Vidya Balan on working with Shah Rukh Khan: I would love to do a relationship film with him

Vidya Balan gets candid about working with Shah Rukh Khan.
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Vidya Balan is one such actress who is yet to star in a movie opposite the three Khans of Bollywood: Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan
While Vidya considers Shah Rukh to be her favourite actor she is yet to work with King Khan. In an interview with a leading daily, the actress stated that she has not been approached for a film with SRK.
On what can get her to work with Shah Rukh, Vidya revealed, "For us to come together, the characters need to suit us, too. It has to be something like an Ijaazat with Shah Rukh. I would love to do a relationship film with him, which is that sort of a mature love story. I think Ijaazat will be a fantastic film if made in today’s times as well."

Earlier, in an interview with a leading news agency, Vidya had spoken about enjoying the perks of stardom and stressed, "I have seen great stardom. I enjoy the perks that come with stardom. But, finally, at the end of the day, acting is a job, which I try and do in the best way possible. I am a private person when it comes to people in my life. Siddharth (Roy Kapur, husband), he is not an actor. I will not talk about him the way I will talk about myself. I need to respect his right to privacy. Similarly, my family, they are not actors, they have not put themselves out in the public."



He should pick her. People get really excited about new pairings. ADHM sucked but did well because people wanted to see Ranbir-Aish. Sultan all-time-blockbuster paired Salman and Anushka for the first time. Raees would have done amazing if it wasn't for the Paki controversy, and even then, people loved SRK and Mahira. We crave originality.

If only SRK had cast VB instead of MK in Raees. ....but his greed for the overseas muslim market got the better of him as always. There , I said it.

Please make it happen. Would love to see her with SRK. Hopefully in 2018-2019

SRK has become buddha now and should start playing grandfather roles and not romantic roles.

Grandfathers can be romantic, no? :)

She needs to lose a little weight and then she’ll look good next to anyone, not just SRK. I’m not saying she has to be thin like a pole or something but she definitely doesn’t look healthy with her current size.

Now that her films bombed, she now wants to work with stars. Tumhari Sulu has been inflated by 100% and is a washout

Tumhari Sulu is at least AVERAGE. Vidya has given a decent succes after long time. Good for her!

Yea right smell some coffee

I would love it. As impressive as it is that she has done so well without the big actors, and done it without being condescending like Kangana, I would love to see Vidya and SRK. Even it that one song, they look good together.

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