Tanushree Dutta reveals Nana Patekar has not been given clean chit, blames his team for spreading rumours

Amongst buzz that Nana Patekar has been given a clean chit in the event that sparked the Me Too campaign, Tanushree reveals it is all just a rumour
News,tanushree dutta,nana patekarTanushree Dutta reveals Nana Patekar has not been given clean chit, blames his team for spreading rumours
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Last year Tanushree Dutta had accused actor Nana Patekar and choreographer Ganesh Acharya of sexual harassment. According to this accusation, the two of them forced her to do an intimate step with Nana which she was not comfortable with. This happened in 2009 on the sets of her movie Horn Ok Pleassss. Recently the buzz that has been going around is that Nana Patekar got a clean chit from the police as no eyewitness has confirmed the incident.

This did not go down well with Tanushree. She issued a statement that clarified that the investigation is still going on. She said, “There is a false rumour floating in the Media that Nana Patekar has been given clean chit by Police in harassment case. I wish to clarify that the Mumbai police have given no such statement and that the investigation on the matter is still ongoing as confirmed by my advocate Nitin Satpute and the Mumbai Police.”

She further stated, “We have come to know that Nana Patekars public relations team is responsible for spreading this false rumour because the accused in harassment cases are not getting any work in the industry and this is their attempt at damage control and fixing public image.” In addition, Tanushree also expects to see Ganesh Acharya, producer Samee Siddiqui and director Rakesh Sawant behind bars.

A while after Tanushree Dutta opened up about her story, Bollywood was introduced to the #MeToo Campaign. While many celebs supported Tanushree, there were some who thought she was lying for fame.


A super sick of you..did not have guts or rather talent to make a mark in acting, you are throwing tantrum and what next you are back in USA enjoying your life. Where were you for the 10years you said you were molested by an industry stalwart. Just shameful act and you should not be allowed to enter here just to spread nuisance and go back to shelve again. Sick of your attitute, also the probe just says till date there is no such evidence could be obtained of your narrated incident by the people present there as you said.Now you are crying they all are friends of the person fakely accused by you.Obvious fact that you want to be in limelight again as none removers you for your worthless acting and you have nothing to do,then why not throw some tantrum against a well established actor (I guess only one you have worked with having so name and fame).There will be lot of comments against me here probably but this is the truth.After 10years you are complaining of something and you knew that none probably remember anything from that day and you will get away by pretending a victim.In fact I guess nothing happened on that day and rightfully none could remember anything.If anything major would have happened then definitely at least 1 person would have recapitulated the incident as said by this miss or misses.

Horrible woman. Rot in hell

If you have money and lot of time to spend and want to become famous, simple way.

i certainly feel you want to be in the limelight with just that scar...rather anything to prove with your acting abilities...sick of you.

This is the only case that has eyewitness in it. Eyewitness is everything.If eyewitness don't support Tanushree's statement,it means she is lying.Even the car attack by a political men has proven wrong.Pls media look for Raju Hirani case now.

Every woman in this country of ours has faced sexual harassment in her life at some time or the other. Hence, it’s time that the government brought laws clearly defining the boundaries of what is permissible and what is not. Shaming others to gain fame and publicity should be discouraged. When courts are there, using the media to settle scores should be discouraged. Time to move on is important. As the Winston Churchill saying goes, “You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.”

Just because Bollywood film actor Nana Patekar is doing social work, the police are not able to arrest him on molestation charges against former Bollywood film actress Tanushree Dutta.
Tell me, what social work Nana Patekar is doing? Ask him to do the social work Mother Teresa was doing when she was alive by taking care of the lepers and looking after the abandoned babies who were left on the streets to die by their parents. Every person in this work has a dark side too. One should not go on appearances. Today, women are not at all safe in our country. Money also plays an important role. If you have the money, you will not be arrested if you bribe the police and fill their pockets with cash. This is what Nana Patekar and Ganesh Acharya has done to the cops at the Oshiwara Police Station. They have filled their pockets with money, that is why they have not been arrested and the case is being prolonged.

– Jubel DCruz

Don't even think of what social work Nana is doing.you are nowhere close to him.what happened before 10 years.she reminds now when she has nothing to be in news.nana has came clean from the authorities.if u want you can file a case to prove your side.

interesting talent you have - talking out of both sides of your face. surely somewhere, there's a circus with your name on it.

Go to the drought stricken villages of Maharashtra and ask the villagers what social work he has done... Its easy to sit on a cozy chair in a AC conditioned room and question the social work others are doing... Also, Mother Teresa was not actually a saint, read what Christopher Hitchens and others have said about her shady work...


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