Tara Sutaria on linkup rumours with co star Sidharth Malhotra: We were told beforehand we should expect it

Tara Sutaria reveals that Sidharth Malhotra will be a good boyfriend. The actress also shared that she and her Marjaavan co-star were warned beforehand to expect their link-up rumours.
News,Sidharth Malhotra,Tara SutariaTara Sutaria on linkup rumours with co star Sidharth Malhotra: We were told beforehand we should expect it
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Tara Sutaria made her Bollywood debut this year in the film Student of the Year 2. She starred alongside Tiger Shroff and Ananya Panday in this rom-com. She is currently busy with her second film titled Marjaavan in which she is paired with Sidharth Malhotra.

From the day the film was announced, the news of Tara and Sid's link-up started making headlines. In an interview with Hindustan Times, the gorgeous actress opened up about her dating rumours with Sidharth. She said that it's a part and parcel of their line of work.

She added, "In fact, we were warned and told beforehand that we should expect it. As for Sid, he is wonderful and a sweet person. I am doing my second film [Marjaavan] with him. And that’s it." Tara Sutaria further stated that people care too much about their personal lives.

She had said in an interview that Sid is a good boyfriend material as someone had asked her that question specifically. She had also said that she is single and was sure that Sidharth Malhotra will make a good boyfriend.

On the other hand, Sidharth Malhotra hasn't said anything about the link-up rumours with Tara Sutaria.

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I’m rooting for her! I haven’t even seen student of the year and know nothing about her or her acting skills but just the mere fact that she’s not a star kid is good enough at this point For me

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How can you spread lie ang jugding her ? Do you know her personally ? I think you should be very frustated in your life to think like that.
Since Tiger said she is fake : I read fake fake but TIGER should see himself in front of a mirror and you also to see how you will be horrified to see your soul !
Isn't Tiger FAKE by endorsing pepsi and promoting fitness ?
If TARA is fake so all Bollywood actors and actress are fake also !
pv please post Thanksss

KJo roumor factory needs to invent new stories. Just like his production house needs to invent better cinema.

Ms Fake accent is here

She is not barking alone it’s interviews and they ask about Sid and she is giving answers
So what is your problems monkey?

How can you know she is barking alone !
What a cheaper person you are pity for you !

So pretty Tara ! Sure Sid will find her pretty! ❤Sitara

Kjo is spreading these stories about them

In fact u are the only who is talking about it Sid never ever talked about u and i'm sure he won't do it because there is nothing to talk, you are barking alone.

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