Vishal Bhardwaj opens up about Hrithik Roshan-Kangana Ranaut controversy, calls Kangana ‘strong’

'Rangoon' director Vishal Bharadwaj talks about the controversy.
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Kangana Ranaut’s personal life has been the talk of the town after she made explosive revelations about her alleged relationships with Aditya Pancholi and Hrithik Roshan. She divulged personal details and levelled serious allegations against them while promoting Simran. Kangana spoke about the Hrithik Roshan controversy in-depth and shared the outcome of their legal case with the public.

Kangana worked with Vishal Bhardwaj in her last film, Rangoon. She was facing turmoil in her personal life owing to her legal battle with alleged ex Hrithik Roshan while working on Rangoon. Vishal came in support of Kangana and told a leading daily, “Kangana is a very professional girl. And, maybe this is the right time to talk about it. When their (Kangana and Hrithik) personal conflict was going on, if it was any other actor, they would have stopped shooting for the film in the middle stating that they need to fix their mental state. Whereas Kangana was strong, even when the media was writing something or the other controversial about her every day and night. She would come for the shoot and once she was in front of the camera, she was totally into the character she was playing. After that what she used to do, I don’t know because we all were also busy with the film. But I know for a fact that it was a tough time for her. She was absolutely professional, and not even one day has she asked to stop the shooting for the film. We were shooting in the interiors of the country. So, we were totally cut off from the world, and would read the news on our phones only.”

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Priyanka never stopped shooting for a movie when the media was writing about the affair with srk either so did kangana these girls are not strong they just know that they made a mistake and it's karma hitting them

My problem with Kangana Ranaut is that refused to acknowledge her condition: "Grandiosity". Google it, people, and you will know what I mean.

People give her a break. She can be right. How are you all so sure she is wrong.Because of the so called Aditya Pancholi. Well if he introduced her to so many people and made her career then what about his son who is only famous because of controversy. It's wrong of Kangana to talk only during her film but how are you so sure she is wrong. Well if Sussane is so comfortable with her husband then why are they not getting married again. What is stopping them. After all Hritik is so good then damn it woman marry him again. But she won't. She knows he will cheat again.

Vishal must be grateful for the issue taking her attention away. Else, she was busy harassing him n Shahid during the shoot

spot-on... she created this unnecessary controsvery

Good going. Kangana is gutsy and strong!!!
If Hrithik was not having anything with her or he was trying to run away from her, he would never have offered her Krish3, something was definitely going on that he insisted she does that movie.
But then came Katrina and he fell for her.... Kangana he dumped but she didn't sit back and cover up.

Nobody shud cast Kangana again then. As she will claim its bcoz of "affair" then. Hope Katrina exposes her too for sending stalking mails to Ranbir. Fact is Kangna was busy dating Ajay back then. And then was with Nicholas.

Firstly, Hrithik never decides the heroine of his film. His dad does it. He offered PC too. He is offering Yami too. Are u saying Knagana is not a talented actress and didnt deserve the role. Just FYI, she was the 4th choice as per own words. If he had anything to do with her, he wud hv given her main lead n not chopped off her roles.

She was NEVER the 4th choice for Krrish 3. Kaya was written with Kangana in mind, but she refused it due to her poor experience with the Roshans during Kites. Then Chitrangada was signed, but was later replaced by Jacqueline who eventually quit the role too. Then, everyone from Katrina to Deepika to Sonam to Nargis Fakhri were offered the role. However, talks with these actresses did not go through. That is when the Roshans went back to Kangana and resolved the issues she had during the making of Kites, and ensured her of her role and screen time.

Please go ahead and sign her again! Make Rangoon 2. LOL She wasn't facing turmoil. She was the turmoil. The crazy must have slept peacefully knowing HR was having nightmares

Thank you Vishal!! She is a great actress to have on board. I knew she went through trying times during the Arunachal schedule. Filming critical scenes while going through that turmoil... and even songs like Tippa where she looked so AWESOME!

Yet he chose to work with Deepika now.

Why some of kangana fans acting historical?!...replying aggressively to everyone...calm down guys...Bollywood is a messed up place full of freaks...Kangana will always be here and find someone to provide her with
Post pls don't be biased...thanks...

Where's my comment about shahid guy?! on post...

kangana PR spamming the comments. Lol so called truth ki devi fans bashing KRK for speaking the truth.

Ashman is another id of Chandler Bong N Rekharai.

So smart! Sherlock! Wah!

Hrithik ,kjo and their pr Lolzz are so free and jobless that they just start commenting each and every posts and make it sound and look that kangana is loser but it's actually the contrast ..

Kangana her PR nand rangoli are so free and jobless that they are commenting on every posts blaming Hrihtik and kjo PR and make it look like that hrithik is a loser and she is saint but it actually the other way round.
P.S kangana praises and appreciates pinkvilla aunty comments in a video interview that means she reads it i bet she comments too
Post dont be biased plz

It looks like more of a clarification to Roshans than anything else. I had a film to shoot blah blah.

