Varun Dhawan: Recently, my personal life was in a big DILEMMA; learned a lesson that life is too short

Earlier, this year Varun Dhawan’s personal life was in the limelight due to rumors about him calling it quits with long-time girlfriend Natasha Dalal. Varun talked about his personal life in an interview to a leading daily.
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Earlier, this year Varun Dhawan’s personal life was in the limelight due to rumors about him calling it quits with long-time girlfriend Natasha Dalal. Sources informed that the couple had taken a break. However, we exclusively reported that they had not broken up.

On the work front, Varun is currently promoting October, his upcoming film with Banita Sandhu. Varun has been in the industry for almost six years now and has never had a flop in his career.

He spoke to a leading daily and said that success of all his films doesn’t give him a sense of entitlement. He said, “It’s very difficult to keep all this going. There’s no time for family or loved ones and that’s worse than anything in the world — to let down my mom or dad, because I can’t give them time; to let down any cousin who’s unwell and I’m not able to see them... that’s way more disheartening than anything else. I just feel that now, I’m not there [for them] anymore. I’m there for the public in a way, and I’m working for them and giving them what they expect. So, being successful is a double-edged sword. It’s not possible to have it all. Aakhir mein kuchh na kuchh toh kam pad hi jaata hai (After all, you do fall short somewhere). No matter how hard I try, I do end up disappointing a lot of people and I know I have to live with that.”

He added that he also goes through moments of lows. “Is this what it looks like: that everything is rosy? Even I’ve had my shares of lows. Very recently, my personal life was in a big dilemma, and I was going through a lot of other issues that took me time to come to terms with. I learned a lesson that life is too short. But, yes, as for hits, I feel blessed and lucky to have worked with the people I’ve worked with," Varun said.

Is Varun hinting at his relationship with Natasha Dalal here? Let us know in comments.


work life balance can be achieved. Look at Akki! Home everyday. Takes 3 vacay every year

And 3 affairs a year lol.

I think he's settled now, and really had changed to the better and older version of himself.

varun loves alia..he shows that too much..:)

The audience doesn't care Varun. If you are working hard, you know you are doing it for yourself. Nobody does anything for others until it's charity, and even that is debatable.

Lets all tell ourselves the truth Varun does not love Natasha anymore that they have been in the relationship for so long does not mean that he must marry her, that girl should have some self respect and move on, Varun could marry her and will mercilessly cheat on her.

Better a failed relationship than a failed marriage,

Natasha, Varun does not want you anymore, move on please.

PV please post.

All this because of KJO, He made Varun-Alia come together though it was inevitable that now or later they would have come together, Now he is playing with there personal lifes, Making Alia hookup with every random guy and keeping them separate.

he seems to be in a toxic or trapped relationship with natasha which is not good..he shud get out of it as soon as possible.not a varia fan but i admit he seems really unapollegetic and happy wid comes on his face naturally..he should go for the girl he actually likes..!

Am seeing a Hrithik and Suzanne scenario playing out here, if Varun's heart is no more in the relationship Natasha should bail out and do something worthwhile with her time and life, am a woman and at times the truth could be staring us in the face but we refuse to accept it, Natasha should know that she is not his wife 'yet' and Varun might not want her anymore and feels he needs his space, one cannot force oneself on another, if Varun is not ready to settle down in the next one year, she should leave him, they have been together for a long time, now he has made money and he has a steady career, what is he waiting for?.

PV please post.

Because if he leaves Natasha it will destroy his image.People will say that he left her because he is a star now & she is below average.

Nah, in this case there's no damage to his image. Believe me, everybody just will be able to breathe freely.

Not just image , at some point he did care enough about her & may not want her to go through the humiliation of being dumped .

More like life's too short to be in a relationship you clearly don't wanna be in

Suddenly super private Varun making indirect comments on his personal life??? Super lame way to promote your movie quite honestly.

He always tries too hard to show that he loves Natasha.Damage control at it's best.

He recently replied to a post of Natasha's with a heart shape emoji.It was so clear that he was doing it for PR sake.

It's time to stop philandering Varun.You have had many affairs & cheated on Natasha but she still stood by your side.

Is it normal only for Indian women or for any women in the world who want to get and stay married to put up a good front and all,be in denial of obvious, pretending that they blind and deaf? Is married life costs the price of selfrespect?I see it in life around, but usually these are long time familys with children and I can explain it for myself by economical reasons. Where I'm going :I can understand why, but can't accept it for myself, I can't live like this.

To reply you I can share my personal experience. My husband once cheated on me but it was more like an accident not an affair. He probably was guilty about it and then left contact with that woman . When I came to know about (by that time he had already cut off all the connections ) it he apologized and promised me that he would never repeat the incident. I was still suspicious but I always found him to be a highly committed person. Even before that he was always committed and dutiful.He works hard to do everything for the family. I do not think that I made a mistake in forgiving him. Again I would say that forgiveness is not easy. One has to see the circumstances and take the decision. Same applies to a woman also . I have seen men forgiving their wives for the sake of their kids.

You are strong. Yes,I already said that I can understand when it about other people, but it is still not for me. My father, whom I love very much, divorced my mother after 25 years of marriage and left us. He is very carrying person, good human being, good father. But some not so good things have tendency to happens as we know. I didn't lost love for him, I just lost respect. Very unpleasant feeling. Took years to get it back. Glad it back. That how I understood that respect for my life partner is very important thing for me, and that I couldn't be able to respect human who betrayed me,even once. There's no trust left in relationship, always some doubt that it can happen again,with another woman.

There are a lot of articles about Natasha being over possessive of Varun.She has no self respect.I would have dumped a guy if he would have cheated on me.

Natasha is not ready to leave Varun.Even his parents are forcing him to be with her.He is the one who is suffering here.

Toh hum kya kare ??

Alia would have been a very BAD choice...she just hops from one costars onto another even having had a fling with SRK...Varun should stick to his GF, atleast he will have a stable relationship in a long run unlike ALIA who is just into flings.

Poor Alia, she only 25,but Karan (with her acknowledgment or even permission) gives her such bad reputation (player and worst), that I have no any ideas how she can go out of this undamaged. Even if she will admit that all this lie only for PR,she will put herself in situation where she must to admit that she's a liar. How those who were fed up with lie many years will feel themselves, how they'll react,will be able to forgive?

Alia is a player

Seems he learnt that flings wid costars cn never b permanent n give full satisfaction hence better to value gf who has stood by his side all his life. Gal like alia moves frm one relation to another every yr bt gals like natasha who stay committed r very difficult to find

I'm very committed person, but this quality doesn't help me to be finded even by one man, and I have all chances to die alone(theatrically sobs).Seriously, it doesn't helping to be more loved. It's your decision and nobody responsible for your own decisions, nobody doesn't own anything to you just because you decided to behave this way.

Dude be loyal n committed to ur relationship then u wnt face dilemmas or lows atleast in love life.

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