Tanushree Dutta, Sona Mohapatra and Hansal Mehta react to Vikas Bahl being cleared of #MeToo Charges

Vikas Bahl was cleared of #MeToo charges levelled upon him by a former Phantom films employee. Take a look at what Tanushree Dutta, Hansal Mehta and Sona Mohapatra have to say about it.
News,tanushree dutta,Sona Mohapatra,Vikas BahlTanushree Dutta, Sona Mohapatra and Hansal Mehta react to Vikas Bahl being cleared of #MeToo Charges

Last week, Vikas Bahl was cleared of the sexual harassment accusations levelled on him by former Phantom Films' employee. The decision was taken by the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC). The reports mentioned that the complainant didn't appear before the ICC even after being given repeated reminders.

A lot of celebs have a reaction to Vikas Bahl being cleared of #MeToo chargers. Sona Mohapatra, who has been one of the strongest voices during the #MeToo movement in India had tweeted, "The fraternity, film makers, crews, actors & all participants of this industry who know the truth should stand up & want to clean up this open secret of a mess?This is a systemic issue. Rehabilitation of such men will harm us all.Their disease will show up sooner or later."

Director Hansal Mehta told Hindustan Times that Vikas' company had carried out an enquiry on the accusations levied against him and if they have cleared him of all the charges, we should not accuse him. He added, "This calls for stricter investigations. These internal committees might not be the right mode at times; although these committees are known to have external people and lots of rules."

Tanushree Dutta also shared her disappointment regarding the decision. She questioned that who are these organisations who give clean chits when police investigations of such cases are still pending. The actress said that it has become a new trend of putting out news stories by these accusers about being given clean chits by strange organisations that will help them to get back to work. 

Dutta added, "Very clever and ingenious idea to get yourself off the hook! I just want to say that nobody is foolish enough to believe these so-called clean chits given by internal committees and organisations we never heard of before. In fact I would take a clean chit by law even with a pinch of salt as many times due to lack of evidence and sheer pressure the victims don’t press charges on the accused."

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At least he will not think about doing such things in future

Jobless feminists are misusing it.
Please stop defaming good innocent and successful men.

Women are misusing #metoo .
Please do not support such activities which promotes , troubling & harassing innocent men by social media. If ur mentally literate then you will understand such cheap publicity stunt.

He was cleared under Law. He cannot be held guilty if the woman is not cooperating as he is ready to face trial

The man had made a sexist comment on Kapil Sharma show about passing women around and I was very uncomfortable about it. Shows lack of respect for anyone. I won’t be watching his movies

These people never spoke against Kangana who has been stalking n harassing a guy bcoz he refused her advances.

All jobless persons needing attention

I am a lady n i totally get what they are standing for, but there is something soooo obnoxious about soha mahaputra. She’s just noise & hatred n it gets her publicity. If she really wanted to take steps... take it to the court or something Substantial. At least, tanushree started some sort of discussion.

We don't know who these people in the enquiry committee were, for all you know it could have been his friends. After all it's an internal committee which cleared him off because the victim didn't not show up. Who could have been intimidated.. Paid off. This really is sad.

U know nothing how ICC of any company is formed. Secondly, someone cannot be held guilty without any cooperation from the so-called victim who refused to participate in Bombay High Court nor in Enquiry committee. Her non-cooperation means the man gets no chance to even prove his innocence. It was a fair decision in my opinion.

These are legal matters. The court of social media can deeply, but that opinion-pendulum swings both ways.

KARMA will bite imposter hrithik & his predator gang.

Why drag Hrithik ? Karma will bite pyscho stalker and her predator gang

This is organised harrasment of men in the name of MeToo.

why these attention seekers and miss nobody crying on Twitter? Go take a legal way and file a case, provide evidences and ask for justice instead of being a keyboard warrior just to get attention.

If a woman like Kangana can be free for defaming, harassing, stalking, threatening , misusing a woman card and lying still no one questioning her just because she is a WOMAN then this man who got clear after going through a process and long investigation is justified.

Is it proved in the court with all the stuff you have accused her of? Did the judge give the verdict, did any other man apart liar HR and the Aditya who actually has many cases against him accuse her of anything ? No right so keep your opinions to yourself women hater

There is proof against her. Even without proof, if men are fired n shamed. Same yardstick shud apply to Kangana

Yes Adhyan Suman did. Not to mention work related issues starting from Apurva Asrani to Krish and now Richa Chaddha...

Has she provide the evidences of her accusation in the court? Her actions, her open threats on social media, the video of her lawyer threatening Aditya to withdraw the defamation case against her or be ready to be accused of false rape, her lies about Ncw, her clashing the movie with Hrirhik, , her own emails are enough proofs. Has court or judge gives any verdict against Hrithik or call him a liar? NO
Kangana is a liar not Hrithik or Aditya. Hrithik has no cases against him. Hrirhik has filed a harassment and stalking case against her. You have no right to accuse men without proofs so keep your thoughts to yourself men hater.

P.s constantly bashing men and calling them a liar without any proofs or verdict from the court but a woman who is proving all with her own statements, actions and emails is innocent. Wah. Hypocrites demands equal rights for women but are not ready to give the rights to men

Truth should be posted. Pinkvilla post this please

Twitter keyboard gangsters these bunch are

He got a clean chit after full and clear investigations. These women should stop this ranting. If they have issues and guts so got to supreme court and fight.

These jobless and fake feminist started to get 2 mins of fame. If investigations shows he is innocent so they should admit it.

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