Taapsee Pannu on male star getting more credit: Badla releases, they call it an Amitabh Bachchan film

Even when I do films like Badla, I had more working days or scenes so to say than Mr. Bachchan. He was the hero of the film, I was the antagonist.
Taapsee Pannu on male star getting more credit: Badla releases, they call it an Amitabh Bachchan film
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Taapsee Pannu was recently spotted on Neha Dhupia's show. The actress who is always known to express her views spoke a lot on the show. She revealed some interesting things about her. From talking about Kangana Ranaut to her most embarrassing moment, Taapsee just spoke everything. On asking about the pay gap, not being credited enough for her work and more, Taapsee said that when she is paid only 5% to 10% of my heroes, of course, it bothers her. The success at the box office will make sure the next film she gets paid a lot which is slowly moving towards equalizing that difference. Rules are quite unfair, not just in this industry but maybe in every other industry. Because we are here, we see it more. But the rules are different everywhere. And that’s what the fight is for, that’s what the struggle is right now, the whole issue of gender equality is that let’s make the rules equal. The actress is not asking for an edge over them, she is asking for equality.

Talking about Badla, where the movie actually revolved around her character but Mr. Amitabh Bachchan got more credit, Taapsee said, “Even when I do films like Badla, I had more working days or scenes so to say than Mr. Bachchan. He was the hero of the film, I was the antagonist. But the antagonist has more presence in the film than the protagonist. But eventually the film releases, they call it an Amitabh Bachchan film. Yes, when I raise my voice and say I’ve done almost equal if not more, that’s when people recognised and started taking my name because it’s such a male-dominated industry, they don’t even realise that I might have done more work actually. It was called Sir’s film, it won’t be called a female film regardless of the fact that I have more scenes, it will be called an Amitabh Bachchan film and the credit will go there.” 



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Taapsee further added that it hurts her to see this disparity but she is not going to be unreasonable and ask for an equal amount of money right away, she would rather wait and do things to equalize the box office and then expect them to pay her and honestly, they will. They are happily playing her because she is sensibly raising it, not just wanting to equalize it right away but balancing it with her box office success.

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Even if Mr. Bachchan had a guest role in the film, it would be an Amitabh film. You are lucky to share the screen with the legend, appreciate it and stay humble. Any movie he is in is a Mr Bachchan film, if you can't handle that, then the problem is with you.

How can you compare yourself with the actor of mileninium....you are fortunate enough to have got an opportunity to work with an icon...it's always going to be Amitabh Bachchan film....

Can this tapsee please shut up? You can have all the scenes of the world, if Amitji's performance was better than yours THAN ACCPET IT!! & try to be better next time. thank u, next

Very silly logic

Even if you have 99% of scenes you can't equal Amitji's 1%, he has different generations of fans following since decades . People go to watch their idols but not gender diff....

Strange statement. Not expect form Taapsee.

You had to go down that whiny 'the world is against me' feminist route. There you lose all your charm. Bye, girl.

Lol!! This is funny. What about dignity? What about status? What about who does their job better, instead of who did more work?
If U have his status and you are not recognised for what you deserve, then you can say its male dominating industry. Otherwise it is so wrong.

Got an opportunity to work with sahenshaah, and this is enough don't cry. U always... i have ever seen u in crying mode.

Ask them for equal payment or dont sign the film... you are accepting the film at that price means you are OK with amount you are being offered. Then Dont cry afterward, But then you know if you wont do it other actress are there in line.. Priyanka, Kareena, katreena, Deepika all get higher pays, in some movies they are paid above male actors.

Intolerance or jealousy? Instead people come know about you because of him. So refrain from making such comments.

Rone lag jaati ho Isiliye equality se door reh jaati ho tum

Taapsee u go girl. More power to u

In a battle a soldier never wins or looses. Its always called a king's battle. U are a soldier and hez the King of bollywood. Hope u get some help.

Unique thought
Mazaa aa gya

It wasn't completely Mr. Bachhan's film and we still know it as Tapsee Pannu-Amitabh Bachhan film not just Mr. Bachhan only..please refrain from making such comments..

Disappointed to hear her feeling.

U got an life changing opportunity to work with the shehanshah of Bollywood who has experience of over 50 years in Industry. How old r u in the field that u r comparing urself with him. At least have some humility.

Assume that Mr.Bachchan was not there in the film...and it was a story where u- Tappsee was there and a child actor was there. If the child actor had more scenes, then the movie must be called after the child??

I would even give 20lakhs for her acting. Rangoli was right is "Sasti Copy" always trying her hardest to get attention. 50/- kato koi isk over-acting k.

Wat is wrong with her? Isnt it abt name, years..

Because no body went to see you but surely they went on Amit ji's goodwill among the citizens of the country. It is his acting which attracted people not yours and maybe when you survive for 50 years in the industry, we can agree to your point.


Quality matters and not quantity.

It's not a labour job, in which the more hours you put in more the appreciation. It's about who gives a better performance.
You complaining for such a reason, makes you smaller.

Isnt Naam Shabana your film?
Isnt Saand ki Aankh your film?
Who got the credits for the former? Akshay Kumar? Manoj Bajpai?

If you’re feel in that kind of industry, change your industry, there are lot of industries where females are paid more than their male counterparts.

They worked very hard to reach this place. You came now and want equal pay. It is like a fresher (engineer) in a software company asking for equal salary as paying to their senior engineer. Pay is based on experience and success everywhere. Be it a company or a film industry.

Bravo - wrong must be righted.
Big B must also lend his support.
Credit must be given to the deserving.
Others who are sleeping must wake up.
Reality is so different from the projected ideals.

you got a chance to work with a legend like him and still you have complaints.. who are you? What is ur achievement till date.. there can be no comparison bw u and him.. be thankful to god that you are getting success..

And who are you what are your achievements. She camento industry without nepotism and she is talented mr.

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