Taapsee Pannu just pulled a Rangoli Chandel in an EPIC tweet to Varun Dhawan & won the internet

Last week, Rangoli Chandel called out Varun Dhawan for not mentioning Kangana Ranaut's name in a tweet appreciating Judgementall Hai Kya trailer. Today, Taapsee Pannu trolled Varun in a similar fashion, mocking Rangoli.
Taapsee Pannu just pulled a Rangoli Chandel in an EPIC tweet to Varun Dhawan & won the internetTaapsee Pannu just pulled a Rangoli Chandel in an EPIC tweet to Varun Dhawan & won the internet
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Regardless of the various topics trending on Twitter, two topics were the talk of the town in the past few weeks. One was the ICC World Cup 2019. Yes, yes, it is a sensitive topic for us as well so we are not delving into that. The other topic that had almost everyone interested in the world of entertainment was Kangana Ranaut and her sister Rangoli Chandel. The star sibling has been taking to Twitter to tweet some nasty things about Bollywood celebrities over the past few days. 

From Taapsee Pannu to Anurag Kashyap, you name it and Rangali would have probably tweeted something about the celebrity. She did not spare Varun Dhawan either. The Street Dancer actor was called out for not mentioning Kangana's name in a tweet appreciating the Judgementall Hai Kya trailer. It has been days since the incident took place. But it seems like Taapsee hasn't forgotten the tweet. 

The Saand Ki Aankh star decided to pull a Rangoli Chandel on Twitter earlier today. The actress decided to call out (obviously jokingly) Varun after he tweeted an appreciation post for director Tushar Hiranandani. He wrote, "Proud of you Tushar. Bringing real Indian heroes on the big screen. Best dadis" The actress decided to tease Varun and troll Rangoli in response to Varun's tweet. She hit two birds with one tweet when she wrote, "Arre Varun but u have not written our names," adding, "y no appreciation for us ??? Why why why?" 

Varun instantly replied, "Taapsee and Bhumi are naughty dadis." While Varun may have not addressed the reference here, Twitter applauded Taapsee for come back. "Nailed It ! Taapsee you beauty," read a tweet. "On someone's face I loved it," added another Twitter user. "Loving every bit of ur sarcasm," another tweet read. 

Check out the tweet thread below: 

Varun Dhawan and Rangoli's tweet exchanges: 

What do you think of Taapsee's tweet to Varun? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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Cheeto Tapasi, she showed her level with this, no idea how this lame actress gets movies.. acting to ate nahi..

kangana definitely cannot take a joke. taapsee is awesome

People aka KR PR bashing Tapsee who even dont give a damn about these sisters. Shame on you to support kangana and bashing a woman for no reason. Point it out where she took a dig at Rangoli? Cant she asks her costar a simple thing?,

It's ok when she takes digs at Kangana but not ok when they take digs at her. Shows how disgusting Tapsee and others are. BTW Tapsee needs Varun Dhawan and others so she will lick his ass!!

Where did she take the dig at kangana? She is only talking to varun. Didnt mention anyone. Not to forget its kangana who started ot and took a dig at her. If she had return her favour back so why complain now? Btw kangana needs varun and tapsee so she can get notice.
Be fair to all the fandom pv. Its about women.

Tapsee keeps saying that Karan Johar does not call her on his shows poor women maybe next year now that you took panga with his enemy. Karan call her next year or she will keep whining

Like Kangana says her enemies expose themselves..didn’t Taapsee say she has not time to waste on them, honey you did just that :) which proves it hurt you bad and you have no guts to say it on her face

Kangana is exposing herself. Tapsee dont have time for these mad sisters. She neither mention or tag anyone just made a simple statement and Kangana PR twist it and make it a news.

This is what Rangoli was talking about. They all like to insult Kangana and they will do it quietly but Kangana does it loudly. That is all the difference other wise they are all same.

Cry baby cry. Kangaga insulted Taosee unnecessarily .

This is tit for tat, they are all mental.


Kangana is always picking pointless fights and paying bots to do it too

Yes I got paid Rs.0.00 ;) happpyyyy

Tapsee is bold and brave person to call out these bullies. Well done.

