Varun Dhawan teases Athiya Shetty with Drake; his response is UNMISSABLE

Drake posted a sweet comment on Athiya Shetty's post for father Suniel Shetty's birthday. Varun Dhawan teased Athiya with Drake by posting, 'who knew you were kiki'
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Athiya Shetty’s fan following on social media keeps soaring by the day. The actor has millions of followers on her social media accounts and on Instagram especially, international star and rapper Drake is one of her ardent followers. Drake has been following Athiya Shetty for quite some time and even leaves sweet comments on her posts. As per reports, Drake had spotted Athiya at a club in London and found her pretty and has connected with her on Instagram after that.

Recently, Athiya took to her Instagram account to share a heartfelt birthday wish for dad Suniel Shetty. She had posted, “‪Happy birthday Papa. Thank you for always being so patient with me, keeping the faith when I forget to and never letting go of my hand. I hope to make you proud every single day. I love you. With a heart like yours, you deserve all the happiness the world has to offer.” Drake posted a sweet comment on the photo. After Drake’s comment, Varun Dhawan who is close friends with Athiya teased her with Drake.

Varun posted, “@athiyashetty who knew you were kiki”. Drake’s song In My Feelings from his 2018 album Scorption has spread across the globe as ‘Kiki challenge’. Fans are taking the Kiki challenge and it has gone viral. Canadian rapper Drake took notice of Varun Dhawan’s comment and posted, “Titi do you love me? (Mubarakan Remix)” in response. Drake started following Varun Dhawan after exchanging this conversation. Here’s the conversation:

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I think he has a genuine crush on Athiya.

He is so freaking rich I dont think he'd stoop to making money by teaming up with Athiya's PR.

lovinggggg this

LOL drake is going to get trolled so hard if he actually acknowledges this 'link up' hahahahah

Vo sab to thik hai but varun acting kab seekhoge ??

She can get married to this guy and move to Canada and disappear from bollywood. She can also take other nepo kids along. This will make way for real talented actors - for people like Madhuri, Shah Rukh, Manisha Koirala etc.

why does drake know what mubarakan is? how did athiya manage this? what other super powers does she have? what is going onnnn!!

Lol drake isn’t god.. he is just a singer. Links contacts, he probably found her attractive! What’s the big deal?

But he knows God's Plan.

I'll be here all night folks.

the drake-athiya thing has been going on for a year on insta. not surprising. the fact that he saw and quoted mubarakan to impress her, that's surprising. mubarakan? that's dedication man.

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