Vicky Kaushal clears air about dating Katrina Kaif; Calls love ‘beautiful feeling’ amidst relationship rumours

Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif have been the talk of the town for the longest time. Recently, the Uri actor addressed rumours about dating the Sooryavanshi star and mentioned that actors need to guard their personal lives.
Vicky Kaushal clears air about dating Katrina Kaif; Calls love ‘beautiful feeling’ amidst relationship rumoursVicky Kaushal clears air about dating Katrina Kaif; Calls love ‘beautiful feeling’ amidst relationship rumours
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Over the past few weeks, Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif have become the talk of the town. A previous report by a daily had stated that the Uri: The Surgical Strike actor and the Bharat actress were seeing each other. However, Vicky and Katrina always remained mum about the same. From being spotted at award shows together to Diwali celebrations, Katrina and Vicky’s photos always added fuel to the fire about the two seeing each other. Now, talking about the same, Vicky has cleared the air about it.

In an interaction with Deccan Chronicle, Vicky mentioned that he has always been very open about his personal life since he cannot lie. However, the Bhoot actor mentioned that he needs to guard his personal life and stated that often when one lies, they need to follow it up with more lies. Without clearly talking about relationship rumours with Katrina, Vicky went on to talk about love and mentioned it is the best feeling and it makes one experience the best phase of one’s life. 

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Addressing rumours of dating Katrina, Vicky said, “I don't feel there is any scope of clarifications in that. I will only like to say that you have to guard your personal life; sometimes I have been so open in my personal life because I can't lie. If you speak one lie then you have to guard it, and in the bargain, you end up lying more. If you give one statement, the discussions heat up. By the time it reaches you again, there is a changed version and the queries are also different. Then you have to justify those queries, and at that point in time, you may be busy doing some other character. In fact, speaking frankly, there is no story at all.” 

About love, the Bhoot star added, “I feel love is the best feeling. One finds himself to be in the best phase while experiencing love. Whatever he does, he does it with vigour, good intentions and motives. I feel it is a truly beautiful feeling.” 




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Meanwhile, recently, Katrina and Vicky were spotted together while heading to a common friend’s place for a get together. Prior to that, Vicky and Katrina were snapped at Ali Abbas Zafar’s birthday party. While they were not snapped together at the party, inside the bash, Vicky was seen cheering for Katrina while she helped Ali in cutting his birthday cake. A while back, a photo of Vicky and Katrina surfaced on social media in which the two were seen posing with a chef post a dinner. Since then, rumours about the two have been rife in B-town. 

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PR of Katrina kaif is on point . Their sources release the information at the right time when the gossip is about to vanish. Now that vicky s bhoot promotion is trending and he gave this weird reply. They have another info claiming kat s Sources that vicky is the man kat always wanted . She wants to be in news . God knows why vicky is not understanding. Probably he wants this news too . But he is so dumb if that’s the case. Hope he stains his genunity and doesn’t get involved in this gossip queen s drama.

Vicky will be TOO good for her if it is true, for what she is!!!

I don't how Vicky is in real life but I am impressed with katrina for dating him. When a successful and rich woman like Katrina dates vicky it shows that the women is looking for a good life partner rather than good looks and money that most girls look for desperately. Katrina didn't became mature overnight but it was her bitter experience with Kapoor lad who taught her that more than money or looks a girl should look at the heart of the guy. I hope katrina gets all the love from her husband, who so ever it may be.

Katrina is clever. She is dating Vicky if it's TRUE because he is a national award winner and has a bright future. I bet she would not have dated him. She needs money and fame not love.

It's not like people on pinkvilla hated Katrina. People hated katrina with ranbir for all the reasons but that doesn't mean they will hate katrina with every guy.

Vicky is rough and tough, manly and sexy.He is perfect Indian guy.He looks best with katrina disha or Kriti.

I don't know why Katrina fans think that Vicky is not good looking.He is tall dark & manly.He is so sexy. Some stupid girls like soft guys like ranbir but a real man should be manly like vicky.He will be perfect for Katrina.

Wow I would like to see them as a couple as he is tall, dark & manly and katrina is feminine and soft.It would be one hell of a couple.

