Vicky Kaushal as Batman? Fan reimagines star as the Cape Crusader & gives Robert Pattinson a run for his money

While it was confirmed that Robert Pattinson will take over as the new Batman after Ben Affleck hung the cape, a fan recently reimagined Vicky Kaushal as the Dark Knight. The actor approves of it.
Vicky Kaushal as Batman? Fan reimagines star as the Cape Crusader & gives Robert Pattinson a run for his moneyVicky Kaushal as Batman? Fan reimagines star as the Cape Crusader & gives Robert Pattinson a run for his money
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It has just been a few weeks since we reported that Robert Pattinson is taking over as Batman. The Twilight star is the second youngest actor to don the cape. He will be seen suiting up in the Batcave for Matt Reeves The Batman movie. The actor replaces Ben Affleck in DC Extended Universe. While there have been mixed response to the casting, fan clubs have already begun imagining the actor as the Batman. However, a comic book fan recently imagined an Indian actor as the renowned DC superhero and we're rooting for the casting. 

Who are we talking about? The man in the discussion is Vicky Kaushal. The actor, who was recently in the spotlight for his addition to the horror series produced by Dharma Production, became the muse for a fan. The artist reimagined the Uri: The Surgical Attack star as the Batman. The actor is seen as Batman's alter ego Bruce Banner, donning a black tuxedo, standing in an alley. The spotlight turns his shadow into the Batman. 

The poster not only impressed us, but it also bowled Vicky over as well. The actor shared the fan poster and gave his approval by adding a smile and perfect emoji. Check out the poster below: 

Hey DC Films and Warner Bros, how about you make this happen? While we hope that they hear us, Vicky is busy with several other projects. The actor will soon be seen playing Sardar Udham Singh in a movie on the same name. The movie is set to release in 2020 and it is directed by Shoojit Sircar. Apart from it, he will also be seen in Karan Johar's Takht. He reunites with Alia Bhatt and shares screen space with Ranveer Singh and Kareena Kapoor Khan for this flick. 

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What do you think about Vicky Kaushal as the Batman? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. 


Hahahaha,Vicky Kaushal as Batman,yeah, I'd like to see that version.

"The actor is seen as Batman's alter ego Bruce Banner!!!!!Bruce Banner!!!!! seriously!!!!!'s Bruce Wayne not Bruce Banner...Bloody Marvel Wanker

Deep down, we all want Christian bale back

Don't knw why is it so annoying for people to accept Rob as Batman. He would be the perfect fit, skinny or not he is a heartthrob & casting directors have some knowledge.. Don't you think so..

LOL I mean what the F? The most amazing Batman was Christian Bale. Nolan and him made amazing movies, after that its a diaster. Ben Aflec was the wrst thakela batman. and This new guy sucks big time..and who cares about Vickey Kaushal.. I mean serioulsy? Why are we even talking about him..

Oye Wannabe American. Just read some comics you'll understand. The Ben Affleck Batman is very true representation of Batman from Comics. Bale's Batman was more of Nolan's Batman.

P.S The author also don't know anything who is writing Bruce Banner as alter ego of Batman. WTF?

True representation or not, we all know who has given justice to the character.

Wtf! Even Pattinson is so skinny and way to oc to be batman, affleck had the correct physique! And this vicky who? Dumbass bruce wayne is american hunk not indian cringe.

So you think only Americans are good looking and all other people are cringe? I mean who the fuck are you to judge a community and a country ?

Ey Vicky Sicky.. Chal baag

Overactive pr

You're dreaming. The powers that be know what -- and who -- they're doing. Lots of actors would look fine for the role(s), but Pattinson passed the screen test. Move on.

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