2 Years of Tamasha: When Deepika Padukone was nervous about how Imtiaz Ali's movie would fare

Imtiaz Ali's Tamasha released on November 27, 2015.
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Two years back, Imtiaz Ali delivered a masterpiece Tamasha which starred Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone

The audience was divided over what they felt about the movie. While some did not like the film, there were others who could not get enough of Tamasha. 

To commemorate two years of Tamasha, Imtiaz took to Facebook to share an anecdote from one of the first movie screening.

Imtiaz said, "The day Tamasha released Ranbir and I sat in a corner of PVR Icon. Deepika was pacing up and down. Our first show was running. Then she asked me - “How do you think the film will do?” I answered without thinking - “It will take at least two years for us to find out how this film has done.” It’s going to be two years of Tamasha guys and now we would like to know how it has done. Could you tell us? Send in comments and videos. Thanks."

Thousands of fans came forward and commented on Imtiaz's FB post.  

While one user said, "Imtiaz Ali sir. Tamasha was a masterpiece. I liked it more than I liked rockstar. I mean rockstar was an amazing movie but Tamasha is something else for me. A gem. Can't be explained here in few words," another user said, "I saw in one of your interviews that no one watches movies repeatedly in theatres anymore. I saw Tamasha I think 6 times in the theatre. It shook me up in ways I can barely count but I know it changed me a little bit everytime I saw it. I am the person I am today, the way I love because of tamasha. I can't thank you enough for tamasha! It has definitely changed more than one lives! It did beautifully."

What did you think of Tamasha? Let us know in the comments below.  

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Truly majestic experience watching Tamasha...loved the intensity and easy flow of the movie...

Imtiaz here it is: it was the umpteen rehash of your own previous stories. Therefore BORING, sorry

Rk can make any character relaitable to public

I never seen such a handsome man like rk

He means the movie re releaseed nov 2017 and thus time made a 100 crores! Seriously imtiaz? Get a new story next time instaed of talking about tamasha all the time. Why do he only speak of tamasha and not others?

Rk is the best actor of his generation

Dp acting was pathetic in this n dialogue was like sp bad only rk was tge saving grace in it

Rk i luv u

Rk acting was the best part in this movie

tamasha wasnt a masterpiece. it was promoted as a deepika movie and audience got cheated with another ranbir coming of age story.y where deepikas character was a prop for characterization.

This movie didn't do simply bc all Imtiaz movies have the same story...audience wasn't interested in this movie but Imtiaz was sooooo dumb to repeats the same story in jhms...and how many time we will watch Ranbir playing the same role and Deepika being desperate for him?!...but the question here how Imtiaz thought that Anushka is good for this role?!...she is aggressive,annoying and unlikable...

How does 2 years of a movie warrant introspection or a story? Wait 20 years to see if the public still cares. Today’s Bollywood is so publicity hungry.

I luv this movie n everything about...it i think rk desrved best actor for this but it become above averaged so...kya kr skhte hn...but this movie had proved tht rk can do any roles with so much ease n a natural n a awesome actor.....n its a fact

Tamsha is a masterpiece salman khan or varun keh fans keh dimag keh bahar heh toh shut up varun salman kat fans

Ranno luv u

Rk marry me...;)

Wt a charmer rk is

Rk was the best thing in this movie

The thing with art and movies is that everyone takes something different away with them after viewing it. I loved Tamasha. I saw where both the characters were coming from. To me it was the basic divide between reality and fantasy. When we go on vacation (as they were in Corsica) we never want it to end but we can’t be on vacation all the time, at least most of us can’t afford it. So my take was that there was a parallel being drawn between being on vacation (as being different people or more themselves for a short time) and reality. Also questioning which is which. Ved was struggling with wanting a little bit of that vacation with him at all times (in the form of the relationship) or go on pretending like it never existed and who he was himself (he was not happy, he was depressed), while Tara was struggling with who Ved really was (the one on vacation or the 9-5 version) and she wanted to be on vacation all the time (in other words wanted Don not Ved). Sorry it sounds really confusing but I don’t know how else to explain what I got out of it. In the end they both understood that both can be part of them and it’s ok. We are not always on party or vacation mode but it’s important to be happy with what you do, in Ved’s case he needed to find something to bring joy to him rather than hold on/cling to Tara for that purpose (in the end you see him in the play to fulfill this emptiness). Tara understood by the end that there must be some part of Ved that is still Don and was happy to have that at the end than nothing at all. I wish she hadn’t gone back though because too much had happened between them and the story would’ve had better meaning if it had ended that way. It was a relationship that had influenced both of their perceptions of reality and it wasn’t necessary for them to be back together at the end. They should’ve remained friends instead in my opinion. That was my weird take in the movie but I thoroughly enjoyed it and Deepika and Ranbir were fantastic in the movie. I was balling my eyes out in the scene of Agar Tum Saath Ho, that one scene made me realize that DP was beyond beautiful as she had become an excellent actress. PV please post it took a while to write.

Love these two. Loved tamasha. Its the kind of movie that can be watched over and over without becoming boring or tiresome.Would have loved to see a little more of dp but it was ved's story so its fine.

Rk luv u

After Harry met Sejal, Tamasha is Imtiyaz's worst movie. The saving grace of the movie was Deepika.

I freely admit I belong to that set of people who did not understand the movie . It starts off very slowly with the little boy & the old man and the hodge podge of tale telling.There was no need to waste so much time on the Ramayana , we already got that the kid loves his stories & that Daddy (like all movie daddies ) does not approve . The couple return from Corsica, Tara hunts him down as she loves Holiday Don who is an entirely different proposition from Office Ved . They just decide they love each other , why does Tara say that when she does not care for Office Ved ? Why is his nervous breakdown not treated properly by anyone ? She refuses him & then accepts him again ;why does she go for him again in the end ? It's like Tara's one of those characters who prefers role play to the real deal . Time wasted on the 'lost in his own world of make believe' & flash backs ...Also there's been an overdose of movies starring men caught up with hated careers & some laughey , happy woman comes along to change them !

DP and RK were superb in the film. Only if Imtiaz did not drag it too much. Good movie with good songs and superb performances by the lead pair

A Masterpiece? ok ya right!

This is a masterpiece....yes flawed in places...but when it was good it was truly awesome....Exceptional performances by both RK & DP.....The rawness of some of the scenes like Agar tum saath ho or the scene where Tara is leaving Corsica is just mind numbing.....It probably did not have a universal appeal but for people who connected with the Movie...it will be with them for a Lifetime...Kudo's Imtiaz Ali

This is a masterpiece....yes flawed in places...but when it was good it was truly awesome....Exceptional performances by both RK & DP.....The rawness of some of the scenes like Agar tum saath ho or the scene where Tara is leaving Corsica is just mind numbing.....It probably did not have a universal appeal but for people who connected with the Movie...it will be with them for a Lifetime...Kudo's Imtiaz Ali

This is one of my favorite movie. And i can mostly relate to Ved's character. Truely inspiring. Thank u Imtiaz Ali for originating Ved's character on screen. We have so much Ved in real life in India for the socio infrastructure we have.

I felt like the movie was a little bit hard to understand which made me feel a little bored but the acting by Ranbir was good.

Rk my love

Rk is so down to earth man i jst saw him recently he is so humble guy.....

Rk superstr luv u

I loved it too

loved the movie. i feel like im ved

I loved the movie.. Two good actors, unfortunately DP had a smaller role in comparison to RK.

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