Katrina is a calculative person and also feels she is a person who needs all attention in a relationship. Everyone knows that rabbit broke up with her because of his family .There would be a strong genuine reason for that. Ka poors are forward enough to accept a videshi and a working bahu. They said no to her because she spoiled other relationships of rabbit because she is such attention seeker. See their older videos. Hope this Vicky is smart enough Not to get into all this complicated lady just because she is extremely beautiful. He looks very close to his family. Hope she does not take him away as he looks a lil innocent too

Well said but Katrina is not extremely beautiful. Sge is an average looking woman who has done a lot of work on her face. Without makeup she is almost unrecognisable and no one will give her a second look in the west.

What a twisted reply Vicky gave ! I take from his answer that they are kinda a dating but open and not committed. Also , the way they want to keep it secretive feels like this will not last long and depends on how people will perceive .Katrina probably wants to see how Vicky s career shape up or how their film would do before saying yes. She is a planner man !!! And Vicky hope keeps concentrating on his work inspite of these rumours .

Kat should date some entrepreneur and get into production. She is structured and calculating. would make a good business woman.

Kat is calculating. Rajkumar rao, vicky and ayushmann were predicted to be the next big thing on KWK and since rajkumar is in a committed relationship and ayushmann is married, she sent out feelers for vicky. She has repeatedly said that men find her intimidating so nobody asks her out.

i don’t know if this is a genuine relationship, but to be honest, i couldn’t care less. I just
hope no one is left heartbroken and i’m not gonna lie, i have a bad feeling about this one. I find Katrina fake and i think she’s only using Vicky for publicity.


Why Katrina always fell for guys who are already in a relationship and are successful? Why not for a single boy and a stuggler? I disrespect her now for her evilish nature and fakeness . How one woman can hurt another one?

Using Vicky for attention and publicity. Wait ,as soon as he gives 3 or 4 flops , this woman will move on to her next prey.

Dear Katrina over active PR team, everything doesn't revolve around Katrina. Vicky's answer is cliche and anyone would have said the same if asked about love. So take a chill pill.

Uff everything doesn't revolve around Katrina. Cut the crap Miss PR. Vicky's reply is cliche . Anyone would have given the same reply when asked about love. Despo Katrina.

I pray for Katrina happiness ♥️♥️♥️

By snatching others boyfriends and happiness , Katrina will never be happy.

Katrina is the best.

Katrina and her PR is on fire.what if he is talking about his real girlfriend and not this PR girlfriend?

Katrina is over this linking her name to a national award winner and a next night thing to get limelight. She wouldn't have given Vicky a second look has he been not successful and on top. Once a user is always a user.

Katrina can do anything to be in news. Flop Katrina.

PR Kween Katrina kaif.

He deserves better than this Ranbir's leftover.

There are rumours of him two timing Katrina and dating his childhood friend why pinkvilla didnt post about this and link that girl too?paid Katrina Pr.katvilla.

Boyfriend snatcher Katrina. Evil and a worst person to hurt women.

He might be talking about Malavika. Pinkvilla should post the rumours of their dating too.

Vicky is definitely not dating malvika. In the radio show with Neha that was broadcasted long before this rumour started and he was in his older relationship he mentioned Malvika as his raki sister . So pls we should not disrespect the genuine relationships in between or stunts of these big actors

There is no smoke without any fire. Read Rajeev masand blind please. According to Katrina fans all his blinds items are true. Infact almost all the blinds turn out to be true.

Katrina PR is making a huge fuss. He answered are very repetitive and generic.

His answer is very general and has nothing to do with Katrina. Her fans and PR needs to chill.

Vicky is dating Malavika. There are so many blinds about them.

There's no smoke without any fire. So the news of Katrina behind Vicky's breakup with his girl are true. Shame on you Katrina. You will never be happy.

Did he say he is in love or dating Katrina? NO! Stop it Katrina PR.

Comments section is full of Katrina PR.


The day I saw the tape cast video of these two, I knew these two would date. It was just too much chemistry between them. Both seemed smitten by each other. Anybody could easily tell.

Can we pls get a movie of these two ASAP?

Not every relationship is PR driven

Kat pr keeps writing comments about how gorgeous they are. Lol. Kat is so desperate.

They are vk's pr team.. nobody praise her news in pinkvilla but suddenly everyone congratulate her this one.. nice try

Maybe they dont praise her news on Pinkvilla, but go to youtube,its nothing but full of positive comments about kat and him too. So I dont think its either's PR

Some of the fan pages on twitter have more info than these websites.

