Tanishaa Mukerji opens up on freezing her eggs at 39: It's okay to not have children, not the only calling

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Tanishaa Mukerji opens up on freezing her eggs at 39: It's okay to not have children, not the only calling.

Tanishaa Mukerji is getting real about her decision to freeze her eggs at the age of 39. In a candid chat with ETimes, Kajol's sister and former Bigg Boss contestant Tanishaa opened up about why she decided to freeze her eggs and why she didn't do it earlier. Speaking to the portal, she said, "I wanted to freeze my eggs at the age of 33. At that time, when I went to my doctor (who finally froze my eggs now)… it is funny but she stopped me from doing so at that time. While she told me it takes a toll on your body, she advised I should do it when I have no hope of conceiving a baby." 

She added that the decision was a "personal choice" and the discussion around freezing eggs should be normalised. "And today, it is perfectly ok to not have children. Adopt, there’s enough in this world. More people need to go out and talk about this. It’s ok for women to not have children. That’s not the only calling in your life. It’s okay to not get married, not be in a relationship and not define yourself with a man beside you. Back in the days, my grandmother and women those days didn’t define themselves with the man. We have gone wrong somewhere in the middle. My grandmother was a strong, amazing personality, who never defined herself with a man," Tanishaa said. 

Speaking about her own mum and veteran actress Tanuja, Tanishaa said, "My mother always told me since my teenage days that I don’t need to get married to have a baby. My mom has always been very supportive, progressive and forward thinking woman. That’s what I respect about her. Even my sister. I am surrounded by strong women." 

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Anonymous : Tanuja is one of the kind. Great to encourage her daughters to choose their path whether right or wrong.
REPLY 6 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : She seems like a level headed, very real, be happy and blessed, wish you all the very best in life..
REPLY 11 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : Soo real Tanisha. Spot on. Having kids should never be your only calling. Increasing population is destroying the planet anyway. If you look at the bigger picture u do what u feel like. U go girl. You give hope to see many women today. I agree thongs went way wrong on the past. Women are always being judged for her choices. Look how people trolled mandira for wearing jeans on her husband funeral!!!! Women need to stand up for themselves.
REPLY 16 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : Adoption should be more encouraged and propogated than IVF , egg freezing or any other kind of fertility treatment ..
REPLY 3 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : It’s a personal decision. To each his own. Science has given the option. Unless you’ve been in someone’s shoes you don’t control their moral compass hopes dreams or rationale. Adoption is great. Ivf is a beautiful technology too and it is also not a quick and easy path for most.
REPLY 11 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : She should adopt
REPLY 3 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : Why don’t you adopt first.
REPLY 2 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : I am 45. Although I don't like her, I agree that our grandmothers were more open than our mothers. Something truly went wrong somewhere.
REPLY 13 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : Freezing eggs at 33 was better than 39. No guarantees in life either way. By better odds. there are many paths in to motherhood. But also Motherhood is not the only calling in life. It’s a sensitive topic for women. Especially in 30’s and 40’s. Not everyone finds true love or gets married in time. But we all deserve the to live our lives, own our lives and seek the happiness we want. She lived kind of in the shadow of a famous sister who on the surface appear to have it all. Wish tanisha well. Whatever her path.
REPLY 14 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : They’re lucky they had so strong women in the family.
REPLY 10 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : she is looking old and jaded.
REPLY 4 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : Everyone grows old.. even you will look old and jaded in a few years.
REPLY 7 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : Brave woman
REPLY 14 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : love this family
REPLY 9 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : finally someone from Bollywood spoke sense... and without being a hypocrate. instead of there so called gym, party, food pics and for namesake showing we are so not doormat s to our boyfriend or husband.. luv u tanisha... for being real.
REPLY 17 2 weeks ago