He did not say anything negative against hrithik, why are KR fans celebrating.

One thing is clear. Rekha Rai and Chandler Bong have way lot of free time.

Kangana haters have a lot of free time too.

Thank you Vishal Sir, means a lot to KR's fans!!

I can bet there are many directors/producers/actors who wants to come out and support her in open but are scared of their status or relationships with these so called industry's biggies. I applaud for her boldness & strength. I don't remember when is the last time an A lister(female) was this strong and could fight with whole industry all alone. She has her set of flaws but looking at male chauvinism she has all the rights to uncover that dirty truth hidden behind. NO MUD NO LOTUS. HR must be cursing himself when he decided to over react on "Silly ex" & filing case/cyber crime/releasing her mails & all.

VB is paid for sure.

More power to you Kangana. Hritik what a loser man!!

more power to hrithik. Kangana what a loser.

Harmless, dignified answer.

LOL is that why you gave the next film to Deepika, her arch rival who she was bad mouthing throughout the shooting of Rangoon?

How much kangana has paid him ?

Ask Hrithik how much he pays KRK? This guy is literally breathing Kangana, and his whole money is wasted on him as someone stole his tongue hence hiring & paying people to talk on his behalf.


Of course, hrithik fans are KRK new fans.He took daddy, ex-wife support now krk LOL

of course kangana fans are rangoli new fans, She took rajat, barkaa, rangoli and now Vishal lol

"HE DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING ON HIS OWN". Then what was his distasteful tweet on the acid attack? KRK must be so happy to see his only fan defending him.

I am talking about his video review which is according to kangana PR is paid by hrithik. What about Rangoli abusive and cheap language for everyone? plus i m not KRK fan and i condemn him on making this acid comment on twitter.

Hrithik and his dirty PR stop commenting and glorifying hrithik as saint we all know how he has been and we also remember Barbara mori incident so pls don't fool us the audience we can differentiate between who is right and wrong.As far as hrithik goes he always has been someone who wears mask

Kangana and her dirty PR stop bashing and commenting and glorifying kangana as saint. We all know how she has been and we also remember aditya and ajay incident so plz dont fool us the audience we can differentiate between who is right and who is wrong. As far as kangana goes she always has been the someone who lie and cunning.
post it be neutral

LOL I dare you to work with her again! That will show how much you mean wat you say

This guy is another spineless guy like Hansal. Kept quiet during her Slander fest during Rangoon promotions.

Rangoon promotions are history now, right? So why would Vishal Bharadwaj support her unless he WANTED to support her? Especially if, as some comments here claim, he never wants to work with her again? It just shows that he is being honest.

Both Vishal and Hansal are cowards.

But still he will never work with her again :P

As if she had any option. For Rangoon, she had defamed Deepika accusing her of sending messages and trying to steal it. Even frm the jungles, she didnot stop her dirty lies, did she?

Vishal swore to never work with her again PV please post

Respect Sir Bhardwaj! True artist and a bonafide storyteller #makeARTnotcontroversies #HRXisFAKE

He didn't support her against Hrithik. Just said she's a strong. She is stubborn, is a well known fact. What's new?

Even MSG had to go to lt of emotional stress after he got exposed. U reap wat u sow, my friend!

So, his concern was more about his film not being stalled than anything else.

Wat is strong in it? All she had was professional commitments. While Hrithik was going though brain surgery, injuries, professional problems, divorce, sister cancer issues. In all this, he was being harassed by this retard. Though she was shooting, it didnt stop her n her PR to plant dirty lies against others, did it? PV, post this, dont be biased

Kangana and HR's "personal conflict" that VB is referencing here is HR's "legal notice" which took place in 2016 while she was shooting for Rangoon. HR's brain surgery and divorce and injuries were all much before this. And why are his "professional problems" more important than Kangana's professional commitments? And all these problems didn't stop him from suing her and leaking private messages and waging his own PR campaign against her. Most importantly, please check your language. Calling anyone a "retard" is NOT OK. It only shows your own level of ignorance and insensitivity for all people who have had some mental health problems or the other. PV, post this - don't be biased.

Susanne was with Hrithik during his surgery but he was the one who wanted to go through with the divorce, then despite the fact that he had had affairs he acted shocked when Suzanne filed and acted like she was breaking up their family. Throughout all of this time Kangana was quiet about her affair with him and nothing was ever mentioned. She literally made one comment about a "silly ex" and then Hrithik was the one that blew up. He was the one that made this whole issue public, he was the one that filed a cyber case and DURING that case leaked her emails, leaked details about her mental health, went on to malign her publicly all to "clear his good name" and ensured that others came out to character assassinate her in the public by having her exes etc condemn her and accuse her of witchcraft and abuse. It's horrible! I can't believe he did that. At the end of the day all of this could have been resolved amicably and privately. Regardless of what happened, I was shocked that Hrithik leaked those emails. That was like - dude - you have a case already filed, you are choosing to leak these emails because you know your case will amount to nothing, and then you went to the trial of public opinion instead. Such a person should not be considered a man. Don't you guys remember how he used to flaunt his children immediately post his divorce? He's so obsessed with his image it's disgusting.

