Urmila Matondkar buys new office in plush commercial space for over Rs 3 crore; Issues video to clear air

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Urmila Matondkar buys new office in plush commercial space for over Rs 3 crore weeks after joining Shiv Sena.

Urmila Matondkar made headlines for multiple reasons in 2020. From her spat with Kangana Ranaut to joining the Shiv Sena after her stint with Congress, the Rangeela star made many to sit up and take note. Now, weeks after joining the Shiv Sena, Urmila Matondkar has purchased a brand a new office space in Mumbai's plush suburban area. According to a report in Mumbai Mirror, Urmila purchased the office space and finalised the property deal in the last few days of 2020.   

As per the report, Urmila's new property spans a little over a 1000 square feet and is considered to be prime property due to its location. The office building is located on Linking Road in Khar west and the usual rent for office spaces in the said building runs anywhere between Rs 5 to 8 lakhs a month.

The actress bought an office on the sixth floor of the building from a businessman and sealed the deal on 28 December 2020. In all, Urmila Matondkar shelled out Rs 3.75 crore for her brand new office. 



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Just a few weeks ago, the actress was inducted into the Shiv Sena and is now one of the 12 candidates who has been recommended by the state government to the state Legislative Council from Governor’s quota. Speaking about her entry into the Sena, the actress had earlier told PTI, "My intention is to become a people's leader, like I have been a people-made film star. I don't want to become a leader who just sits in AC rooms and tweets...I know what I have to do and how to do and I will keep learning." 

Meanwhile, Kangana Ranaut slammed Urmila over the same in a tweet and questioned her about purchasing the plush property. The actress has not only hit back at Kangana but also issued a video to clear the air about the same. 

Take a look below:

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Anonymous : I am in general against famous people joining politics. Left-leaning famous people most often work for the elite class by exploiting the sentiment of the poor. Can a human rights defender join a political party and be given such a role upon joining? These are the people who have defended the rights of our communities for decades but they won't be afforded the same opportunity where they can make an actual change, unlike an actress who has never been deeply involved in a cause or community. She will most likely hire all the right people to advice on every issue. Money can buy her research, expertise and mentorship and the rest she can improvise as an actor.
REPLY 2 6 months ago
Anonymous : Any celeb who wants to enter local governance should be profiled by ethical journalists by probing them on their policy stances and political views. Plus, election ticket and governor nominations should be given to those who have done deep canvassing in their communities, who have an action plan to collaborate with other MPs to bring policy changes that benefit the poor and middle class. All these celebs go for executive branch roles that bring them instant protocol, status, power and opportunities. The real change-makers sit in the parliament because that requires teamwork to collaborate with your colleagues in the parliament to pass bills and legislations that cannot be done by one-person's saviour complex.
REPLY 3 6 months ago
Anonymous : She is Shiv Sean’s puppet. She did nothing in Congress and now she is hobnobbing with Sena. Kangana will suck out all ure flip flop
REPLY 20 6 months ago
Anonymous : who gave right to kangana?? who is she now mentally ill ppl will take charge of this country witout right & post??? are you mentally ill like her??
REPLY 0 6 months ago
Anonymous : Kangna PR ki jal gayi!
REPLY 13 6 months ago
Anonymous : Can anyone tell why Kangana PR is targeting Urmila again and again?
REPLY 13 6 months ago
Anonymous : Because Hangna is Bigot BJP stooge
REPLY 2 6 months ago
Anonymous : Can anyone tell which PR company is working for urmila now days.
REPLY 11 6 months ago
Anonymous : Not family PR like kanganas only 4 ppl of her family love her in this whole world poor kangana
REPLY 0 6 months ago