VicKat, nothing but love, love and love for them.

Vickat , nothing but PR PR and PR.

Ok, so now I am excited to hear the wedding bells rumors already. Haha

Calm down. There are no wedding bells. That's what you are waiting for when Ranbir and Katrina were dating. Hahaha

Vicky has a warm and attractive personality. He doesnt have the killer looks, but he grown onto us and will make us fall in love with him. He is a good actor too. hope this relationship lasts.

I saw one interview of Kat with anupama chopra, it just broke my heart. I was never a fan of Katrina before, she seemed too snobby when she was with ranbir. But there is a whole different new side of Katrina we never knew before. I wish I could have as much grace and poise like her. She is more intellectual than we thought. I hope god gives her all the happiness that she truly deserves.

Media, pls work 24/7 to capture their pics and videos. Lol. Would love to see these two more

I loved Rankat, but I am actually happy seeing Kat with Vicky. strange ! But I have a good feeling bout these two

I hope vicky and Kat are reading these comments

Wow, so many positive comments. Thats great. I came here just to read the comments, hehe. Happy for them.

This is one couple I would be rooting for..I am sure Vicky will take good care of her. He seems very grounded and humble. Kat, I am very happy for you.

The bestest after Deepveer...they are amazing power couple unlike drugbir and the mouse butt. Flopastra is the beginning of their doom. Vickat love u boty

I want to see them in a single frame. Wonder if Kat would attend his bhoot screening.

Kat is too good for that vicky. Pls tell me they are not dating. Kat is beyond his reach

Katrina, my jaan.

These two will be the media's favorite very soon

I love #Vickat.

I hope this Vicky doesnt take a long time to propose her if the dating rumors are true. Tired of seeing commitment phobic guys.

Love them. Privacy is the way. Kat has always been private and humble. Vicky is adorable

Katrina was never private and humble. She was the one who leaked all the information about her and Ranbir all the time and then claim to be a private person.

Love them. Privacy is the way. Kat has always been private and humble. Vicky is adorable

Vicky spoke the truth. The queries will be different..and the statements will be changed by the media

Ranbir is the best experience any gal could go through, they are getting the best ones after him.

VicKat, my ship is

Very happy for them if the dating rumors are true

I am glad that Drugbir is out of Kat's life

Are these two really dating?????????? No, I want my Kat to be single..Oh well, whatever makes her happy.Kat,you deserve all the happiness

I hope he keeps her happy

Vicky doesnt have the looks to match Katrina, but he has an endearing personality that we see in all his interviews

Are you kidding? Vicky is tall and so goodlooking. Katrina doesn’t have the talent to match Vicky’s

Are you kidding? Vicky is tall and so goodlooking. Katrina doesn’t have the talent to match Vicky’s

It is best for them to guard their personal life, its only the fake PR couple that need 'amidst wedding rumors' to float around frequently..

Vickkat are the fake PR couple who need to put out articles of dating every day .

I get so excited everytime I see something about them on the internet, its so silly but cant help it

Karan also gave a hint in bhoot promotions when the media asked, Baar Baar dekho is trailer ko. I bet they are dating

They are defo dating he left his gf for her and now Kat is telling him to keep this relationship a secret like she always does

Finally someone admit that Katrina broke his previous relationship just like she did with Rkdp. Katrina leaks all info and PR news and then acts to be a private person who wants to keep her relationship private lol

Finally someone admit that Katrina broke his previous relationship. Just like she broke Rkdp. What kind of a woman she is!

I see absolutel ynothing wrong in keeping their relationship a secret because the media will ask them all kinds of crazy questions and also none of the recent couples who were married like Deepika and Anushka did not blow the trumpet until they got married, so why should they?

Tom and Jerry, pls move on. Here comes the next "IT" pair

Vicky is one lucky guy, I am so jealous

Alright Pinkvilla, now makes this article as your headlines

There's something unique about Katrina Kaif that sticks with you. No other heroine has that..

Manipulation and cunning ness but art of acting goody good which other actresses lack.

So nice to see a wonderful couple like this

Everytime I see them, I feel like, Happily ever after... story

Kat and Vicky looks amazing together


Super adorable

God bless them

VicKat...Love them !!!

This is the best couple I have seen in recent times.

I hope these two end up together.

I adore these two

Beautiful couple

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