Vikrant Massey opens up on his 'walk of shame' after his aunt caught him watching an adult film

Updated on Jul 02, 2021 09:26 AM IST  |  163.9K
Vikrant Massey opens up on his 'walk of shame' after his aunt caught him watching an adult film.

Vikrant Massey is gearing up for yet another OTT release this year and has already left his fans anticipating for what's to come. He will be starring in Haseen Dilruba opposite Taapsee Pannu and the film's trailer has set social media buzzing. Ahead of the film's release, the cast have been promoting the film and in a recent interview, they opened up about some dark secrets. 

While speaking to radio host Siddharth Kannan, Massey was asked if he was ever caught doing something that maybe others shouldn't have known about. The actor got candid and opened up on his 'walk of shame' that he did as a kid. The reason? Well, his aunt caught him watching an adult film. 

Vikrant Massey said, "The most embarrassing incident happened at my nani's house. My cousins and I were watching, and my masi (aunt) walked in. We never thought she'd be up at 3 am... Then the walk of shame. I was staying at my nani's house for a few days, and whenever I'd run into my masi, getting a glass of water or something, I'd be ashamed to look her in the eye. It was very, very embarrassing."

He added, "But my masi was very kind. She never told my mom or anyone else. It was understood that the kids have grown up." As for Taapsee, the actress recalled the time her family would get awkward whenever an explicit scene appeared in the film. She hilariously revealed how she and her sister Shagun Pannu would be quite confused as kids. ​

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