Tahira Kashyap: The Bold, Brave, Badass Author & Mama

Updated on Aug 23, 2021 11:03 PM IST  |  172.3K
Tahira Kashyap: The Bold, Brave, Badass Author & Mama
Tahira Kashyap: The Bold, Brave, Badass Author & Mama (Pic credit - Tahira Kashyap/Instagram)

Someone rightly said, “If you walk in the footprints of others, you won’t make any of your own.” Well, going by this saying, have you ever given a deep thought about how difficult it is for a married woman to create a name for herself in a male-dominated society and build her own identity that is not shadowed by her husband?

And that too especially if you are a wife of a popular star, it is very common for people to address you as 'that star’s wife' rather than calling you by your own name. But, there are a few star wives who do not wish to be addressed that way and want to carve their own niche and have their own individuality with their body of work. One of them is Tahira Kashyap. A mommy of two, cancer survivor, and also, wife of actor Ayushmann Khurrana.

 Today, we will highlight a few points from her body of work that proves she is not just a quintessential star-wife but is capable enough to be known as Tahira Kashyap and not Ayushmann Khurrana’s wife.

Making her presence felt as an AUTHOR 

Tahira Kashyap is a multi-talented woman. In the early phase of her career, Kashyap began to work as an assistant professor at Mithibai College, Mumbai. Later on, Tahira started teaching at RD National College, WA. Science College, and L S Raheja College in Mumbai. Tahira also served as program head at BIG 92.7 FM. It was in 2011 that the inner writer in her gave her a calling, and she decided to make her debut in her writing career with a novel titled ‘A Promise… A Story of Love And Deceit’. In 2012, she published her second book titled ‘Souled Out’. Later in 2015, Tahira co-authored the biography of her husband along with Ayushmann himself. The biography was titled ‘Cracking the codes: A Journey to Bollywood’.

Baby steps towards being a DIRECTOR

In many of her interviews, Tahira Kashyap had revealed that how depressed she was when she had not figured out what she really wanted to do and how she wanted to proceed ahead in her career. But, one fine day, when she did realize that she wanted to be a filmmaker, there was no looking back for her. From going on to direct her first short film, Toffee that was screened at the Mumbai Film Festival and was appreciated, to directing Neena Gupta starrer short film Pinni, to directing brother-in-law in a music video, and now making her debut as a feature film director with ‘Sharma Ji Ki Beti’, Tahira surely has come a long way.

Being vocal about breast cancer & spreading awareness

Tahira Kashyap was diagnosed with stage 0 breast cancer and underwent a mastectomy procedure. But that did not stop her from ruling the world. Tahira did not take this as a setback in her life. Instead, she turned this into a game-changer. Kashyap started a 7-episode series on Audible Suno titled ‘My EX-Breast’, where she talks about fighting cancer and its effect on her family. Tahira never hesitated to sport her bald look too and made it a new style statement. With this step, she changed the concept of beauty not only for her son but helped a lot of women deal with it and feel normal. 

Women like Tahira are inspirations who do not bow down to adversities and instead, turn them into opportunities. We are going to leave it up to you to tell if Tahira Kashyap needs any support from her star husband Ayushmann Khurrana to make a name for herself. Drop your comments.

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