Tanishaa Mukerji subjected to racism in New York; says 'traumatic to face racism in the US'

Tanishaa Mukerji claimed that an employee of the hotel in which she was residing, passed on racist comments at her.
Tanishaa Mukerji subjected to racism in New York; says 'traumatic to face racism in the US' Tanishaa Mukerji subjected to racism in New York; says 'traumatic to face racism in the US'
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Bollywood actress Tanishaa Mukerji of Neal 'n' Nikki fame has been recently subjected to racism in the United States. The actress went to New York in order to attend the CRY America charity gala. Tanishaa alleged that she faced racism at The Jane Hotel in New York where she had been residing. While talking to a US daily, the actress said that one of the employees of the hotel passed on insensitive remarks at her while she was partying with her friends at the club inside the hotel premises. The actress went on to say that the employee was very rude and passed of remarks which were downright abusive. 

In Tanishaa's own words, the employee said that they looked as if they were fresh off the boat and couldn't speak English. Tanishaa also admitted that it was trumatic to face racism in the US and that she had never faced it earlier. Tanishaa also went on to say that they did not get any support on the part of the hotel staff when they approached them. Tanishaa also tweeted a post on her Twitter account later on where she has shared a video of the time when she apparently faced the racist comments by the particular employee. This is not the first time that any Bollywood celebrity has been subjected to racial discrimination.

There have been several cases previously in which many of the B - Town celebrities have been subjected to racial discrimination in foreign land. For the unversed, Tanishaa Mukerji happens to be the younger sister of Bollywood actress Kajol. Tanishaa also happened to be the first runner up of the seventh season of the controversial reality show Bigg Boss. 

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Racism is racism! Stop covering it up !

Not a racist here but from what I heard, brown skinned people are looked down more in India than in USA

I guess, she should have a look at how her sister treats people below her in terms of status and fame.

The I irony. Look at how Indians treat blacks like savages. Good riddance

Where is the money coming?

They were probably being loud and obnoxious.

is she even relevant??

She sounds drunk

I have to admit that’s really bad hope Tanisha is ok

Give me a break ! Bollywood pretends that there is no racism in India. There is Religion and caste racism and bigotry. Prejudice exists between states and regions. Bollywood famous for colorism. Only light skinned actors & actress are considered for jobs. How many Bollywood people would like to paired with dark skinned individuals? So dear Tanisha, Don’t be a snow flake and make a big deal about racism in USA.

completely agree !

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