Vikas Bahl gets clean chit in #MeToo probe; to get credit as Hrithik Roshan’s Super 30 director

In the wake of #MeToo movement in 2018, Queen director Vikas Bahl had been accused of sexual harassment by a former employee of Phantom Films. As per the latest report, Vikas has been exonerated in the probe & will get credit for directing Hrithik Roshan’s Super 30. Read on.
Vikas Bahl gets clean chit in #MeToo probe; to get credit as Hrithik Roshan’s Super 30 directorVikas Bahl gets clean chit in #MeToo probe; to get credit as Hrithik Roshan’s Super 30 director
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The wave of Me Too Movement had hit India’s Film Industry a while back and many shocking names had come out in wake of sexual harassment allegations against them by their colleagues. One of the accused was Queen director Vikas Bahl who also was directing Hrithik Roshan’s Super 30 at the time. Vikas had been accused by a former employee of Phantom Films of sexual misconduct. Post this, his name was removed in connection with Hrithik’s Super 30. Now, as per Mumbai Mirror’s report, Vikas has been cleared off all charges in the same. 

As per the report, the production house, Reliance Entertainment, which had half the stakes in Phantom at the time, had launched a full-scale inquiry against all the charges that had been brought up against Vikas. The internal inquiry committee has now announced that Vikas is to be exonerated and is cleared of all the charges against him. Also, now that he has got a clean chit, the production house CEO, Shibasish Sarkar confirmed that he will be given due credit as the director of Super 30 featuring Hrithik Roshan as the mathematician and the trailer which comes out next week will have his name in it. He said, "Yes its true that ICC committee report has exonerated Vikas. With ICC clearing Vikas Bahl"s name we don't have a choice but to reinstate his credit as director of Super 30."

As per the report, the internal complaints committee had looked into the details of the complaint made by the former employee of Phantom Films against Vikas with due diligence. Also, they had called the complainant time and again to show up in the meetings related to the case. However, she failed to show up in the meetings. The Internal complaints committee also had interviewed all the people associated with the respondent and the complainant. Also, they had recorded all documentation between the two. After deeply probing into the matter, they have given a clean chit to Vikas. 

As per the report, “Those associated with the complainant and the respondent were interviewed by the committee. It also recorded documentation and correspondence between the two and based on this, it has unanimously concluded that Vikas Bahl stands exonerated of all charges levelled against him.” This comes as a relief to the National Award Winning director who had faced a lot of wrath post the sexual misconduct claims. Vikas had also filed a defamation suit against former partners of Phantom Films Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motwane. 

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Now with this new development coming to light, one will have to wait to see what happens next. Back then also, Vikas had mentioned that he isn’t guilty of anything he has been accused of and if he was, he wanted to talk to the former employee who he called a friend. He had said, “For two and-a-half years, she has never made me feel as if she is uncomfortable (around me). I have worked very hard to be the person I have become. I do feel victimised, but I don’t know what to do about it.” 

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U cannot have different standards for everyone. What happened to Innocent until proven guilty? If Vikas is held guilty without trial, then so shud those like Varun Grover, Soumik, Dibankar, Raju Hirani etc. Atleast Vikas is fighting it out in a fair way and is also ready for scrutiny.

Anyone know what happened to Rajkumar Hirani and his MeToo case?

I don't know what happened between Vikas and this lady ...whether it a mutual thing for lucrative prospects or not .It's also not clear if the lady has been bought off.If he's guilty then he should be punished and banned ,the lady should be protected too.

Media shud stop doing media trials. Men have committed suicide due to fake allegations bcoz of u. Let the Law prevail.

Nobody knows what truly happened. So how are people judging so easily.

The whole world is giving justice to women who spoke. Here some powerful men are getting predators like him win legally so that THEY can never be targeted. This is the defense of powerful men in the industry to bail out lesser mortals like this guy so that everyone is safe.

