Vidya Balan: Indian culture wants us to be sexual only for procreation

Vidya Balan says Sex is a feeling, not a taboo.
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Actress Vidya Balan says Indian culture wants people "to be sexual only in the institution of marriage" and for reproduction. 

The actress says it takes away the "joy of intimacy". So, she wants to give out a message: Sex is a feeling, not a taboo. 

"It feels funny how inspite of being the most populated country in the world, we still don't talk about sex openly," Vidya said in a statement. 

"The idea of sex is looked down by people because Indian culture wants us to be sexual only in the institution of marriage, for purposes of procreation. But the whole feeling, the joy of intimacy, pleasure, and fun is missing," added the actress, who has shot a video titled "Taboo" for "Kripya Dhyan De" series on ZOOM Studios. 

Vidya, known for films like "Parineeta", "Paa" and "The Dirty Picture", feels it is time to "re-look" at the attitude towards sex. 

"We must strive for a traditional and yet modern balance, and (aim) for the hypocrisy related to sex to go away. Our children need to know that sex is a feeling, not a taboo," she added. 

On the film front, the actress is looking forward to the release of "Tumhari Sulu". 

The story of "Tumhari Sulu" -- releasing on November 17 -- revolves around a middle-aged ordinary housewife Sulochona aka Sulu who is a happy-go-lucky person with an extraordinary caliber

Directed by Suresh Triveni, the film tells the story of how the housewife, who lives with her husband and son, tries hard to add spice to their lives.


Vidya Balan's comments give an impression that the feeling and fun in sex lies outside the institution of marriage. Marriage is an age old social institution that rests on individual commitment and emotional and spiritual bonding. It is fundamental to keeping a family together and intact. If we were to think of fun we would have to think of new variety, in which case one can only imagine how easily both love and society will go bust. Would Vidya herself like to have fun outside the institution of marriage...

Typical PR script to sell films these days: Talk about Sex, talk about Body shaming, talk about pay parity, talk against Khans, talk as if you are doing some national service by working in films. It has become so predictable that people hv stopped watching films of such attention seekers

When will she come out of her Dirty picture mode?

Is she thinking that Indians are obstinate after having kids or wat. She has become like Kangna speaking about everyirrelevant thing but not her film!

Is she thinking that Indians are obstinate after having kids or wat. She has become like Kangna speaking about everything irrelevant thing but not her film!

I agree vidya, the people in families get shame while taking about sex but not for doing that. It is need of body not only the process for giving birth to new babies.

We are in a country where we piss in public but when it comes to kiss we have to go search for a park or theatre or something right. More than sex education we need to change our mindset first. We blindly believe we have culture. But what culture means most people don’t know. People in India think they are the only people right as we have culture. But they forget culture is just a word. But the meaning of it actually means to know what is right and wrong. And talking about or knowing or even doing sex is not wrong nor lack of culture.

Yeah saw the comments and it itself says how true she is. Did anyone even utter the word “Sex” openly even in comments? No. Okay people who say India is very modern and all. And say that sex is no big deal then please ask them to visit most parts of India be with people and then try to open their mouth. I have been to most parts of India and all I see is we have the freedom of speech but not freedom of thought or actions. Sex is so common then take ur gf to ur home for a overnight stay will you? No for all u can do is take her to some park that’s all..

She took someone's husband but Indians don't care because she is so humble. Eat your pies.

Who told her that Indian culture says this? Matlab kuch bhi bologi film promotion k liye?

sanskaar is still in Bharat.✅

Vidya please don't take it upon yourself to become a spokesperson for some sexual revolution. Yes, we get it, you love your curves and don't care about gaining weight....and you care even less about losing weight. It's nice that you can embrace your curves...but please spare us certain ..umm...mental images of yourself.

pls stop blaming everything on islamic invasion. go read history of 19th century brahamnical culture and child marriages. ive written an entire PHD thesis on this and it irritates me when ppl just go on and on as if India was some pious land of culture and values before the evil rakshasi muslims. Every age has had its ups and down. PV, you only allow one kind of extreme views, pls post my counterview. Pls dont ignore.

8989255797 is my no. Please whatsapp. I’m interested to read your work.

Just because you wrote some bs thesis doesn’t mean it is true. Break a world class athlete’s legs and then criticize him when he is crawling on the floor because he is weak and cannot walk. It absolutely has to go back to the evil invasions!!! Regarded as the most evil and destructive in the history of the world. Oh and btw you guys have a lot of credit in every corner of the world for 1600 years. Thats says it all. PV, please be fair and post this response.

"you guys"??? Im not a muslim but it would be too much to expect for you to understand reason and non bigotry

"you guys"??? Im not a muslim but it would be too much to expect for you to understand reason and non bigotry

she really needs to lose weight

Only for the purpose of procreation?? That was true....about 2000 years ago!!she is talking about some ancient scriptures.India has moved forward a 100 times since then,maybe still with more rules than western countries but don't act like it's an archaic nation!

You are clueless. Before the invasions by the two peaceful religions, India was extremely progressive. Get some right education! Ugh. Please please post PV

read the ancient text properly... in dedication then think
abt it...then comment..take yr time in hindi we say aawesh
main mat aana..

no dear...dear... 2000 years ago ours was more mordern country than any ....we r regressing now...

India had Kamasutra before anyone else in the world had any other form of expertise of documentation - and its still reverred and valid today. Indian ethos changed dramatically post multiple attacks from intruders particularly islamic warriors, so here we are. The need of the hour is sex education - agreed - but please dont blame culture for it. PV plz post

Ha ha Kangana has opened the door for hidden subjects!! Nice they are now open to it.

She was not talking but venting her frustration that "no man wants to sleep with "successful" woman like her n stuff LOL

That stalker can only keep speaking about it for attention. While other actresses hv it in real life.

Hahahaa sahi kaha. Jisko milta nahi, wohi sabse zyada rote hai!

Say what you may but she always the one starting the conversation. You don't like her! Fine.

Tho kya Bharat Ratna de kya? That dumbo says watever her PR asks her to say and later ends up with court cases n zero openings.

About time someone spoke about it. But more importantly the people need to understand, accept and be normal about it.

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