Tanushree Dutta reacts strongly to Priyanka Chopra calling her a 'survivor': I have a name, a story and truth

Tanushree Dutta is not happy about being called a 'survivor' by Priyanka Chopra. Read her sharp reply.
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Former Bollywood actor Tanushree Dutta has been calling out everyone in Bollywood for their selective outrage. Ever since, she opened up about the alleged harassment she faced on the sets of Horn Ok in the year 2008 on the hands of Nana Patekar, many people from the fraternity have come out in her support asking the people to stop questioning her intentions but believe her. Tanushree expressed that she is happy with the support pouring in but is not happy about being called a 'survivor' by none other than Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka had co-quoted Farhan's tweet and wrote, "The world needs to #BelieveSurviviors".  Reacting sharply to it, Tanushree said to Zoom, "Well, it's amazing. She ( Priyanka) has finally decided to join the bandwagon. It's probably a smart thing to do at this point of time. But I just want people to know that I am not going to be reduced to a survivor. I have a name, I have a story and I have this truth that I am trying to get out because it's not for me but for people who will come forward in the generations to come."

"In the new future we'll have cases coming forward. So let's not generalise this thing. There are people who are genuinely supporting me and those are the people who I would like to focus on. But ya, thanks to each and every person who tweeted. It's great!", added Tanushree.

She did not spare Twinkle Khanna as well, whom she thanked for her support but asked what is she doing about her husband, Akshay Kumar, shooting with Patekar for Housefull 4. 

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People expect more from Priyanka than from Deepika,Katrina, Alia or others because she has been outspoken about many issues not just those that involve her. She has built an image of an intelligent gutsy woman that doesn’t take crap. That’s why her tweet feels like a cop out. She didn’t even name Tanushree. She has nothing to loose as her career is over in Bollywood.

Tanushree shouldn't have taken the term 'survivor' as an insult. Sometimes it take little steps to get justice, and she is taking away focus from the whole issue. She needs to stop attacking people who are trying to give support, no matter how little otherwise she will just end up underminding herself.

Someone like PC is actually in the best position to have a #metoo moment. She has anyway burnt bridges with two Khans and the third won’t care if she comes forward. ajay and Akshay anyway don’t cast girls in their 30s. So she has nothing to lose. Blow the lid off the producers, casting agents and actors who abused their power to ask for “favours”!

PC can’t say anything. If she does she will be digging her own grave ! All true stories will come out lol poor PC ! Karma is waiting for u !

EVeryone knows how much PC sexually harassed SRK. Imagine a man going around pretending a married woman is his girlfriend when she ignores him and wants nothing to do with him. Imagine him planting mean stories about her husband and giving coy comments in public trying to link himself with her. PC did THAT.

I don't understand where these comments are going from? If tanushree wanted publicity, she could have gained a lot of mileage from the controversy when it happened in 2008. There was no need for her to stay away for 10 years. Furthermore, she had already spoken about it when the controversy occurred and had also filed an FIR. Also, if you see her interviews when she came back to India, she was being asked why she stayed away from Bollywood and she answered truthfully. I think why she pointed out Priyanka's tweet was because Priyanka has worked with Nana on two movies and is also a beauty pageant winner. She may have expected more support. Priyanka also should have taken the time out to write a better statement as it seems hurried and does not come across as genuine. Specially, when one gives detailed interviews and speeches on women empowerment, pay disparity, etc. This is something that has happened in the industry and therefore, her half-hearted statement is disappointing.

Pc's statement is vague. She is playing it safe. Of all people, Pc should be the one who should go all out to support Tanushree having come from pageant backgrounds and having to deal with men who takes advantage of them. Very disappointing coming for PC.

Ultimately I think Tanu is waiting for the likes of PC to come out and be honest about the big male stars. My hunch is casting couch was more prelavent in 2000s, the younger men don’t seem to have the same clout and actresses have more options today. So PC Lara Aish Preity I’m not including star kids like Bebo and Rani as I’m assuming they were protected...

what if she didnt witness anything. i mean you cant just talk aout rumors. too much aggresion against people who are supporting you is going to backfire

Tanushree is scorned and hurt with her experiences. So if she did feel a little awkward for being termed as a survivor- that’s her opinion. And I don’t think even PC takes it seriously. Surely the intent is not to diss PC or anyone, but her mental stamina is to find her justice. Hence she has also said thanks for the support, right. And lastly I don’t think tanushree is not in the politically correct frame to be calm or courteous which is ok.. her experiences have been overwhelming for her. Any woman will react like that in her situation. Surely PC wouldn’t take it personally nor her fans should. Hopefully She gets justice and this scares the bigwig men to keep their hands to themselves.

