Tanushree Dutta: Vivek Agnihotri told me to remove my clothes & dance;Irrfan Khan & Suniel Shetty supported me

Tanushree Dutta has revealed an unpleasant experience that took place on the sets of Chocolate when director Vivek Agnihotri asked her to give cues to Irrfan Khan by removing her clothes and dancing. Irrfan Khan and Suniel Shetty supported her then.
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Tanushree Dutta has made another explosive revelation about facing harassment in Bollywood. She debuted in the industry in 2005 with Aashiq Banaya Apne. She also starred in Chocolate that released in the same year. Chocolate has been directed by Vivek Agnihotri and stars Suniel Shetty, Anil Kapoor, Irrfan khan and Emraan Hashmi. The film tanked at the box office. However, in an interview with DNA, Tanushree revealed another unpleasant experience she faced. She said that the film’s director asked her to give cues to Irrfan Khan.

Tanushree alleges that she was not even required to be a part of the scene. But, Vivek Agnihotri told her, “Kapde utaar ke naach uske saamne' (Remove your clothes and dance in front of him)” This shocked her, she said. Irrfan Khan and Suniel Shetty, who were both present on the sets immediately came to her rescue. Irrfan Khan told the director that he knows how to act and does not need cues. Suniel Shetty offered to help Irrfan and told the director, “Main udhar aake dun tujhe cues? ((Should I come there and give you some cues?)”



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Tanushree said that she could continue working in Bollywood as actors like Irrfan and Suniel Shetty supported her. However, she finally decided to quit Bollywood in 2008 after the incident that took place on the sets of Horn OK Pleasss.

Tanushree has alleged that Nana Patekar misbehaved with her, intimidated her and tried to touch her inappropriately while shooting a song. She added that he taught her dance steps when he wasn’t even a part of the song. When she resisted, he called goons on the film’s set to intimidate her.

Tanushree has received support from Swara Bhasker, Richa Chadha and Farhan Akhtar on her allegations against Nana Patekar.

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What about ashik banaya aapne song...It is one of the most vulgar songs I have ever seen done by Tanushree. If she has proofs, she should file a police complain, why just making notice in media. Just a publicity stunt...

Irrfan has a case of Harassment against him by his Paan Singh Tomar costar. Look at people supporting him in the comments.

Why Tanushree didn't highlight this issue 10 years before?

Love you Tanushree more power to you!!!

We need more Suniels and Irrfans in BW. They should be celebrated and their good deeds highlighted to serve as example to other 'men'

So agree with u...
We really need to highlight such good deeds done quietly by Suniel and Irfan...Let other men in BW follow in their footstep..it’s really needed..

We also need more Tanushree's <3

Always like Suniel Shetty and Irfan Khan! Both actors also treated their fans with respect (me being one of them) Kudos.

RESPECT RESPECT RESPECT to Suniel Shetty & Irfan Khan...These men are the Real Heroes...They could have kept quiet but they didn't , shows their 'Charater'

Sunil has always been a sweetheart...has anyone ever seen his interviews? TBH his and Jackie Shroff's personalities are so similar..theyre so down to earth

I never liked Sunil Shetty until now.

Brave gal ....

I am not for a moment trivialising how tanushree would have felt. But it is important to understand context and intention. Each director uses various techniques to bring out emotions in a scene. The question is did tanushree sign up for such a scene and did vivek say those words and asked her to remove her clothes (and did he mean go nude), with the intention of our raging her modesty or molesting her? I will reserve my opinion until few witnesses from the unit, irrfan, suniel and vivek come out with their versions. Pls post this PV.

also remember tisca chopra for coming out&telling her story about papa roshan..good that tanushree brought this up yet again..after she was made to shut her mouth the first time ..need more survivors&victims to come forward&share their stories&to inspire all the other's who have suffered&are still suffering..pretty sure there are many men too who have been exploited by these prodcuers/actors/directors

So the story Tisca chopra narated was about papa Roshan ? We need many more stories like these in the comment section here in Pinkvilla to know abt them

Isn't this Agnihotri chap the same ar5e who nastily called the raped nun in Kerala a prostitute on Twitter to Swara Bhaskar ? If he's like this with someone he has never even met,imagine how he'd be with a little power in his hands ???! So glad real heroes like Irrfan & Shetty still exist in that cesspool called Bollywood .

