Tahira Kashyap shares note on self love as Kendall Jenner's bikini pics trend, says wear sexuality with pride

With her post on body positivity and self love, Tahira Kashyap not only floored her fans and followers but also husband Ayushmann Khurrana.
Tahira Kashyap shares note on self love as Kendall Jenner's bikini pics trend, says wear sexuality with pride.
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Kendall Jenner took social media by storm over the weekend when she took to Instagram to share a series of photos in a teeny-tiny red bikini. The supermodel is known for her incredible bod shared videos and photos from a photoshoot and left netizens wondering over her almost zero size figure. Apart from her fans and followers, author and producer Tahira Kashyap also floored husband Ayushmann Khurrana as he wrote 'big fan' with a heart emoji in the comments section. 

Taking to Instagram, Tahira wrote how she was definitely surprised by Kendall's pictures in a bikini and possibly wondered how one could look like that. "Kendall and her tiny thong pictures are all over the internet and like many women I too wondered how is it freakin possible to look like that! The belly button is just a seductive slit or more like a kala tikka we put on kids and I don’t know how that tiny portion of cloth could hide her essentials esp down below." 

She went on to add, that the model's photos made her take a good look at her own body and reflect. Tahira also penned a recent incident that helped save her puppy, daughter and her house help from a partially working lift. 

Tahira wrote, "And so it was time to reflect (quite literally) and assess, more so judge, my reality. Hmmm what do i think about what I saw? Well I saw this 69kg (every kilo matters) woman ( out of which 4 Kendall’s can be taken out) with strong limbs and bruises that she got yest by actually saving her puppy, her daughter and didi by jumping in the lift as the sensors weren’t working and it was closing its doors on the 3 of them who were waiting for my son to join. I stood there like rock of Gibraltar ( or atleast in my head) squeezing the door ajar with all the strength I had and had the 3 of them get out of the sense less and sensor less elevator’s way while quickly pulling myself in the lift with them. I felt quite heroic and grateful to this weight that I am trying to beat off , for had it not been for that, someone would have def gotten hurt!" 

The author concluded her note reminding fans to love themselves a bit more and wear their sexuality with pride. "Moral of the story don’t wait for dysfunctional closed doors to open the way to love yourself a wee bit more #selflove #wearyoursexualitywithpride #appreciationpostforself," wrote Tahira. 

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Anonymous 2 months ago

so desperate

Anonymous 2 months ago

so desperate for attention

Anonymous 2 months ago

SURE! buddy when Kendall does it its self love if she does it its attention and most men post shirtless pics all the time are they not attention seeking to you. Bloody hypocrite