Taimur Ali Khan can't contain his excitement seeing the paps; see photos

The paparazzi snapped Taimur Ali Khan in Mumbai's Bandra area today. The munchkin got all excited seeing the shutterbugs and looks adorable in the photos. Take a look.
Taimur Ali Khan can't contain his excitement seeing the paps; see photosTaimur Ali Khan can't contain his excitement seeing the paps; see photos
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Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan along with Taimur Ali Khan returned to Mumbai yesterday from their week long vacation in Mumbai. The Khans had a lovely time together and now they are back to their usual routine. Today, Taimur Ali Khan was snapped in Mumbai's Bandra area along with his nanny.

Tim looked cute as a button in a red tee and was all excited seeing the paparazzi. The munchkin has become camera friendly and even responds to the cameramen when they call out his name. A few weeks ago, when Taimur was wandering on the streets with his dad Saif, he addressed the paps as 'media'.

Saif and Kareena have always expressed their concern over Taimur getting snapped everywhere. On Koffee With Karan 6, Bebo said that she can't stop him from going outside but she can at least request the paps to not follow and click him everywhere. However, today's pics prove that Taimur is totally enjoying the paparazzi's attention.

Check out the photos:





Meanwhile, last week there were reports that the neighbours in Saif's residency had a problem with shutterbugs gathering around to click Taimur Ali Khan's photos as it was disturbing them.

The reports also suggested that Saif had filed a complaint against the cameramen that come outside his house. 

When Pinkvilla contacted the actor, he denied it and said, " Kareena and I live in a respectful residential area and are a part of the larger community, thereby we do also have a responsibility to emotionally support our neighbours when they feel a disturbance to them is being caused and to be fair, their sentiments are understandable. We have always shared a very respectful relationship with the paparazzi as we understand that this their livelihood."


Cutie pie :* please change the hairstyle,make it short in the back. it doesnt suit a li'l baby. he looks grownup. let him look his age.dont make him look older which he will be soon anyway.

As bipasha Basu would love to say looking st this photo “kala billa”. He does look very dark....another one of kareenas non material behavioural streaks not putting sun cream on.

I think taimur needs the paps more that the paps need him. Sad.

Clear sign that he’s exhilarated and now relies upon this contact with cameras lights action. Sad it’s like a drug for home...he’s been dependant from o days to two half years of this experience. It won’t end well regardless of his mother stating it’s what they teach him at home. He will listen until hes 10 and when the air hits his moral and ego value they will face the issues. Saif maybe scared now to tell paps to back off but he certainly will be scared bringing up a 11+ year old in London in this era.

Looks like he’s getting his mommy’s cheek bones, look at the last pic!

Little baby boy is growing up so fast and getting even more beautiful. Feel sorry for his parents who have to walk a fine line between the chaos they find themselves in with protecting him and not being too harsh to offend paps who are an integral part of their business either. But I admire the fine job they do in protecting him, giving him all sorts of wonderful experiences, incorporating him in their working day and spending so much to ensure he has the finest care. His secure, happy, confident, engaging personality is proof of this but it can’t be easy and the stress sometimes shows on their faces.

If you read what he's saying he's basically admitting that he's afraid to upset the papps by asking them to back off. He's more interested in appeasing them instead of instructing them to leave Taimur alone. Ultimately, the parents are benefiting from a this publicity. Sickos!

He is such a cute and friendly child. It is a shame he will be raised by classless, spoiled and uneducated nepo kids like the Kapoors. Hopefully he'll grow up to be more like Sara Ali Khan than Ranbir or Bebo.

Whether he's gonna end up like RK, KKK,SAK doesn't make much of a difference .Sara with all her Ivy League education entered Bollywood could've utilized her education for something much better than this. No it's all about money and stardom. So at the end of the day they all are the same.Just actors!

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