Women shouldn’t need hero’s to speak out. They are their own hero’s but perhaps in India the more men that are hero’s the better allies for women.

My point is all these actors play " Hero" ,standing up for justice & bashing up the villains .But none of them bother to do that in real life except these two who are not even powerful superstars.

We need stricter rules for this and law should be applied to everyone.no matter how politicalally connected or rich but hopefully may law will prevail women respect is a must.women is a mother first so guys please support her let's start this revolution against the predators of women so that women feel protected where ever and whenever.

Thank you

May God give you strength to keep standing against these nasty things in glamorous bollywood.

Kudos to Tanushree for speaking out. Now Nana Patekar is saying why would he harass her in front of hundreds of people. Reason is he knows this is standard behaviour from him and no one will speak up against him. Thanks to Swara and richa too for supporting her as well as the junior jouranalist who witnessed this and has coroborrated her story.

This shows Suniel Shetty is million times better than his action counterparts - Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgan. The latter two are known womanisers. Going to help from them is going to a python to save oneself from a cobra. Decency Suniel Shetty showed should take him way further than Akshay Kumar and such celebrated like's.

Why shame on women? Shame on men for demanding such things!

PV please post.

Power to u Tanush for standing up to the nasty bullies and at the same time giving due credit to ppl who deserve it!

Really sad to hear about what happens to you and really happy that you are speaking about it all.. shame on all women who listen to all these ppl and fulfill their demands ... My respect for irfan and sunil has increased a lot ... Patekar and ganesh you count your days ... Karma will hit u badly ....

I have stopped believing in Karma ever since people who kill blackbucks and run over people (and place the blame on a poor driver) still get brand endorsements , launch ‘Being Human’ tshirts ( irony died a million times!) and have their movies running to full houses of absolutely naive people!

Well said !

They are not naive..they are filthy disgusting goons who treat women like trash.They like that their Bhai maintains a harem and they admire that.

my respect for sunil and irfan. my disgust for amitab bachan, salman khan and amir khan who just say they don't know. lol as if they don't know

Tanushree sab ka pol kholne wali hai. I bet all the lowlife men who know they've done wrong with her are very afraid right now. Tanushree, you go, girl! We support you!

sushmita hasnt really been part of the industry for years as well..wonder if she has similar stories to tell.

You go girl !! Look at her giving her credit to men who deserve it..

Suniel Shetty is an absolute gentleman..had a chance to meet him at a function in Bangalore a few years back, he was so lovely to all the people..kudos to Irfan too, sending wishes for his recovery!

I almost lost my breath when I read irrfan in title. Thankfully he's a goody. Love him!

i am felling proud to be a irfan fan!! get well soon irfan sir!!! we need you.no wonder all female costar call sunneil shetty ANNA!! good man ,he is!! you go gal !!11 lots of power to you!!!wish you juistice and peace in life!!!

Love love love irfan please get well soon!!

This is the reason why Suniel's and Irfan's all female costars love them. They are real men who respect women!

sad..this industry is a dirty dirty place..99%of the women..go with the flow&dont speak up hence giving these filthy men opportunity after opportunity to take advantage of their positions..something needs to be done about the harvey weinsteins of the indian film industry as well,..wish more women would come out&speak up..in this day&age &esp with the internet&youth of today..iam sure people would listen.

Believe me there are far more Winsteins and cosbys in Bollywood. Come out and expose them. Clean up Bollywood pleassseee

Yes Definitely.

This the reason why Suniel's and Irfan's all female costars love them. They are real men who respect women!

I have met Sunil Shetty almost 10 years back...such a humble decent human being...i was this young kid looking for an autograph...he was so kind to oblige...Anil Kapoor on the other hand was a real nasty person.

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