Tanushree Dutta on Kangana Ranaut's success: This damsel has truly made it all the way despite the distress

In a letter, Tanushree has not only showered praises on Kangana for her performance but has also given her credit for making it to the top without the "nagging support and recommendation of A- list male stars".
News,Kangana Ranaut,tanushree dutta Kangana recently spoke about how Bollywood stars, including Aamir Khan and Alia Bhatt have not praised or supported her during the release of Manikarnika.
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Tanushree Dutta, who set the ball rolling for the MeToo campaign in India last year, is back home in the US. But the actress sure keeps a tab on the happenings of the industry here. Tanushree, who ousted Nana Patekar for his indecent behaviour on sets of a film, recently commented on Kangana's pet project Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi. In a letter, Tanushree has not only showered praises on Kangana for her performance in the movie but has also given her credit for making it to the top of industry without the "nagging support and recommendation of A- list male stars".  

Here's what Tanushree Dutta has written for Kangana Ranaut:  

"Kangana Ranaut is a bonafide A++ list  Actress.Why the extra plus because she is the only one who made it to the top of her game in Bollywood without the nagging support and recommendation of A- list male stars, without a high profile surname or an unrealistically perfect, pure and pious facade that most Bollywood actresses seem to wear on and off screen.Besides being a powerhouse performer, she has truly set an example of someone who has made a unique and celebrated place for herself in a industry tough to conquer for an outsider.This Damsel has truly made it all the way despite all the distress; leaving the frat boys club of Bollywood and their dames twiddling their thumbs in abject contempt for her success." 

On Maninkarnika, Tanushree said, "Kangana they don't support you because they are intimidated by your talent,they hate your guts and their brawny thick muscle brains cant seem to figure out for the love of sweet Jesus how on earth you made it this far without them!! They think they are Gods and its blasphemy to acknowledge that you shouldered a multi-million dollar film on your own.With Manikarnika's success you have hit them on their softest spot and it will take them some time to recover.They will come around eventually...they have to or else they run the risk of being irrelevant."

She further added, "I haven't seen the film yet  but my friends in the US recommended me to watch it asap so perhaps I will soon. My parents saw it on opening week and they are all praises especially for your performance in it. Keep up the good work and keep being you!! Love, Tanushree Dutta."

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In an exclusive interview with Pinkvilla, Kangana recently spoke about how Bollywood stars, including Aamir Khan and Alia Bhatt have not praised or supported her during the release of Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi. Check out the interview below:

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If only she had watched the movie and then commented it would have been more genuine

Every word is accurate Tanushree. You have the spine to support a talented and successful woman unlike the nepo gang.

This is amazing.

Thanks Tanushree was saying it as it is. Kangana rocks and she rules the headspace of her haters.

It is a wonder why and how tanushree made it to Bollywood, so she can’t say Bollywood wasn’t supportive of her, she didn’t have what it takes, a very bad actor.

at least there are a few authentic voices in Bollywood left. Everyone else is busy consulting their PR team. PLLLLEAAASSE save us ...

Kangana Aunty game over.

Very well written. Salute to women. More power to you ladies. You should just support one another. They will have to change their prospective and come forward to support you. Their childish behaviour will only work for sometime and your fake face will be visible to all you Bollywood personalities. Love to both the ladies. Bollywood fake personalities ka waqt khatam.

2 out of mind women supporting each other

Now lost respect for Tanushree too. May be she is also like Kangana. Bollywood had supported Tanu. Hope somebody has guts to say Kangana what she is. But they will have to bear brunt of media and feminazis

Great letter Ms. Dutta. We salute you. You are one brave, no nonsense lady. sad
you left Bollywood, the filthy Bollywood. Glad you are back in USA.

This must be so difficult for oppositions.

Tanushree has said what everyone thinks but has not dared to say. Wow!

loved the kind words which are all spot on

Wow - every word is true. Thanks Tanushree.

She is absolutely right, kudos to both, I am glad she is supporting kangana, no matter what, or her ways are wrong, but Kangana speaks the truth, you like it or not, she has guts, I love her for that....

Wonderful - Tanushree is more secure than so called bollywood superstars. Kangana you deserve ever word in her letter.

Beautiful and true

This is wonderful. every single word so heartfelt and accurate. This narrative of manikarnika not a hit with fake budgets and costs involved wont work.

Jhansi is made of 105cr including post and press. Opposition please take a seat. Taran Adarsh is checking everyday.

breathe of fresh air. I applaud Tanushree for being so bold and just speaking the truth against all the Bollywood BIgWigs. For Kangana, hope this movie surpases atleast 170 crore, I can see another National Award coming her way.

OKay ...so the production cost is 120 cr...the returns so far are 115 cr worldwide...and they have been calling it a superhit...is it just me or they completely missed the maths lessons in school!!!! guess too busy ranting and raving about how unfair the whole world was and how the whole school were ganging up against them...

with you. exactly my thoughts. how is it a superhit? or even a hit? at best on its way to break even! like TOH made on a budget of 300 crores that barely broke-even. of course in that case it was touted as the year's biggest dud. and this actress who has stolen both the script and directorial credit claims the world is against her? the press and critics have been super kind to her despite her wickedness and dishonesty!

why did u have to add extra 30 cr for that? budget was 90cr. no heroine film ever used such a big budget ever so even recovering money is a success

A very nice and honest letter. Kudos to both of you

Takes a success to know a success.

Very well said.

I applaud strong woman for stating the fact while weak woman like alia bhatt needs permission to even mention manikarnika in her interview.
She was also bold ,she voiced out against twinkle hypocrisy tweeting when actually akshay did movies with nana and amitabh sick joke about her distress situation.it's very disgusting of them.thats why she is appreciating that kangana is standing and fighting all alone.

No one could say it more loud and clear than this.

So amazing to see Tanushree support wonder woman Kangna

Concur with every word in this letter

What a lovely response to kangana's hard work and talent

Tanushree is right, Kangana is in her own league

God bless Tanushree - beautiful and well deserved words for the gutsy and talented Kangy

This is EPIC - Tanushree you rock and this letter to Kangana is just a testiment of how women are fighting for their place.Kangana every single word in this letter is true.

Well strong women support strong women.only puppets needs permission to praise KR.

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