Swara Bhasker's mom REACTS to the masturbation scene in Veere Di Wedding

Swara Bhasker's last outing Veere Di Wedding has got mixed reviews but it's her masturbation scene that got highlighted.
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Swara Bhasker has made a mark and is known for her bold statements and scenes. Her last outing Veere Di Wedding has got mixed reviews but it's Swara's masturbation scene that got highlighted. While many in the audience loved the scene, some detested it calling that sequence unacceptable and cheap. 
In conversation with a portal, Ira Bhasker indirectly commented on the sexual connotations in Veere Di Wedding. "Let me begin by saying that sexuality per se in Indian cinema is not a subject that has been directly expressed. At the same time, historically, our cinema is unique in the sense that it has developed, over the years, a very complex and refined idiom on eroticism. And that idiom is the song," said Ira. 
She further added, "A lot of things that can’t be addressed directly can be addressed through the song. Be it the Hindi film song, or the Bengali film song. Malayalam or Tamil. You don’t find this anywhere else—as a fundamental and defining feature of the form itself. A lot of the articulation was done through song. Emotional articulation. Articulation of what is tabooed. Sexuality and eroticism."
Stating more examples, "Just think of Mughal-e-Azam: in that song Jogan Ban Chali, that word jogan actually is Meera—the one who has renounced the world for her lover. So this completes dedication to the object of your passion. What is that but female desire?"
"These films didn’t have direct representation of sexual act or the act of lovemaking. Mahesh Bhatt has said that the most erotic sequence in Indian cinema is that of Dilip Kumar stroking Madhubala’s face in close up in Mughal-e-Azam," said Ira. 
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The movie is rated A.......I don't get the hoopla......what did they expect......cut scene with two flowers thrown together in air and shaking here.......women masturbate so do men.......if it ain't your cup of tea, do not watch. Raazi, Parmanu is still running in your theaters. Go watch that and let this film be.

Whatever people say, swara bhaskar is courageous and super smart.. and some people just can't digest the fact that a not so big celeb or a superstar is so outspoken and gutsy!

Love you swara!! Gutsy, bold and brace.. your character in the movie killed it!! Look so many people are talking about it, so much buzz .. you have arrived girl hahaha

This woman dares to write a letter to SLB, stating she felt like a vagina after watching Padmavat. What should we feel after watching her scene in VDW??

Exactly..LOL.. and am sure master mind is that Balaji telefilms owner madam

Guys are shown doing masturbation in movies all over the world..while it's considered natural and funny but a woman cant do it. Women do masturbate, it's natural/

No need for all this explanations...
Swara needs to work and that what she got add to that hanging out with starkids...even fawad and sumeet were thrilled to work in sonam productions...simply bc as an outsiders they barely get any opportunities...
But I think sonam and kareena wouldn't agree to do this kind of scenes...

There's a difference between love and it's physical side, and the seeking of purely physical pleasure. Selfishness and Independence are two different things. Strength and Arrogance are two different things.

People masturbate. Period. I don't see why its an issue. The movies are rated for the audience. If its not your cup of tea, don't watch the film. Why do we have to act all prude? or is it just because its a woman who is masturbating. We have movies like masti where men get boners looking at big boobs. Apparently thats funny. But all hell breaks loose if a women pleasures herself god forbid. Coz a woman's existence is to please men and not to please herself?

People go to the toilet too, it need not be shown either. I hated Masti and I hated VDW - period ! To me atleast, it wasnt because a woman was at it.

I'm pretty sure a lot of people laughed for the scene in 3 Idiots where Aamir was sitting on the pot. PIKU movie had a lot of toilet humor. So what needs to be shown is strictly your prerogative. VDW is rated A. 18 and above. If it isn't your thing, don't watch. I'd personally be more offended by the humor in Race movie where they use fruit to describe female anatomy than a scene which shows someone masturbating as long as it fits the movie's narrative.

Female desire, or for that matter male desire is not a sin. It depends on how it is portrayed. Mughal e azm was sheer class and VDW was sheer crass !


I know that I might be outnumbered here but personally, these types of things are the very reason why I moved away from watching the majority of Hollywood films for Bollywood. It kept becoming progressively difficult to find non questionable subject matters in films. I'm just not into that dark, sexual, I dont'-give-a-damn-what-you-think world. It's sad how times are changing and its even sadder that being progressive means being overtly sexual and cheap (the swearing, sleeping around etc). I understand that (some) people in India are tired of the conservatism and tradition but throwing the baby out with the bath water is bordering on ridiculous. It's what fools would do. NO balance. Mimicking the worst of the west is also pathetic.

Thank you for saying this, I feel the same way. Tired of the unnecessary sex and nude scenes. It's like I am forced to see an act or someone's body even if I am not interested in it. Unless it's a murder that's going to happen while they are in the act, or in the shower I am not interested in watching it.

why complicate it too much. Women masturbate and they showed it, what's the big deal about it. People should get butt hurt for so many things happening in the world instead o some stupid movie scene.

You are so right!!

Same here. I'm not Indian, and I started watching bollywood movies because I'm tired of Hollywood movies where everybody's obsessed with sex. And now bollywood is losing what made his movies so unique-its purity and innocence.

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