Taapsee Pannu has an epic comeback to a Twitter user who says that the 'Badla' star cannot act

On to bigger projects, Taapsee Pannu revealed that she will next be seen in Article 15 director Anubhav Sinha's Thappad. However, a troll did not seem to be too impressed with Sinha's choice.
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Taapsee Pannu is possibly in the best phase professionally after the actress received praise from all quarters for Badla and most recent Game Over. Taapsee who made her arrival known with the drama flick Pink opposite Amitabh Bachchan is winning hearts and leaving critics as well as movie buffs impressed with her acting skills. Now, on to bigger projects, Taapsee revealed that she will next be seen in Article 15 director Anubhav Sinha's Thappad. With Badla turning out to be a super hit at the box office and Game Over garnering praises, Taapsee will next be seen in this social drama. 

Announcing the project, Taapsee took to Twitter and wrote, "Cheers to the new beginning with some good food! This one is a subject way too close to my heart. I’ve been wanting to do this since years. It becomes exciting when it happens with the ‘Man of The Moment’ @anubhavsinha  8th March 2020 will surely be the day to watch out for!" 

However, a fan did not seem to be impressed with Anubhav's choice of casting and took to Twitter to voice his concern. The user wrote, “Sir I think u should caste some other actress. Taapsee doesn’t knows acting." 

Taapsee replied, “Sorry yaar, ab toh sab kuch sign n seal ho chuka hai. Ab toh sir ko main hi nahi nikaalne dungi. But ek kaam karo, agli wali ke liye rok lo kyunki shayad woh bhi main lock karva lu jald hi #TryAgain." Check out Taapsee's comeback below: 

This isn't the first time Taapsee has given it back to social media users and trolls. Earlier this year, the word cerebrum recorded an all-time high search on Google after the actress replied to a troll who had said that he likes her body parts. Taapsee wrote, “Wow! I like them too. BTW which is your favourite ? Mine is the cerebrum.”


It’s true though. She was ok in pink but unwatchable in other movies. Why not take it seriously and learn some acting?

Kangana PR is spamming this page. LOL

I can see "enablers" are here in this comment section too.

Why is she always unnecessarily responding to random twitter trolls? Does she think that this lame comeback sounds funny or savage?

Many were actually surprised that she kept silent during rangoli's attacks and name-calling when she has the habit of taking trollers head-on and give them back. Or it's reserved only for nameless, faceless trolls on SM? Or a disgraceful "sasti copy" from a colleague doesn't bother her as much as a random person opinion on her acting? Lol!

The twitter user is true, she cannot act...she us always trying to behave sophisticated but in reality she is a fool try to act smart

Nah, the twitter user is Kangana fan, which explains the trolling.


Yes that defines Kangana.

She is super duper over rated. But ok.

One of the most arrogant artist in the industry , even treats her staff badly

Yes that correctly defines Kangana.

How come she did not have a comeback for Rangoli’s comment??They always pick soft targets for comebacks.

Because Tapsee is dignified and happy person, unlike Rangoli and Kangana. :)

Because nobody wants to give those two sisters any more space.

lol. He must be Kangana’s fan.

Epic reply... go girl

She should respect public opinions

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