Thugs of Hindostan: Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan's film witnesses a huge drop on Day 2

Thugs of Hindostan starring Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan has seen a huge drop on its second day. Read on.
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Starring Aamir Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Fatima Sana Shaikh and Katrina Kaif, Thugs of Hindostan which has been directed by Victor has witnessed a huge drop on Day 2 with the estimate around Rs 28.25 crores. The movie has seen a 45% drop on all India basis but most places have gone down by almost 50%, if box office India report is to be believed. The drop is around 30% in UP, Gujarat and Bihar which saw a huge business on Day 1. 

With this, the total for two days stands at around Rs 78 crore nett. This is the first time Aamir and Amitabh Bachchan came together onscreen and the excitement around it was very much palpable. The movie earned around 52 crore on its first day which is a record in itself for Hindi cinema. Thugs though opened to critical reviews but has still managed to produce good numbers at the domestic box office. The movie will soon also release in the Chinese market. 

Meanwhile, in the movie, Big B plays the role of Khudabaksh Azaad who plays a guardian to Zafira aka Fatima, who is a former princess of a kingdom which was taken over by the East India Company. Aamir Khan plays the role of Firangi Mallah, while Katrina plays a performer, Suraiyya. 

Thugs of Hindostan has been produced by Yash Raj Films and has been mounted on a very high budget of around 270 crores. 


Well deserved flop for the arrogant Aamir Khan

Amitabh needs movies like Pink. He was phenomenal on it. Aamir needs to go back to his sarfarosh days. He was great in that movie so controlled and effortless. Ever since Dil Chahta hai he has been gaming in every movie.

I said this when the first poster was released. Aaamir ain't no Johnny Depp. He is over hyped as some genius actor by critics and audiences.

Chalo Diwali ka sabse bada Phataka Phut gaya. Pure World ko iski awaz suna di.

Aamir should focus more on scripts and less on young girls—-

Thankgod! Sara was rejected for this super flop movie

Unfortunately seeing Kat in every mega budget movie is getting repetitive now. She might be the #1 heroine but we still want new faces.....

Kat is no morwca number one heroine. She is a flop and here only coz of Salman.

Katrina's dancing shows her frozen face. It really was hard to watch. Her face literally does not move.

Amitabh's face and eyes don't move either.

Dammmmnnn that annoying KRK Boxoffice calculations are 100% bang on. No one was admitting to it but he said it three days ago that movie is a disaster and YRF will lie about collections. Is he freinds with cinema owners of all over India?

On his YouTube channel, he shared his review of TOH. It's so funny! KRK is annoying but his movie reviews are quite hilarious.

#metoo movement worked! So happy!

Fatima must be crying on Aamirs shoulder!
I’m glad Sanya’s badhai ho badhai was a hit!

Sanya looks are not of the main lead heroine. Fatima will get more work. she looked stunning from certain angles.

Still ADI and YRF are not ready to accept its a bad movie. paid celebs supporting it n bashing fans /media for spreading negativity and YRF is manipulating the nos.

Winner of the year: Hrithik for escaping this movie. Which is way lucky for him, that guy is on a bomb line-up, he hasn't done anything good since Agneepath. And based on Super 30's bad vibes, will continue said bad line-up.

Hrithik didn't escape but replaced coz he demanded changes in the script . Super 30 is not that bad as few haters and a certain PR making out it to be. No star line up is great at all be it SRK, Salman, RK, Kat or any other.

How did Amir not see this disaster in making , went with high expectations but came back hugely disappointed... n why item song of kat is there god knows

couldn't tolerate it till end. Total waste

The issue is that the story and script is downright pathetic

There was a blind about Amir not even wanting to promote this piece of crap. Surely when he saw the rushes he realized this was going to be one major dud. The reviews were savage.

Baap re pathetic movie ... came back mid way

Thats what happens when you ignore metoo movement

Let this be a lesson for filmakers to stop copying and bringing same nonsense including Katrina over and over again public is sick and tired of this!

Katrina was probably the only good thing about this movie.


Nobody wants to see Amitabh - it was not a casting coup but YRF & Aamir's mistake to think that people want to see them together. Truth is Amitabh's films have been flopping right, left & centre ever since advent of the Khans from early 90's despite media falsely touting him as a so called mega star. TOH is proof of that. The film is a huge flop.

haha he was the best thing in the movie..good that you consider Amitabh as the leading star when he himself admitted that he was no more the lead in movies since 2000..good at 75 he makes people like u say things like this..this proves the mega star he is..wonder what the Khans will do in their 60s let alone 70s

Amitabh ji looked stoned in the movie. He wasn't able to move his eyes or features. I mean he's over 70 years old and needs to take rest.

Disaster ... came back mid way

Epic flop

YRF should fire Victor. Man can’t write or direct. This was such a wasted opportunity with both Aamir and Big B.

Budget is 300 cr..
Also there has been reports of huge scale manipulation by yrf...

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