Varun Dhawan and Natasha Dalal's engagement postponed due to THIS reason?

Varun Dhawan and Natasha Dalal, who have been together since their school days, were rumoured to get engaged on Kalank star's birthday. However, there was a change of plans for the Coolie No 1 star and it has been postponed.
Varun Dhawan and Natasha Dalal's engagement postponed due to THIS reason?Varun Dhawan and Natasha Dalal's engagement postponed due to THIS reason?
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For a few months now, rumours are doing the rounds suggesting that Varun Dhawan and Natasha Dalal are tying the knot this year. Speculations suggested that the lovebirds were supposed to get married by December in a wedding planned by Natasha. However, Varun recently cleared the air to confirm that he is not getting married anytime soon. But now, a new report has sparked a new speculation that Varun and Natasha were set to get engaged on April 24, on his birthday, but postponed it. 

As per a new Deccan Chronicle report, the Dhawan family was going to announce that Natasha is becoming the Dhawan bahu on the occasion of the actor's birthday. But plans changed at the last minute and Varun flew out of the country with his ladylove. 

“We heard the plan was to announce Coolie No. 1 and bring Varun’s girlfriend Natasha out on the stage as the bahu of the Dhawan family. But there were last-minute changes of plan and Varun flew out of the country for his birthday with his girlfriend," an insider told the publication.

“Varun is very busy right now. He needs to take time off from his schedule and devote time to engagement and wedding. It will all happen in due course," the source added. 

Pinkvilla has reached out to Varun and awaits for his response. 

Varun was recently seen in Kalank. During the promotions, the actor spoke in length about his relationship. "She (Natasha) and I went to school together. So, she knows my parents since ages. She’s been attending functions with my parents before also but it wasn’t photographed then. She’s my rock, she’s my anchor. She’s the stabilising factor in my life. It’s pretty much like family," he told Filmfare. 

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I talked to Varun’s cousin at a party once. She voiced her doubts that marriage will fall through and if it does last because he is a bit air headed and will do anything for a films promotion. He does love Natasha because she keeps him grounded and wants to settle with outsider because this actresses aren’t “marriage material”. But Natasha seems to be on her last strands of patience hence she makes more public appearances with him so he feels the pressure to settle down. It seems like it’s more than him that his family loves her.

There are many examples of couple breaking up after being in relation for a long time without getting married. Natasha seems to be from well-off family, could get the guy who makes decent money to support her lifestyle, not sure why she is still tagging along with him when he is not ready for marriage. Natasha will have hard time to get over from the break-up which will sure and certainly happen.She should be building her own identity rather than being only Varun doormat girlfriend. Seems like we middle class girls have more self respect than these high class girls.

Natasha is a fashion designer in her own right ! She can very well leave him. She’s doing well for herself !

I wonder how Natasha’s parent take this situation when their daughter whom they have raised with so much love has been taken as granted..sigh!!!

Happens when you think you are entitled to succeed no matter how bad the product is. Life doesn’t work that way. Reality check for these star kids who live in the bandra juhu bubble.

Commitment issues?

He won’t marry her
She’s beautiful and has a fab life ahead she’s worth way better than this self obsessed man

He will not marry this girl, Natasha should better move on in her life rather than wasting her time on someone who does not value her. What is the point of keep postponing their marriage? It is a bad signal if a guy keep running away from commitment. Natasha should get this signal before it is too late for her.

Varun doesn't handle failure well and hence the sudden change of plans after Kalank tanked. He and Alia are too focused on the success part and that never ends well for an artist.

I agree, this is his first bomb, he has bragged unlike Sid, Arjun, Ranbir, Ranveer, etc. all his friends, he's never had a huge flop. Honestly, this might lead to them both stop pairing in every movie.

are you marrying for yourself or your parents?

Fake liberal spotted! What's wrong with keeping your parents involved in such an important decision of life?

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