Vishal Bhardwaj and Ketan Mehta quarrel over the title for Deepika Padukone-Irrfan Khan's Sapna Didi biopic?

Vishal Bhardwaj and Kehta Mehta fight over the same title 'Rani' for a huge reason.
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Deepika Padukone and Irrfan Khan will soon work together in Sapna Didi biopic that will be produced by Vishal Bhardwaj. Vishal wants to title the film as 'Rani'. But it seems like he is facing issues to get the ownership rights for the same from Ketan Mehta who had purchased the title for his Rani Lakshmibai biopic starring Kangana Ranaut.

As reported by a leading tabloid, a source stated that Vishal and Ketan are quarrelling over the name Rani. The source stated, "Vishal has been asking for the title since the past six months. But, Ketan is not budging. This is precisely why Vishal is taking so long to announce the film's name."

It is reported that Ketan purchased the titles 'Rani' and 'Jhansi Ki Rani'. Even after he has parted ways with Kangana, he is not willing to give away the title. He still plans to make the film.

The source added, "This is why Ketan doesn't want to give up the title. In fact, he had initially hoped to rope in Deepika for the role, but since she was busy filming Padmavati, things didn't materialise."

About the film's plot, the source mentioned that it is not exactly a biopic on Sapna Didi. The source added, "The film is a revenge-drama based on the meteoric rise of a woman (played by Deepika), who comes from humble beginnings. She is naive, gullible and vulnerable. Circumstances force her to become tough. Deepika plays a powerful mafia queen, hence, Vishal wanted the title, Rani. Irrfan Khan plays a gangster, who is in love with her."

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Just name the movie Sapna, duh! Rani is not even remotely connected to the character. And why glorify a gangster by calling her Rani? Bollywood surely is so ignorant that don't even recognize their own double standards these days.

People can boohoo Kangana all they like but she really does says it as it is!! Look at so many underlyong stuff is coming out.

Unnecessary conflict, and not even that good of a title. People are right, name it something closer to the actual name Sapna Didi, especially since that might not even be the character's name, she might be named Rahima, so it would be fitting as a title.

Rani doesnt seem to be a good omen for Deepika, as a fan of Vishaal hope he starts looking for a better title..the title is not worth loosing sleep over.

Wud love to see Deepika play THE Rani. Hope Ketan plans his movie with her.

Just call it Sapna. I've read Sapna Didi's story, and it that name fits really well with not just the character but how she gets that name

Dp is at it again... Why are all her films involved with some sort of controversy or disagreements. Smh

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