Tanushree Dutta on Twinkle Sharma Murder Case: Now even 3 year olds and babies are not being spared

Actress Tanushree Dutta recently opened up about the heinous crime where a 2-and-a-half-year-old toddler named Twinkle Sharma was murdered
News,tanushree dutta,Twinkle SharmaTanushree Dutta on Twinkle Sharma Murder Case: Now even 3 year olds and babies are not being spared
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Last week, a 2-and-a-half-year-old toddler named Twinkle Sharma left her home in the morning to go and play with friends. 2 days later her body was found by stray dogs in a garbage dump near her house in Tappal, Aligarh. According to reports, the child was abducted by two men who tortured and then murdered her because of a dispute over a loan of Rs 10,000.

The heinous crime left the nation stunned, disgusted and triggered an outrage on social media. Actress Raveena Tandon wrote: “The horrible, barbaric rape,murder of a 3 year old In Aligarh,the criminals,who gouged her eyes, mutilated her body,depraved evil,inhuman &  barbaric. Must Hang. The law must act fast! #justicefortwinkle @smritiirani #twinklesharma.” Demanding justice for Twinkle, actor Sidharth Malhotra also posted: “Extremely disturbed by the news of #TwinkleSharma. It's scary to be living in a world where even innocent children are not safe. I urge our authorities to take action to ensure that such a heinous crime is never repeated again! #JusticeForTwinkleSharma.”

Recently, Tanushree Dutta who started the Me Too campaign on social media, opened up about the crime. She said, “I tried to fuel social,mental and emotional change in India last year and bring awareness to ongoing oppression and tried to help myself and others. Many in the nation and even well meaning persons abroad thought I was being overeactive right??” She continued to say, “Now even 3 year olds and babies are not being spared!! Do you see now how sick you have become?? This society around you is a reflection of yourself so dont be quick to raise a finger and excuse yourself.Hate,misogyny,perversion..all this is YOU but you didnt see your shadow self so now it's being manifest and showing  you what YOU truly are,Not the good human beings you thought you were but a fallen,ignorant,condemned race on the verge of self detonation.”

In the end, the actress said, “Its sad that this beautifull planet is infested with such a pathetic and dumb race of beings called human that cant see it's own impending extinction by hateful implosion.”


Nobody cares what u think Tanushree. You proved how limelight hungry u are more than once

100 % true Tanushree ma'am

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