TapeCast: Katrina Kaif reveals about entry of sister Isabelle in Bollywood; Vicky Kaushal spills his secrets

Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal spill the beans about various things related to their life and career in the latest episode of Tapecast.
TapeCast: Katrina Kaif reveals about entry of sister Isabelle in Bollywood; Vicky Kaushal spills his secrets TapeCast: Katrina Kaif reveals about entry of sister Isabelle in Bollywood; Vicky Kaushal spills his secrets
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The latest season of Tapecast has witnessed many Bollywood celebrities who have spoken about their personal lives, career and many other related things. This happens to be the second season of Tapecast which has brought about numerous conversations with many of the celebs and have made them speak their hearts out. In yet another episode of the second season of Tapecast, we witnessed the interview as well as the interaction between two really talented B - Town celebrities who happen to be Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal. 

Katrina and Vicky revealed a lot of things related to their personal lives as well as their respective careers in the film industry. Katrina made a really excitig revelation when she said that her sister Isabelle Kaif had recently finished wrapping up the shoot of her first movie in Bollywood, a news that startled even Vicky himself. Katrina also revealed regarding how she had trained and guided her sister for making her entry into the indusrty. Vicky, on the other hand, talked about his boy nexy door image and said that success hasn't taken a toll on his life as he still visits places like malls and cafes like a normal person.



आज रात ZEE Awards के लिए best supporting actress for ZERO

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Katrina was once again asked about her role of Babita Kumari in the Shah Rukh Khan starrer Zero which was released in the year 2018. Katrina replied by saying that she was the first choice of director Aanand L Rai for the role and he asked her to play the role a long time back. Vicky Kaushal also revealed about the particular genre of films which he is scared of doing to which he replied that he was initially scared of the comedy genre but later on he was scared of doing horror films too. 

Check out the episode of Tapecast below:

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Yuck! Kat is only after him because he seems like hot property now. Vicky only wants her because she's easy and desperate for a man. I have no respect for either.

They look good together here but I read somewhere that Bhumi Pednekar is the culprit, its because of her he is no longer with Harlin. Why people are blaming Katrina? She totally deserves a nice guy, I am not he fan but she was loyal to RK and he does not deserve her, I really hope she finds a nice guy who can respect her, she seems like a nice gal..

People are blaming her because she said they would look good together on KWK, then she stalked him at URI screening, then her PR made some article saying she wants a BF, "Vicky are you listening?" Then that fake propose on TV, now this stupid chat thing. If Kat has anything to do with it, it will make her look bad for break up another couple. But no one knows for sure what is going right now. And I doubt he would date Bhumi over his ex. He must be nuts.

They would be a very cute couple in real life. HE is not typical handsome but seems so sweet confident and mature. Makes him so hottttt. And she deserves a nice faithful guy (even if it’s not him)

She has no future.

Have to say, Vicky and Katrina look smashing together! That was one enjoyable episode and there was definitely some chemistry there. And Katrina is so articulate and thoughtful. Starting to really like her alot.

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