Tuesday Trivia: When Shah Rukh Khan revealed about Aryan’s Bollywood career: ‘It’s his decision’

Updated on Oct 06, 2021 12:28 AM IST  |  78.2K
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Tuesday Trivia: When Shah Rukh Khan revealed about Aryan’s Bollywood career: ‘It’s his decision’

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan has been grabbing attention after he got arrested in a drug raid case. The NCB official had conducted a raid on Saturday following a tip-off. The star kid is in NCB custody till October 7. Well, in meantime many throwback videos and pictures of the Khan family are doing around on social media. In one such video, we also got a hand where Shah Rukh is seen talking about his son’s Bollywood career.

In the video, a journalist asked the actor whether his son will become an actor or not? And on the star replied, “It’s his(Aryan) decision to become an actor or not. And currently, we (Shah Rukh and Gauri) are not forcing him for a career. He is right now focusing on his studies. Let him finish college first and then he will choose. I have said many times that don’t become an actor because your father is. You opt for this career when you believe that you cannot do anything except acting.”

He further said that if he ever wants to become an actor I will be happy and if does not then also I will be equally happy. Well, the actor also mentioned that how he is planning certain things for his son Aryan Khan and his journey into Bollywood. He talks about training him by making a list of good movies for him to watch and much more.

It was reported that Aryan has been taking drugs for almost four years. When he was in the UK, Dubai and other countries, he used to consume drugs. Many Bollywood actors and other celebrities have come out in support of the superstar.

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