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Virat Kohli on Anushka Sharma's Pari: Has to be my wife's best work ever

On Thursday night, Virat Kohli hosted the special screening of Anushka Sharma starrer Pari. After watching the film, the cricketer is in complete awe of his wife and called the film as Anushka's best work,
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Anushka Sharma starrer horror film Pari released today. On Thursday night, the special screening for the film was hosted by Virat Kohli. Anushka's parents also attended the special screening of the film along with Virat. Anushka’s brother and the film’s producer Karnesh Sharma were also clicked at the preview.

Post watching Pari, Virat cannot stop gushing about his beloved wife. The cricketer got scared while watching the film and is also proud of Anushka. 

Virat Kohli took to his Twitter to share his thoughts on Pari and Anushka Sharma's performance. 

The Indian Cricket Captain tweeted, "Watched #Pari last night, has to be my Wife's best work ever! One of the best films I've seen in a long time. Got quite scared but so very proud of you @AnushkaSharma."

Check out his tweet below:

Isn't that sweet of him?

The cricketer has always been awe of his wife Anushka. Before India vs South Africa match, Virat spoke fondly about Anushka and credited her for her constant motivation and support. Virat said, "People who contribute off the field they deserve a lot of credit as well. My wife who keeps me motivated deserves a lot of credit. She's been criticised a lot in the past. But she's one person who's kept me going throughout the tour."

Meanwhile, Anushka Sharma has not promoted the film aggressively. This was a strategic decision as the makers wanted to keep the mystery intact. The screamers of the film have managed to send chill down the audience’s spine. Anushka shared the film’s teasers on her social media account.

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Your wife's best work is band baaja baarat where she worked with her ex boyfriend who she still crushes on.

What happened to the very simple, non glamorous and attention hating couple? She is the absolute worst. Even Kareena and Aishwariya don’t use their family name and husband for fame and fortune. Who cares about what an sportsman has to say.

My love, my one and only, my juvenile! Enough already! He is extremely immature. No wonder Anushka wears the pants in this relationship.

My wife so romantic

I also like her acting

Hmm. I have a question. Why has SHE not even had the decency to mention the lightman who died on the sets of this?

Why does he refer to her as my wife all the time? sounds weird.

Yea! It's not even unintentional. Sounds too condescending.

I like Anushka a lot, I did actually like JHMS, but I don't know if I will go to theaters, but NH10 was really great, I will make sure to see at some point.

Fan-bloody-tastic. Let's all flock to the cinema and waste our money because Mr Whipped and Biased likes it.

Bhai teri mummy ne bhi kabhi kuch acha kaam kiya hai ya nahi..jogi ban gaya biwi ke pyaar me

oh please! My wife.. My love.. Do you really need to specifically say that every time?

These two it seems only got hitched for business reasons..

He can say anything his life his wife his family u r to decide dp fans

First prove that wife comments are by dp fans. Stop assuming Anushka fans. Go and watch her film. Save it becoming a flop.

My wife so romantic

Oh hoh my wife aye hae

His wife his marji u shut up

Movie was very good

No her best work was to marry you

And he will say that for every new release of his wife! Gosh!

well most of d ppl will think dat he is lying but technically he is not bcoz, as virat's wife its her first movie and so he can say d best ever performance. :P

Movie is flop. Open with 12 % only

Aww cute. though her best work was in band baaja baarat and nh10. pari is getting mixed reviews

eww these two are just the worst

OMFG, aren't they? Just the worst.

Weird couple !

They really are.

she has a name too, ye my love my wife kya hai! ufff

Yea! It's not even unintentional. Sounds too condescending. Grr.

I was thinking the same! my wife....

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