Thank You completes 10 years: 5 comedy scenes from Irrfan Khan, Akshay Kumar and Sonam Kapoor starrer

The romantic comedy Thank You clocked 10 years today. The film sent out a strong message for women who blindly trust their husbands.
Thank You completes 10 years: 5 comedy scenes from Irrfan Khan, Akshay Kumar and Sonam Kapoor starrer
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Anees Bazmee's directorial Thank You will always be close to everyone’s heart. The film starred Sonam Kapoor, Akshay Kumar, Bobby Deol, Suniel Shetty, Rimi Sen, Celina Jaitly and Irrfan Khan. The Lunchbox actor left for heavenly abode last year. Released in 2011, the romantic comedy-drama revolves around three married men, who cheat on their wives. And to catch them red-handed, their wives hire a detective who specialises in extramarital relationships. Vidya Balan has done a cameo in the film.

The detective role is played by Akshay Kumar. In the film, Kumar makes all three husbands' life hell. It was a light comedy where everyone justified their role. Irrfan Khan, whom we had mainly seen doing the serious roles, was seen doing comedy and fans liked him in it. The film was shot in Vancouver and Toronto in Canada. As reported, Katrina Kaif was replaced by Sonam Kapoor in the film.

On its 10the anniversary, we have listed 5 comedy scenes from the film:

1. When Rimi Sen kicks out Irrfan Khan from his own house

Irrfan Khan plays the role of a dominating husband who does not much care about her wife’s feelings and love to spend time with other women. Rimi Sen, who is essaying the role of his wife, takes the advantage of the situation and throws him out of the house. Irrfan’s acting in the scene will leave you in splits

2. Bobby Deol standing at the window  

Bobby Deol's character is enjoying time with another woman at her home when suddenly her husband comes. She asks Bobby to hide near the window. Bobby hides by stand in a bathrobe. Unfortunately, a passer-by sees him and assumes that he is committing suicide. The passer-by calls police to save Bobby but the media also comes there. Bobby gets live telecasted and Sonam Kapoor also sees him.

3. Suniel Shetty caught red-handed by his wife

Celina Jaitly plays the wife of Suniel Shetty in the film and she catches him cheating on her. She takes away all his clothes and even bashes him badly in front of everyone. Suniel Shetty begs her to forgive him but she doesn’t listen. Later, Suniel Shetty realises that he is in the hotel lobby in a bathrobe and everyone is watching and laughing at him.

4. Don King is beaten up because of Bobby Deol, Irrfan Khan, Suniel Shetty’s confusion

Suniel Shetty's character has wrong information that Bobby Deol’s wife Sonam Kapoor is having an affair with Don King and they all reach King’s residence to question him. But they also get along King’s wife who beats him.

5. Suniel Shetty telling about Sonam Kapoor’s affair   

Suniel Shetty saw Sonam Kapoor with another man and he rushes to tell it to Bobby Deol. He explains how they met each other. Bobby gets furious and slaps Suniel but he still sings and makes fun of him. 

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