Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani headed for splitsville? FIND OUT

Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani have reportedly headed for splitsville. The stars met on the sets of the music video of Befikra and also starred in Baaghi 2 (2018) which was a superhit.
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Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani were amongst the hottest and young power couples of Bollywood. Their love blossomed on the sets of the music video for the dance track Befikra and eventually, the pair went on to star in Baaghi 2. Directed by Ahmed Khan, Baaghi 2 crossed the Rs 150 crore mark at the box office and is amongst the highest grossing films of 2018. The two were going strong for several years but now it seems as if the couple is heading for splitsville. 

While Tiger and Disha have never publically confirmed their relationship status, their constant lunch and dinner dates had a different story to tell. It seemed as if things were fine between the lovebirds but a report in Filmfare suggests that the couple has called it quits. Disha is said to have moved on to someone new while Tiger is getting close to his Student of the Year 2 co-star Tara Sutaria. We don't know if the rumours are true but hopefully, the pair will work it out.

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Recently, Disha was in the headlines for reportedly walking out of Tiger and Hrithik's movie to be helmed by Siddharth Anand. The reason given was that Hrithik tried to flirt with Disha and asked her out on a date which led to the actress quitting the film. 

Disha and Hrithik both rubbished the rumours and when Tiger was asked about the reports, the actor shared, "It was a very silly rumour. I know both of them very well, they are nothing like that. They are lovely human beings."


Hrithik is an insecure man. He damaged Tiger's relationship.

the worst thing that ever happened to bollywood is karan johar. He brought a very toxic culture to this industry.

Tiger is way above Disha’s league. He should get with someone more successful and prettier

Definitely K Jo is spreading it to raise curiosity levels for Tiger-Tara in his next film.

If this is Untrue then some disturbed person spreading stories. Bollyweird at its best

Looks like KJo has secretly bought Pinkvilla only to spread all these fake stories...very sure he is also the one writing these annoying titles for each article! lol

That are solid couple. Dharma PR at work.

That would be a bad career move for disha so not likely any truth to that. Without tiger she is like any b or c list starlet trying to break into Bollywood. With tiger she is still no a list star by any means but atleast relevant and has some recognition. All these starlets need to stop focusing on their looks and get some serious acting chops so they can actually stand on their own merit. I think disha is cute but she is going the Katrina route of focusing solely on her looks and body. Where as someone like Kiara Advani is working on acting skills but still maintaining her glam image in addition to that.

I only had to wait two seconds... "Tiger is getting close to his Student of the Year 2 co-star Tara Sutaria."
Yup. It was only a matter of time before Karan broke these two up. Disappointing. Tiger and Disha are such sweet genuine people, I hope they don't stand for this. But they will. Everybody should know, if two people are dating from a Dharma film, it's fake. Like, it's fake. Guaranteed.

K Jo at it to make a fake couple for soty 2.

Looks like nobody is giving films to Disha and hence her PR is planting all kind of fake stories including this. I really hope Tiger dumps her

Good for Tiger. She is attention seeker

Kjo at it again. Breaking up real couples and hyping fake couples. Get a life kjo!

KJO just wants to create fake news of Tiger and Tara or Tiger and Ananya... I just wanna say to KJO what Abhishek said in Manmarziyan, "You make me SICKKK..."

It's all bullshit. Just last week they had gone for Bastian for lunch. Stop targeting this Cutest couple

relax dharma pr. tiger and disha just had a lunch day yesterday all smiles.

koi kaam nahi rahta kya tumhare paas ....kisi ki life ko disturb karte ho..... fake news

Disha was already spotted with some other guy for dates.

KJO .. man leave the couple alone

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