VIDEO: Ranveer Singh REVEALS Deepika Padukone cooks rasam rice for him and it is the sweetest confession ever

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone are the cutest couple in B Town and this honest confession by Singh is proof.
VIDEO: Ranveer Singh REVEALS Deepika Padukone cooks rasam rice for him and it is the sweetest confession everVIDEO: Ranveer Singh REVEALS Deepika Padukone cooks rasam rice for him and it is the sweetest confession ever
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Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone redefine couple goals every single day. Be it their PDA in front of the paps or their sweet gestures for each other on the social media, DeepVeer are the ultimate definition of goals. Ranveer, who has been busy promoting his movie Gully Boy wherein he stars alongside Alia Bhatt, has made many sweet confessions about his new married life but his revelation of being the luckiest man for this reason is the cutest. 

While on a radio show, Ranveer revealed that his life is made because his wife Deepika prepares rasam rice for him followed by a blush and laughter which makes it the sweetest thing ever. Not just that, when asked if what Deepika feels about his style and seeing a new avatar ever few months. To this, Ranveer candidly added, "She is used to it now. She is used to my eccentric nature but yes, the only complaint she has is 'you become a different person every 6 months'"

Ranveer and Deepika got hitched in 2018 in November at Lake Como, Italy. Their wedding was an amalgamation of two cultures and the happiness on both their faces was very much palpable. The two then hosted a series of reception in Bengaluru and Mumbai followed by a Bollywood party which left everyone stunned. 


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Next, Deepika will begin shooting for Chhapak which will see her play the role of acid attack survivor Laxmi Agarwal. 


please stop this mala already

They are so not couple goals! I prefer Bipasha-Karan or Nickyanka or Virushkaaa! People keep on saying that Ranbir is missing out on life but looking at the past articles, I don’t think he is. In fact, if Ranbir marries Alia, I’d be so happy!!

Ranveer, Deepika, Anushka, Virat.... hum par thodi daya keejiye. ab bas kare . Shaadi kar leena ab mast rahiye, hame aur mat pakayiye. I have started to feel as if these two are competing with each other and want to show off that their love life is better than the other couple and vice versa

Maybe, but Ranveer is only talking about Deepika because he is promoting Gully Boy and in interviews he is asked about her. While with Anushka and Virat, they constantly post pictures of each other on social media while Ranveer and Deepika don't do that.

she keeps u under her heel everybody knows and quite clear from ur couple interviews. recently watched an interview where ur lovely wife gave u a death stare for interrupting her and u stayed quiet after that .in another interview she asked u to to be nice and TALK LESS i uess it was with anupama chopra . so shut up with drama !

i wish i was in the crowd he jumped on and injured. 2-3 punches for sure i wud have gifted him !

Does Deepika give you Hajmola after dinner too?

Gully boy releases on 14th, 6 more days to go, by then we will know their fav s** positions too

Enough is enough

Shut upppp


Enough! Enough! Enough!

What a beautiful couple. I wish them all the best!

They are not goals. They are just gross.

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