Urmila Matondkar questions how Kangana Ranaut has a problem with everyone in industry; Everyone face struggles

Updated on Sep 17, 2020 02:32 PM IST  |  1M
Urmila Matondkar questions how Kangana Ranaut has a problem with everyone in industry; Everyone face struggles

Urmila Matondkar spoke to India Today for an interview. While speaking during the interview, Urmila questions how actress Kangana Ranaut has a problem with everyone in the film industry. Urmila Matondkar who had ventured into the political arena, says that she too has faced many hurdles when she entered the film industry. Urmila Matondkar does not mince words when she says that she also battled nepotism right from the year she made her debut in 1991. 

During her interview Urmila says that the other actresses who entered films in the same year as her, were someone's daughters and nieces from the film background. But, that did not affect her as she was passionate about her work. Urmila Matondkar admits to being very proud of her work that she did in the Hindi film industry, and adds that I did not keep raving and ranting about the things that she felt were wrongly done in the film industry. The actress was also quizzed about the truth with respect to the drugs being used in the Bollywood industry. 

Urmila Matondkar responds back quickly, by saying that there could be some people from the film industry who do drugs, and this goes for every other industry in the world. She says all those who are using drugs and are associated with the Bollywood industry, actions have to be taken against them and they have to be called out. Urmila Matondkar states that the entire nation is waiting to hear from Kangana Ranaut about the names that she claims she knows about the people who use drugs from the Bollywood industry.

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Anonymous : Urmilla stop being Kiss A**. Stop acting like u r such sati savitri. We haven't for got what you did with Ram Gopal. One think with Kangana at least she admits unlike you acting all holier. TIME CHANGES EVERYTHING. Be humble.
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Anonymous : She has an agenda. She thinks Kangana is with her no filter talk reveals the names every one knows but never reveals. No one in a right mind publicly reveals names of stars who uses drugs. It will be a war from all fans to defamation suits, court cases, a very Tsunami life. This lady is more dangerous than Karan Johar. Karan Johar openly told her to leave Bollywood and this lady is provoking Kangana to get into hurricane, storm and aTsunami all in same time life.
REPLY 4 1 year ago
Anonymous : The BiGgEst gutter in bollywood is kangana. People hv been rejecting her since last 6 years. Still she is getting films. Clean bollywood by flushing out this gutter first
REPLY 31 1 year ago
Anonymous : yes, Mamta Kulkarni rebuffed creep Raj Kumar Santoshis advances and he created an item dance for Urmila to take all the spotlight from Santoshi. How could Urmila stand all these creepy old men. Disgusting!
REPLY 13 1 year ago
Anonymous : Urmila did good to support the men instead of drug peddler Mamta
REPLY 8 1 year ago
Anonymous : uff, i remember what all she did during Rangeela and that movie with Sanjay Dutt. She was always with that seedy, depraved Ram Gopal Varma. Urmila also had problems with Mahima, Karisma, Manisha. who is she to talk?
REPLY 12 1 year ago
Anonymous : Hi Urmila, we had long forgotten you, thanks for reminding that you are still alive.
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REPLY 16 1 year ago
Anonymous : spot on
REPLY 23 1 year ago
Anonymous : hi urmila. you were also marked as failure and then your resorted to different means and got rangeela. please dont make us open our mouth. rgv and santoshi... do these last names ring a bell hun???
REPLY 18 1 year ago
Anonymous : Urmila was always a successful A lister
REPLY 19 1 year ago
Anonymous : And u must b RGV
REPLY 0 1 year ago
Anonymous : Yes everyone faces struggles some keep quiet and some talk so why are you preaching others what to do? it's ok people have opinions just because you did not talk does not mean all should keep mum and not say a word against the nepotism in Bollywood? you found a way inside the gang, we all know who you hang out with so stop preaching, no one is interested..
REPLY 24 1 year ago
Anonymous : Not Sure why suddenly there are so many articles about Urmila?
REPLY 22 1 year ago
Anonymous : So you want articles only about that mental Kangana?
REPLY 6 1 year ago
Anonymous : U must b Urmila
REPLY 1 1 year ago