So I agree with most of what you said, especially the Hrithik parts. However, you have to look at it objectively and to say everyone else is a liar is a little short sighted in my opinion. I also see that Kangana was baiting Hrithik just like she was baiting Deepika, she even tried with Ajay but he didn't bite. It was HR's idiocy to respond by saying he's more likely to date the Pope than the people the media is attaching him to, then her response came (because she was offended as well) to that and then eventually HR felt he needed to defend his image (if he didn't respond in the first place then nothing would've developed). Was there an affair? Of course there was and he still looks like the idiot. With Deepika she felt it was patronizing that she dedicated her award to her and lashed out at her, DP then did try to resolve it amicably and privately by calling her and as Kangana said was 'emotional and tears were involved.' However, Kangana ridiculed her in the media for that phone call and after that point no matter what Kangana said about her, DP didn't respond to it (which was the best way to go) regardless even on topics that Kangana discussed or brought up, she refused to answer anything related to Kangana in the slightest. Kangana, in my opinion, realized that she had hurt DP's feelings and thus stopped attacking her and instead took the stance 'we compliment each other with our differences.' So a sort of truce was called there. I am trying to point out a pattern here. As far As Adhayan, maybe he was instigated by HR, I do believe that, but I don't believe he made that whole story up. They're were too many details that were corroborated. He obviously took the liberty to exaggerate it but I do believe that Kangana was bitter about him enjoying his father's money as Kangana continues to throw that same statement around for Hrithik (eventhough he is a successful star-we can't deny that). And men don't go around belittling themselves by saying they were abused by their GF, that is my experience. There are many other ways to ridicule a woman,especially in Indian society, but to make up that part of his story is a stretch. My point is I agree with Kangana that BW is a seedy, clicky, insestuous place where you have to roll in the mud if you want to get somewhere being a woman and an outsider. I applaud her for what she has done, I don't care about her numerous affairs with married men (they wanted to use her so she used them to get what she needed that time) and she has made her point. We know she is a strong woman with a lot of talent but i wish she could let the bitterness go that she has towards all these people. It will only help her, she wants revenge, she wants an apology but it likely won't happen. Lastly, there are people in the industry who also helped her, Mahesh Bhatt and Anurag Basu so why is she labelling evryone together? I don the think that's fair, I understand her frustration and I really do sympathize with her. I have watched her grow since Gangster, I have loved her performances since her first movie. I didn't jump on any bandwagon when she got big with Queen and TWMR. So I am saddened that all this happened to her (most people would've lost their mind and given up) but she is strong and I hope she intiitates change rather than throw her arms up inthe air and say this place is shit and I'm done with it. I want to watch her on the big screen still, she has a lot to offer. That's my take on this situation. And yes, I am still on Kangana's side because in the bigger picture she stands for fighting for one's rights. I hope I have not offend anyone here it's just my opinion.

Nobody is saying Kangana is a saint not even KR herself. I wouldn't simply ASSUME Adhyayan's claims to be true without any solid proofs just for the sake of objectivity. Have you seen the father and son's tweets? They are both jobless and classless and crave for their 5 min fame. This is the first time they remained silent because they probably learnt their lesson.

WOW! That wasn't a long bloody essay!!Lol! Sorry everyone, my apologies for going the Shakuntela way!

If you had kids, you wud know that divorce affects them the most and parent spend more time with them. But, you are too blinded by ur PR job to see the truth

And your PR job helped you to see the truth?

He has always been posting pics of his kids. It is just that Stalker fans are jealous of it like Sour grapes. But, that is not going to stop him to do wat he feels is best for his kids.

@rekharai: Brilliantly said. That's exactly right. One doesn't have to blindly worship Kangana - and I don't - to agree with everything you said.

Yes mam, we understand your strength means hiding behind pappa's door (y)

And ur strength is hiding behind women card n victim card. Sorry, not working anymore (n)

He never hide behind his papa. Only kangana PR say this. He battles on his own. Its normal for parents to get worried and support their kid during bad phase. Even your parents too support you in your bad days. Hrithik has strength, class and character unlike kanagna who own PAPA disown her. Sad #fake kangana

Better than to hide behind a Pregnant sister n sleep with a Married man to enter the door of the industry. NepoWoman Kangana.

Mature director n senseable answer.

& haters group said Vishal Bharadwaj angry with her ROFL.

Trust me, he will never work with her again

OK. After all, it makes perfect sense to trust an anonymous post over the man speaking for himself.

Love Vishal Bhardwaj and LOVE Kangana Ranaut.

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