Throwback to the 1994 interview of Tara actor Navneet Nishan who called co star Alok Nath an alcoholic

Amidst allegations of sexual misconduct on the lead actor of the show, Tara, here is a throwback interview of the female lead of the show who called Alok Nath an alcoholic.
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Today, the writer and producer of the popular serial Tara has spoken out against the lead actor of the show for sexually exploiting her then. She has accused him of threatening her and violating her when she was directing another serial. Vinta has not named the actor, but has called him the TV actor of the decade. In her post, she has also alleged that the actor misbehaved with the lead actor of the show. Navneet Nishan and Alok Nath were the lead actors of the show, Tara. Vinta alleges that the lead actor was an alcoholic and messed with the female lead of the show.

Amidst these allegations, we came across an interview from 1994 in which Navneet Nishan sued Alok Nath for Rs. 1 crore for allegedly calling her a drug user in an interview to Movie magazine. Navneet also had a fight with Alok Nath’s wife, Ashu Nath who was the costume coordinator on the show. Nishan said that the ‘drug user’ allegations against her by Alok Nath are absolutely fabricated. “It’s taken me 8 years to get where I am and I don’t want some alcoholic fool to mess it up for me.” Navneet had then refused to work with Alok Nath on the show.

Vinta Nanda, the show’s writer and producer had told a publication then that they are not in a fix. She had said that the characters they play had been separated anyway. So, real life is following reel life for actors Navneet and Alok Nath.

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Innocent until proven guilty. Here is a counter claim in support of a top actor Alok Nath from Ashita Dhawan - read TOI article

India has always had huge issues with harassment, assault and the women have been conditioned to be silent for long time. Why just the other day I was watching that move with Anil Kapoor and Aishwarya Rai where she was raped and she was blamed for the rape and ostracized and the movie treated it like it was a normal thing for the people in the village to react in this way. So imagine that was just 10 years ago with one of our top actor and actresses acting in that film. What is worse is when someone like Karan Johar normalizes kidnapping, stalking and harassment on the streets in his movie Badrinath and yet no one called him out on it. You have to start calling out this behavior NOW with the people who are normalizing it NOW. It is US that have to do this, we cannot let the victim face all the battles on her own.

That show was huge during those times... Was on Zee TV and was really good till they took the leap with Tara's daughter....but Alok Nath..shocking..have seen so many of his serials...Imtihaan, Talaash...what a rascal he is in real life

More power to all the women that are speaking up, others supporting the women speaking up. The world will be better because of this. The work place will be much safer for women. No one will dare to abuse, harass, threaten or disempower a woman.

Get all the skeletons out !! And it’s not just the harassment, it’s the misogyny!!

Vinita Nanda describes the harassment of this actress, apparently this actress also had a fight with Alok Nath's wife. Question is, why was Vinita Nanda trusting Alok Nath after what he did to this actress? What does it take for the middle, upper, privileged classes to stop considering such people friends, friendly acquaintances even the behavior is known?

Vinita Nanda still trusted Alok Nath, because his wife was her friend, even though he harassed the actress and Nanda and those in charge were planning on kicking out Nath from the show.

She still trusted Alok Nath and was friendly with him, until he did it to her.

#metoo is taking out historic cases...thats fine. What about the history written today..there are no voices of abuse..are we saying everything is cleaned and its only past which was dirty.

Till the time women will be silent under Some pressure or shame ..Predators like these will thrive ..& incidents like these will become newsbytes for entertainment to larger audience least in this era women shld speak up as & when they face or even feel that sumthing like this has happened

#MeToo is here to get the skeletons out into the open. Sexual Molestation & Casting Couch and sexual misconduct by male lead players, Directors, Producers, Script Writers, Executive Directors are in abundance in Indian Film & TV industry. Times have changed and so is the women Power.... Beware the d*ck-heads!! They are coming for you!!

This all happens! In the world yes, but especially in India. But, as women we are consciously, subconsciously and unconsciously told to keep quiet and therefore to accept the bad behaviour of men. This then becomes acceptable in society and everyone behaves that way.

What's the punishment? Who is going to decide? We want him in jail.

Sanskari babuji turned out to be a bewda.

Everyone knew that he is an alcoholic.. tharki sala...I hope all the dark secrets come out in open.

sanskari babuji?

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