Tahira Kashyap confesses about her initial marital problems with Ayushmann Khurrana; Read on

In an interview with an entertainment portal, Tahira Kashyap spoke about her initial marital problems with Ayushmann Khurrana at the beginning of his film career. Read to know what she has to say.
News,Ayushmann Khurrana,Tahira KashyapTahira Kashyap confesses about her initial marital problems with Ayushmann Khurrana; Read on
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Ayushmann Khurrana and Tahira Kashyap are one of the most loved celebrity couples in Bollywood. Everyone knows they are head over heels in love with each other and are also very supportive and caring towards one another. However, there was a time when their marriage had hit the rock bottom. When Ayushmann entered films, Tahira didn't like the fact that he kissed on-screen.

About the problems in their marriage during that time, Tahira told Spotboye that she had a problem with him kissing on-screen. She felt like a big fat whale sitting at home. She added, "When you are pregnant your hormones also go up and down. Here this boy is looking at his best and he is romancing women and what is this onscreen kiss! We both were very young. He didn’t have the time and patience to take me along and I didn’t have the patience to understand."

The filmmaker further added that at that time, there was a disconnect between them and they were not there for each other in that journey. She shared that she knew that he wasn't cheating, but had to evolve as a person to understand what art is. Tahira also said, "I had given up many times but he did not. He didn’t give up but he also didn’t make up".

Tahira shared that she and Ayushmann have really evolved as artists and as companions and they have seen their life evolve, including cancer as a part of it. She added that where they are right now, is at their strongest best of their married life.


People complain about nepotism, but what exactly has Tahira done to start getting interviews? She may moan about her husband working with beautiful woman, which is not the first time she has, but he is the reason why people are giving her the time of the day in the first place.

He didnt give up but he also didnt make up. Tough for a couple to continue that way

Two Anonymous who wrote ugly and odd and talking too much...please get a life...Glad she speaks her mind and revealing life is not glamorous like other couples who pretend


They look very ugly and odd

Why is she talking so much??

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