brand including her charity events to build her fake image . She hooked husband no 1 for her career ,then sent back her wedding ring in the post & dumped her chef boyfriend when Harry came along is not my idea of a nice person ! And she was a yacht girl too ! I agree that Saif & Kareena are using the little boy to stay in the news.

So now they have to take permission from public before naming their children?

Yes..if you don't have enough common sense to name your kids after barbarians like taimur, hitler, aurangzeb, jhengis khan etc..then the common man needs to step in , esp if your bread and butter (or your extravagant life style) are courtesy of the common man's money and support for your movies.

Kat fans don't lose any chance to spread hatred for almost all actresses

Kat fans dont lose any chance to spread hatred for almost all actresses

When such disgusting things happen in bollywood, all these so called celebs are completely silent....why don't they hold such placards against innumerable injustices happening within their families n their so called industry called bollywood....fake celebrities living on money which everyone knows where it flows into this industry....pv , pls post

Totally agree with you. These things happen everyday across the country and world and they don't care only their film is coming out and they need to somehow be in news for promotion. Fake people!

Its not deepika fans but lat fans who dont lose any chance to spread hatred for almost all actresses.

Deepika’s fans don’t lose any chance to spread hatred for almost all actresses

While that troll is an idiot, Swara is just sucking upto Bebo ! Did not see her supporting that Telugu actress on the lines of the Me too movement ?

These celebrities will just hold these posters for 2 3 days and then they will forget.Nothing can be done by holding posters.Agar kuch krna he hai toh petition sign karwao.Apne celebrity hone ka fayda uthao swara.Dont be a fake feminist

They are bringing awareness to this issue coz they have a bigger platform with millions of followers.

Kareena is not even on social media. She sent this pic to PV to get some publicity. These horrendous crimes happen every day. When has she ever spoken up?

Why did Swara, Twinle, Kareena and Sonam not hold placards last week when Salman the criminal was was let out on bail. In fact they publicly supported him. Salman is an alcoholic who killed while driving under the influence of alcohol. How is that right. And how is it right to kill endangered animals. Rape is totally wrong but so are these bollywood nepo kids and chamchas to Salman

u r seriously comparing Salman's case to this one??!!..I said before I'll say it again an accident could never equal kidnapping brutally torturing raping and murdering a CHILD even if Salman was driving..God himself doesn't punish the one who kills someone by accident the way he punishes the murderer u or anyone else wouldn't know better than God.. as for the animal case there were other FOUR people involved and let me remind u saif is a trained shooter and tabu once falsely accused a man of rape and then took it back(u could google it if u want) so if she could do that she could kill animals besides the other two who also were there...but the real point here is that a CHILD went through hell and here u r talking about someone who has nothing to do with it...pv please post

Where did I compare rape and killing. Both are bad and bollywood brigade needs to stand up against both. They can't select to stand by criminals like Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan and point fingers only at issues that are done by outsiders. Rape is a such an offense that the guilty should be hanged in public so that no one ever repeats such a torturous act ever but bollywood fake feminists don't have to bring religion, political parties and other topics into it. Rapists don't follow any religion or party as no religion says it is okay to rape

I do not agree with the person who commented about Kareena, but what better is Swara. Who is she to state that the current government is giving a right to people to rape or talk against other religions. Swara is a fake feminist, fake nationalist and a fake human who is only looking for two minutes publicity. What happened to all these fake people like Swara, Sonam and Kareena when they were supporting Salman the criminal last week. Hypocrisy runs in bollywood but people like Swara, Sonam, Twinkle, Salman, Kareena and the likes are liars who lie through their teeth. They behave like they are saving planet earth but truth is they are publicity hungry who do nothing for the county but use everything around for their own publicity

Kareena doesn't actually care all she cares about is once more parties!

Kareena has adopted villages to provide them with free electricity in Madhya Pradesh, Donated extensive amount to help flood victims in Kashmir, works with UNICEF to promote girls education and female hygiene etc. Now what do you do, Anon, besides making comments on celebrities who don't even know you

Swara is just like her bff self proclaimed stupid fashionista

Swara is a fake feminist .

Swara's language is filthy, sorry. Being opinionated doesn't mean you questions someone's existence. In bad form.

We’ll didn’t he just proved the same. Some ppl need that language to wipe off ignorance. I still think she was respectful.

Religion is taking India really down. Thanks to right wing politics.

I agree with Swara. Having said that what has Kareena actually done for Indian society particularly women? Holding a poster is not helping.

Kareena's extensive collaboration with UNICEF includes donations, campaigns for girl's education, spreading aware of famine hygiene, and advocate for children friendly education in rural areas. Go and check on UNICEF India.

Kareena has adopted villages to provide them with free electricity in Madhya Pradesh, Donated extensive amount to help flood victims in Kashmir, works with UNICEF to promote girls education and female hygiene etc. Now what do you do, Anon, besides making comments on celebrities who don't even know you


What other female celebrities have done?

Priyanka is a good example of some one who puts her fame to good use in supporting women. The rest are useless

I don't understand why theos celebrities are begging the government to get justic for that little girl it's the government's job to give Justice for that little girl and her family no matter which religion she belongs to or which tribe she belongs to first of all no religion supports rape second no government support acriminal rape which kinda of world we live ? We can't sit and watch Criminal walking free that's unacceptable

the girl raped in January, but Modi did nothing instead, they were hiding, but some Hindus supported and because of these celebrities there is a chance that the victim will get justice.

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