PC fans are disgusting. Best proof here again! Shame!

this place is a priyanka hater club but i will still say i lost my respect for tanushree. Yes i agree she was wrongedn no one should be wronged tht way and tht nana shud be punished for tht. But honestly thtz where it ends for me. Priyanka was the first a list actress to come out and voice support for Tanushree. I was following tanushree news in twitter. 47 minutes after Priyanka's tweet twinkle's tweet followed. 4 hours later sonam and Raveena's tweets followed. But PC was the First Alister to support her n she retweeted n continued with Farhan n Janice's tweet thread which mentioned Tanushree's incidence. Wht more does Tanushree expect from them...pc supported without any other actress coming out in support n trust me if PC didnt come n support you wouldnt get those long weel thought n written tweets by the others too, cos where were they for the last 2 days, why did they wait for PC to tweet. anways now Tanushree plz go legal n take this to the end without bowing down if you really wanted justice, prove me tht u did n dont chicken out after creating all this drama. Anyways she needs to understand tht other actors n actresses are neither judges, nor lawyers, nor producers, casting heads nor in the judicial system in any way.. so they cant help her beyond showing support in speaking up for her.She will have to fight her own battle.

Im questioning her intentions about speaking up myself. why is she calling out everyone for petty things? support is support no matter how it is done. gosh accept it..hope for change..and move on.

Tanushree manages to divert attention from the real issue!

i don't support this tanushree anymore, i felt bad before. She did not speak up Until she got her US Citizenship . eeuk lady, she didn't even attend her sister's wedding and suddenly after US passports starts all the allegations!!

She’s a green card holder not a citizen

Love n Proud of U Peecee

Even others mentioned tanushree on survival girl hashtag here why didn't she mentioned she just want to use Priyankas name for some publicity n awareness here

Don't agree with u tanushree n PeeCee u r such a gem keep rocking

Tanushree should In fact be grateful for such support she is becoming bitter n arrogant here

This is what happens when you are half-educated. "Survivor" (not victim) is an empowering term. If Tanushree Dutta had bothered to read and learn a bit about sexual assault then she wouldn't have found the term objectionable. While I sympathize with her, I do think she should be more aware before speaking. Priyanka is right in calling her a "survivor". Even RAINN would call her so. Dutta is such a stupid woman.

True that. "Survivor" is not a pejorative term. It is used to refer to a person who suffered a sexual assault but showed courage and resilience to emerge out of it. It is a term of power and positive. It is evident that Tanushree Dutta doesn't know any of this. I see that she didn't even complete the first year of college. It is evident that she doesn't brush up her current affairs either. Having said so, what happened to her is sad. Right now she should look for allies and not shun away a helping hand. That would be plain foolish.

Actually PC is a survivor.. Tanushree just boycotted Bollywood

She's loosing it. Picking the people who try to support a global cause. Maybe she's irked with the fact it's shifting the attention away from her. Sad...

So once again PC’s word caused trouble..LOL.. she just can’t keep quiet and when she opens mouth only to invite trouble...
You can call cancer patient “survivor” if the person gets better where majority people still die.. Tanushree is sharing her unfortunate experience which can be deemed as survivor but not in actual world...

Like I said before in PC’s article, Priyanka’s post was a total cop out! She didn’t want to take a side so she generalized her statement. She wanted to be recognized as a feminist without putting herself ou there.

Tanushree should call out the people that are silent. At least Priyanka said something and was one of the first people.

If she called her a victim I would understand her not waiting to be called that but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with survivor

Priyanka chopra had the skill to survive and succeed in this industry for so long.Sometimes like her attitude and confidence. But most of the time I feel like she's fake. I don't get that genuine vibe from her or her own voice.I feel like she's an opportunist only talk when big stars involved in that. I don't have an intention to say negative about her but no matter how successful she is but she's completely fake it don't have an intention to say bad things about her but genuinely feel she's fake

I completely agree with you! She’s on some path of global domination which I don’t know if that can be called a successful one. Everything seems to be an opportunity for self promotion. Nothing original about her. Her steps are too calculated most likely prompted by her PR team.

It happened in 2008 and Tanushree is opening about it only now...after nearly 10 years!!!! Should have done it immediately.

Go Tanushree . May God be with truth .

Tanushree said that MeToo could have happened in 2008 in Bollywood.. but as usual we have to wait for Hollywood to come with it first..

Tanushree is calling a spade a spade.. I'm sure she was hurt especially by all the ladies with the Ms. Universe and Ms. World who did not do anything for her and yet were part of the industry. Priyanka was also Ms. World, she still worked with Nana Patekar so for Tanushree there was no actual role model to even look upto and she probably thinks that all this is lipservice and they will continue to work with Nana Patekar, Ganesh Acharya.

Priyanka worked with Nana before he was accused.

People in Bollywood are all fake on screen and off...Shocking on Nana Patekar behaviour, for the type of person who gives talks on TV to help the farmers who left their home and came to Mumbai.

Have you all even thought that Tanushree doesn't want Priyanka's support because Priyanka is involved somehow? It could be that Tanushree lost a role because Priyanka was sleeping with someone and got it. Just saying...

Don’t think Priyanka had any intention to offend her. She gave a move general statement because she wanted to be more inclusive to everyone. Tanushree’s name was mentioned in the tweet she quoted.