Fun fact - Taapsee and Kangana are same age - only 4 months apart. Also both are outsiders to this industry. So rather than taking digs at each other motivate other industry outsiders

Kangana is 36, she’s been lying and last i checked kangana is the one bringing all the female actors down including taapsee

Saand ki Aankh is a joke. Really at this day and age what's wrong with their makeup? Both look like aliens in the garb of women.

After Game Over she can only win the internet. not any more movies

Thanks VArun for ignoring Tapasee she is not worth responding to

dumb Rangoli stop lying. Varun replied Tapsee and in the most sweet way.
post the truth

Guys see Taapsee video where when apologizing to the south director what happened there why did she suddenly become a mouse

Taapsee's 'game is over' already. This saand of a movie can't do anything for her.

God sick of seeing Taapsee everywhere. Trying too hard

Yay!! Finally someone needs to give the taste of their own medicine. Let’s get rolling and oust these foul mouthed sisters.

we are proud of you Tapsee. You are beautiful, intelligent, talented, dignified, decent and a woman of class and character who respects people unlike these mental sisters.
post pv plz

LOL who cares what she says, who is she? LAME FLOP Actress, First learn some acting and then talk about KR, Atleast KR knows her craft well. What about you? the trailer looks so bad, both Bhumi and you can not ACT.. So first get yourself in to acting school and then talk..

LOL you care for syre to come here and comment. Tapsee is a successful actress ,acts well and a nice human being. KR needs to learn ethics, manners, how to talk and how to be a nice person. She is a flop actress with limited skills.
post the reply support women bullied by these sisters please.

ok kangana, you’re going beserk on comments since no media’s covering you. it’s been a peaceful few days for us and i’m enjoying it.

Varun didn’t bother to reply to Taapsee but he replied to Rangoli that says a lot. You are irrelevant Taapsee. The fact that you mocked her shows that you are contradicting your own statement that you don’t have time for them. I am glad she hurt you where it hurts the most.


Front the word stalker I know you are same crazy Hrithik fan lol and you have so much free time to check and write to me that he replied ..why you keep calling me Rangoli ?? Kangu and Rangooi are always on your mind I guess hehhehe ..sasti Kangana

No one used the word stalker. You cook it up like she made 30 mins into 3 hours , imaginary lunch and a private text. Lol
Hrithik truly rules your mind and you do stalked him, his fans and posts.

No pint arguing with a loser like you who make stars your idol go get a life

Yup kangana's fans are losers who supports her blindly. Get a life .
Pv post this

Aww kangana fans are so obsessed with Hrithik. Love to talk about him every where . Get a life. Good media too exposed her lies and boycott her. Jobless person stop talking about Hrirhik. Its about Tapsee.

God Taapsee you are a sasti copy of Rangoli lol

Kangana doesn't need any enemies , she does a fantastic job herself .

Tapsee is a psycho. Her flops have affected her state of mind. Game over did less than 10 cr LIFETIME :D

Hi Rangoli.

Tapsee is a desperado. She is giving flops after flops besides 2 hits with AB and now is nowhere on the poster of mission mangal. Bhumi has totally stolen her thunder.

Ok psychopath rangoli.

This is how you treat a bully. That's psycho woman bashed Tapsee for no reason (a woman who claims to be a feminist and demands people to respect women).

People are making fun of sand ki ankh the pose which were shooting was so fake and funny so now using Kangana to promote her movie .. I thought Kangana was banned but still people can’t stop taking about her lol

Bhumi owns the trailer. Tapsee looks bad and acts bad. Looking like a drag queen.

AHAHHA savage

Tapsee be careful!! Or else you will get the stick from Rangoli too

Way to go Tapsee. Best to give back like this. But now the Chudail sisters will say u are copying them. They are so stupid tht they cant understand sarcasm.

Pyscho stalkers getting the taste of their own medicine.

Good job tapsee.

Taapsee se panga leke galti kar di Kangoli ne

SNOB, totally overrated actress, her Preview is so LAME.. Anyway what is the point in going to the same level, the best thing she could do is to ignore..

SNOB. Really Kangana is the one who is the biggest SNOB


Epic. Good for you Tapsee




Good one Tapsee

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