Twinkle Khanna is not amused with the idea of exercising with Akshay Kumar courtesy Mumbai rains

Twinkle Khanna tweets about thunderstorms and Mumbai rains.

Twinkle Khanna's tweets often leave people in splits. She takes dig at possibly everyone including her husband Akshay Kumar. Last night, thunderstorm kept Mumbai city awake for the whole night and people couldn't stop posting pictures, videos and talking about it on the social media.
And one of them was Twinkle, who was disgusted with Mumbai rains and was shocked with Akshay's question. She tweeted, "Awake because of the thunderstorms and Mr K asks,'Want to exercise?We can run up and down the building stairs!' #Yikes #MumbaiRains"
That's funny! We love the camaraderie between Akshay and Twinkle.
Recently, Akshay celebrated his 50th birthday and spoke at length about the best gift he received from Twinkle. Talking about it to a leading daily, he stated, "I will never forget the Harley Davidson my wife gifted me, but actually it’s always the family holidays that I cherish the most. You can’t take money or possessions to the grave — only memories and a lifetime of love and happiness. No gift will ever replace the time we spend together, my wife could buy me an island, but I’ll still just want to walk on Juhu Beach (in Mumbai) holding her hand — something we do for free whenever we want, but to me, that’s what I call magic."
Meanwhile, on the work front, Twinkle is a successful author and a columnist for a leading newspaper. She will make her debut as a producer with her home banner Mrs Funnybones Productions with PadMan starring Akshay in the lead.

Credits: Twitter

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Wow, , they do look happy... If they are not, twinkle has become a very good actress... They look happy together!

90% couples in bollywood are in open marriage. This is a common thing in high society.

Mouni will exercise with him

do u guys really think so..they may be having a luagh at it ..people ...its not like pappa mamma marriage its a joint business venture ..and there's money riding on it

He would have suggested some other kind of excercise if it was Elli Evrram with him ! Wink wink!

The fake couple!

Does she really think her husband is a decent man? Or is she trying to fool the junta?

She doesn't have guts and self-respect to leave him and become a divorced woman that's why she's staying with him and desperately trying to project an image of a happy family.

AK is obsessed with fitness. It is unbelievable

He has enough women who will exercise with him!

Mrs Fummybones...u shud exercise...else u will lose d khiladi;)

Well at least he was home! Lol

It was so scary last nite in mumbai..lost my sleep after 3 am

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