Tara Sutaria: Sidharth Malhotra is sweet and we have a couple of things in common

Tara Sutaria and Sidharth Malhotra are all set to star together in the film Marjaavaan. In an interview, Tara was all praises for Sid and said she loves him. Read on.
News,Sidharth Malhotra,Tara SutariaTara Sutaria: Sidharth Malhotra is sweet and we have a couple of things in common
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Tara Sutaria made her Bollywood debut with the film Student of The Year 2 this year. She stars alongside Tiger Shroff and Ananya Panday in this romantic drama. The actress is currently busy with her upcoming film titled Marjaavaan. Since the day they started shooting, rumours of their link up made headlines.

In an interview with Deccan Chronicle, Tara Sutaria was asked about her co-star Sid. The stunning actress was all praises for him. She said that they are neighbours and really good friends. She shared that Sidharth Malhotra is sweet and they have a couple of things in common like music and they even chat a lot.

Tara added, "I love his company. I love Sid, he is really cool." She further stated that they both are outsiders and have a lot of things in common and they often talk about all this.

When Tara Sutaria was asked if he feels insecure in the industry, she said one has to be themselves as there are so many young actors in Bollywood and one might get lost in the crowd if they try to be someone else. She said, " The one things is to remind yourself the roots, your background so that keeps me grounded."


She has spoken about her crush, now its Sid's turn to react to that ! What do you think about it Sid ? Though it must be an everyday thing for him that girls are crushing on him ..cutiepie

Sitara ❤

I think sid and shraddha would make a great pair.

I hope Tara's crush is genuine unlike ananya who has a crush on everyone, next is Ranveer ..

She said they have in common the music,,I hope she likes Bhangra because Sid is always listening Bhangra songs lol

Sid deserves the best, wish you all the happiness and success Sid !!

Sitara is present future and forever God bless

don't think they're present, the girl seems interested but don't think the boy is ; future -maybe, who knows..

Even Deepika, Kareena are fond of Sid !!

Hotness is him !!

He is not single there are lots of hints but only if ur willing to see ..but i am happy he is keeping it secret With such negative ppl it’s better !

Is he dating kiara?

Sidharth may seem reserved but when he is interested in some girl he moves really fast, isn't about be secretive or not, she can continue talking about him but I do not see any interest of Sidharth in her.

There are Katrina fans who wants to prove Sid is single he did not date Alia and is not with Tara ...they comment on all articles about Sid and Tara on Twitter and IG and spread negativity. They also want to establish that Tara is dating someone else and not Sid .. I am worried about these shippers mental health they should just accept the reality .

Sid is Single guys. It's normal for actors/actresses to have crushes on other actor/actress! :)

Whenever Sid does a movie, he gets linked with the actress he is working with etc, Kiara, Jacqueline, Katrina. I think he's single and is not dating anyone. He is currently focusing on career

Yes there are linkups and there are some true
Relationships jacq Kiara Kat etc were linkups and Alia
Was real and now Tara too is real ! He is focusing
Only on career and that’s the reason he is not making it
Official !

He's singleeee said it very clair!!!!

They look really good together. Its always nice to see her pretty face vs. the other cartoon!

ok let's see:
Like Sid & Tara, dislike Sid & Hande

Sid is bae <3<3<3<3

Sid hai hi itnaaaaa adorable

There are few Katrina and jacq fans who cannot see Sid with any other girls they spread lies and negativity everywhere about other actresses ..they used to hate alia and now Tara ... they will have a tough time ahead if they do not accept reality that Sid is with Tara !

Right..the girl really don't know what she is doing speaking about Sid like that..the shippers and crazy fans will eat her alive.

This is a latest interview I really appreciate her that she is so real expressed that she loves Sid . Happy that they are together!

They both should get married. I hope they do.They make the perfect match.

This girl is down to earth and smart !
Well speaking Tara stay yourself
You are a bright human being and you will shine and success ! Be sure !
I support you from France and I love you
You are too good for Bollywood !
They support nepokids without talent this is their mantra !
Pv please post

But he doesn't love you so stop barkling alone cause u look like a desperate

Too much foundation

This is old, this girl can say anything for publicity

no it’s new

This is not old it is a recent interview,being a Tara follower I can assure you
It’s the first time she said I love Sid ! Before she only said about having a crush
Sid being a private person and protective boy friend will
Never take her name ! But is all understood that they are together ..

After Akbar, it should be Sidharth who should open a harem where he can keep all these girls, I mean more than half of the industry girls desires to be with him,Tara, Alia, Kiara, Katrina, Rakul, Jacqueline, Urvashi, Parineeti, Shraddha, Sona, kriti, Hande ercel etc list is very long haha, abhi thode time baad ye nepotism ki dukaan Sara, Ananya, Shanaya, Jhanvi, Khushi, Suhana etc ye bhi pad jaayengi Sidharth ke peeche lol.

Mira Rajput's too

we should make a request for Mr. Malhotra to make an harem haha, you should also add his ex model who is always sending him messages lmao

Yes and when she has a bf ... what she is doing flirting with her ex when she has a boyfriend? whatever, Sid ignored her all the time so..

What you have in common is that you both like dudes

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