Tanushree Dutta on Nana Patekar getting a clean chit: My only hope of judgement is from God now

Recently, Nana Patekar got a clean chit from the police regarding the #Metoo case filed by Tanushree Dutta. Check out what she said in an interaction with Bombay Times.
News,tanushree dutta,nana patekarTanushree Dutta on Nana Patekar getting a clean chit: My only hope of judgement is from God now
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Last year, Bollywood actress Tanushree Dutta started the Metoo movement by accusing veteran actor Nana Patekar in the case of sexual harassment. She claimed that he assaulted her on the of Horn Ok Pleassss in March 2008. The matter has gone cold now as the case was closed by the Mumbai police on thursday and Patekar got a clean chit. The police officers filed a B Summary report which says that evidence on the accused wasn’t found.
While talking to Bombay Times, Tanushree said, “At about 5 am, I got a call from a friend who told me about it. This is disgusting because Nana Patekar has been trying to get a clean chit for a while now. I have also mentioned this earlier in an interview that our witnesses have been getting threat calls, and they are being intimidated and pressured in every way so that they do not record their statements with the police. We have 10 witnesses, out of which only one and a half statements have been recorded. The others have not even come forward, as they have got threat calls. Cops say that there is lack of evidence. How will credible evidence be produced, if the accused is making sure that no evidence against him reaches the police? The witnesses that the police have recorded the statements (in his favour) from, are his friends. From the unite present during the time of the shoot back then, no one was really my friend. Also, the witnesses did not say nothing happened, they said, they don't remember anything.”
Tanushree further added that she wasn't disappointed with this at all. She said, "Disappointment happens when you are shocked about something. I didn't have much expectation from the harassment case. I also think Nana Patekar is desperately trying to come back to Bollywood and now, he wants his name to be cleared somehow. My only hope of judgement now is from God. I will continue this fight."

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