The fake movement fizzled out even in West. As many were found to be fake or just used for money. Everyone knows everybody in film industry including men and women sleep around all the time

India has become a joke sorry. All metoo perpetrators have been let off Scott-free - some internal fake committee giving them the clean chit not the courts

It is ICC that is done per Law. A man cannot be held guilty just bcoz the so-called victim does not cooperate. Me Too is a Joke everywhere bcoz of fake cases n double standards shown towards Male victims

Those like Kangna are openly stalking and harassing men for publicity. First take action against her

Anurag Kashyap supports Rapist Tejpal n Varun Grover. Why shud people believe him? Even the court questioned his interests and timing

EEveryone is cleared of all charges. What is happening?

True victims go to court. Not media. This spit and scoot gimmicks shud be put to an end. And in this case, the woman was not even interested to pursue anything. It was all instigated by his rival partners

U cannot be selective.If Raju Hirani, Subhash Ghai and Kailash Kher are hanging out with PM. Why only Vikas is being made a Bakra that too when there r so many loopholes in the case and conduct of even her so-called supporters? They did nothing since 2015 and brought it up only bcoz he has a big release

so if a victim did nothing in 2012 she couldnt have complained later?

Do you guys even kknow the trauma women face day in and day out?

Why was she silent since 2015? It is clearly a ploy by Kashyap to sabotage Vikas due to jealousy. Even the girl had moved on and was fine but those two played dirty game. They did not want justice. They only wanted to bully Vikas in Phantom. Hope they are sued big time as they have selective outrage all the time.

Gosh this is so sad. Predator on prowl.

Now people are supporting him. Where was Kashyap and his so called buddies then! Nah not convinced yet! This may be a case of money talks bull shit walks!!


Joke of the century. Shame!

I support Vikas here. He seems to be a nice guy. Am sure he was trapped by cunning Anurag Kashyap who is nicely working with Varun Grover who also faced similar unproven allegations

People shud stop declaring someone as culprit until court decides. Bcoz none of us know the truth

Anu malik going to judge again, alok nath movie released not this. #RIPMETOO

This is beyond sick. It isnt about anurag or the feud between anurag and vikas.

It is all those women who have dreams of making it as bollywood directors and become assistant directors only to be abused by their directors in a drunken rage.

And then victim further gets caught in cross fire between two partners.

Then the some random committe gives a clean chit to harasser.

And all the comments celebrating the verdict as if it is against anurag.

who cares about harrassment with empathy anyway?

How do u know she was a victim? Bcoz incident happened in 2015. The woman wrked for 3 years. Anurag even asked her to work with Vikas. So, there r lot of loopholes. Nobody knows what happened. Courts cannot decide based on media trials. It is professional fight


This is what happens in India. A Man sexually harasses a woman and gets clean cheat. What about the rest ? Has anything happened to the rest perverts?

Vikas Bahl is only person in Phantom who makes clean, family friendly films. While we know the kind of stuff done by Kashyaps where women are objectified n exploited big time in name of "cinema".

Right let us make clean films on screen and make horrible lives of women in real.

High time, people realize that Courts and not media or Anurag Kashyap are judges. U cannot simply say anything and escape. Hope Vikas sues not just Anurag, Motwane but also the anonymous woman

yes bully the victim always.

Good. Not like I believe he's innocent, but nothing is dumber than taking people's name off. What, did a ghost direct it, we all know he did it, might as well credit him.

but this is such a fked up situation for the producers ... if they dont give him credit he will file a lawsuit against them

Soumik Sen, Dibankar bannerjee, Varun Grover are supported by Anurag Kashyap despite multiple allegations against them. Bcoz they r his friends.

I remember even Bombay HC had slammed the so-called victim

When those like Kangana are openly harassing victims for years without any shame despite bundles of proofs against them and media keeps giving platforms to her, why shud this guy be slammed. Atleast, unlike Kangana, he has the basic decency to leave the victim alone

Well, Innocent until proven guilty. If the alleged victim does not cooperate in courts or internal committee, then what can be done. The guy will not get a chance to even prove his innocence. I dont support Vikas but he definitely more believable than Anurag Kashyap is the biggest hypocrite on the planet

all the best Vikas all people Know this is fake case

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