PC just did it for the sake of it...there was no sincerity behind it. Tanu could see it and called her out for it. Very good! Fake feminist PC.

strange Tabu never supports this kind of issues. she is silent always. is she away from all these drama or she doesnt care? pinkvilla can u pls try to contact her?

She has guts. I love that she is not begging for support. Makes me believe in her. Only someone with conviction can be strong.

Cannot understand why people report after 10 years, why not immediately?

Not a survivor because they are so many survivors who chose to bury the truth and live with what they got. She is definitely not seeking compassion but she wants justice!

I understand Tanushree's point. Priyanka's tweet was too safe for a woman who likes to give long lecture about women empowerment and all. You know the difference between Kareena and priyanka. Kareena never pretends to care what happens with other people, she lives in her perfect world and if for example Tanushree was harrased by Patekar that's Tanushree's problem not hers but Priyanka, Twinkle and Swara pretend that they care though in real life they don't because when something like that happens they should be first to response and not wait to see how it's going and only after feeling safe giving your fake support. Farhan Akhtar was the first one who give his support and that was the only genuen one others did that because they didn't want to look indifferent but still Tanushree should understand that no matter fake or real she still got some support and that can help her, being so aggressive and showing that you know their intentions will turn this story against her


Well said. you covered everything very well. Thank you.

Well said. I don't think Priyanka meant anything by calling Tanushree a survivor. Tanushree is a survivor like many others and what that thug Patekar did is soulless. A lesson for Tanushree is to not attack those who come out in support of her just because the nomenclature they use in that support is not to her liking. As Gohar said, this gives enemies an opportunity to turn against her.

WBY SHE Ws mum for these many days..she lost the market ..of ....trade now only realized or what she is making kahani on nana ji

Swara was the first person to start talking about it. Then it was Richa. And Finally Farhan. Swara spoke out two days before Farhan. Check her timeline. Let's not reduce her to someone who does it for publicity than for rebellion . Post it PV you're being super biased these days

Priyanka was one of the first people to tweet. So what if she wasn’t the very first one. People have work and a life too but ultimately support is support

Tanushree seems to be looking support only for herself, however Priyanka seems to be supporting all such victims. When Nirbhaya was raped, it's good that people came forward in support for nirbhaya but ultimately our society had to come forward to save all girls from rape. That didn't mean that society was not in support of nirbhaya....

Let Good triumphs over evil. All the best....Tanu

I’m so much more a fan of Tanushree now.. she’s literally calling a spade a spade, she’s not a survivor.. she’s made her life and when she was asked why she is away from Bollywood she is telling the truth.. she’s so much bigger than these Bollywood people..

Never mess up with a woman with attitude! go girl may all the forces of universe be with you!

In the end...let justice prevail

Where are garbage vali Anushka ji, Empowerment vali Kareena ji, TED vale Shahrukh ji, Satymev Jayate vale Aamir ji etc. Inko bus TV pe gyaan dene boldo

aur tumhein comment mein gyan bantne rakhdo lol

Ofcourse, they will stay silent to prevail their sordid world.

Well said ,so true

Yes many more could have spoken and Tanushree can be more cordial towards her supporters

Pink wali Tapsee and Amitabh Bachchan??? Where are they????

It might not be a publicity stunt by Tanushree but she has no right to react harshly on people who are there to support her. Who is she to question Priyanka chopra or Twinkle khanna? This is outrageous. Okay she has a story. Its takes a hell lot of courage to come out in front and tell people about your experience. But its another thing to show respect

Priyanka is also survivor in some other way...

She is such a good judge of people! I think I like her more now.. go Tanushree!!

I think Tanushree's pointing out to the word " survivor " because it's a very general ,safe statement & does not specifically address her experience or name.

I can understand where this hostility is coming from; no one supported her when she actually needed it. Now that the MeToo thing has become a fad internationally, everyone wants a piece of the pie, even celebrities. You go girl!

Not sure why she’s offended. People that have been in similar and even worse situations call themselves survivors

She started backtracking and saying I’m thankful to everyone that tweeted afterwards. I think she realized she was making an issue out of nothing.

Good for her... calling her a surviver has a certain "poor girl" connotation to it. Shes just trying to tell her story.

Tanushree’s name was in the tweet she quoted. She wanted her name out there more I guess.

Shut up tanushree. At least you're getting support. Ungratesful. They should all just ignore her now

What do you mean by she is atleast getting support? As if getting harassed is the norm and she should expect no support? Get out of your archaic mindset.

Well said Tanushree!

Well this was unnecessary criticism

Tanushree, you are a survivor though aren’t you?

Kareena, Deepika and Aish fans retweeting this article like their favs haven’t been completely silent on the issue. Lol

lol I noticed that too

Believe Survivors is a movement

#notjustasurvivor is also a movement..

Believe Survivors is the hashtag being used around the world because it’s not just about an individual, it’s about everyone.

Priyanka is the most famous person to even support Tanushree and she’s over here nitpicking. Take the support girl. Sheesh

Calm down Priyanka.

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